Solo Box Office - Fan Backlash vs Kathleen Kennedy

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Solo Box Office today! Beyond The Trailer's reaction & breakdown! Star Wars Fan Backlash vs Kathleen Kennedy, Solo Opening Weekend!

Solo Box Office today! Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph's reaction & breakdown of the Star Wars Fan Backlash vs Kathleen Kennedy! Who will Solo A Star Wars Story be a win for, and a loss for?! Box office tracking and presale tickets seem to be in Kathleen Kennedy's favor, but will Alden Ehrenreich and Donald Glover actually deliver a win for fans?! Share your own reaction to Kathleen Kennedy vs the Star Wars Fan Backlash before you see the full movie, Solo A Star Wars Story! And be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today!

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    Popular Comments:

Austin Byrd . 2018-10-12
Thank you for the professionalism unlike Kathleen Kennedy
121 2 . Reply
Amy J. Delevingne . 2018-10-12
Man, I love that collard shirt!
121 2 . Reply
Cheryl Jolly . 2018-10-11
To be honest, I’m done with Star Wars and this is because of how those currently in charge of it have destroyed the universe I have loved since 1977. What’s worse is they have done so intentionally and with no regard for the fans who made Star Wars the massive success it once was or the actors who portrayed those iconic characters.The Force Awakens showed a little potential, but all the good hinted at in that movie was turned to ash in The Last Jedi. I did not see Solo, I did not see Rogue One, and I will not give my support to episode 9. The only movie I’m remotely interested in at this point is Kenobi, which probably won’t get made anyway. And for the record, not all Star Wars fans are white men living in their mother’s basement. Fans include all genders and races, a fact that Darth Kennedy refuses to acknowledge.
121 2 . Reply
Freigeist225 . 2018-10-11
I am disgusted
121 2 . Reply
A . 2018-10-08
121 2 . Reply
Original Zearoh . 2018-10-05
The only reason last jedi did well was all the hype n wanting to learn the answers to what jj set up from awakens.
121 2 . Reply
ReverendSyn . 2018-10-03
You liked TLJ?

Credibility shot
121 2 . Reply
tan long . 2018-09-26
The fuck you kill luke and solo and now this shit ?
121 2 . Reply
Sabian Velazquez . 2018-09-25
The rebels in this movie especially the guys are like children and and the woman are the teachers/principles. Watching older star wars every rebel. male, female, or alian were in there own right heroic and knew what they were doing. Ready to give there life for a greater cause and all and all professional. Even kylo seems like a winy child at times when he suppose to be set up as one of the main antagonist. And ray the main protagonists is very basic and its hard to grasp an emotional connection with her. Its like she just goes with the flow no matter how serious, bad, or good the situation is. I hope we see more of her emotions, story, and lineage. Im hope shes a kenobi
121 2 . Reply
marcelosinico . 2018-09-22
Why would people be interested in a character they already killed?
121 2 . Reply
the bean . 2018-09-16
121 2 . Reply
icutrauma1 RS6 . 2018-09-02
Nope, you can't have a story that trashes men and the foundation of Star wars to be saved by a gimmicky fight scene.
121 2 . Reply
Nashmann Jango . 2018-08-30
I just wish Darth-JarJar shows up ,and kill ENTIRE CREW behind new Disney SW films... thats all folks... hhhhhh ;-D
121 2 . Reply
Philippe Pontalba . 2018-08-26
I just stumbled upon this review of Solo and the Kathleen Kennedy reboot.

I have seen every Star Wars movie in theaters before Solo. To Answer the question she asked at the end, no I didn't see Solo on opening weekend, nor will I see it afterwards. After seeing their vomit-ridden "the last jedi" I will not watch anything produced by Disney in theaters again.
121 2 . Reply
Me You . 2018-08-24
Please someone fire her. Another great franchise RUINED.
121 2 . Reply
Joshua B . 2018-08-22
Put Gareth Edwards in charge
121 2 . Reply
Frank Houston . 2018-08-17
Watching the Kessel Run was a rush to watch. Han Solo effort to be the white knight and save Qi'ra was a miserable failure ! Qi'ra "I got this" was a great character ! She was doing much better in life than Mr. "I am here to save you".
121 2 . Reply
Sind . 2018-08-14
I do not agree with
121 2 . Reply
kyllerbuzcut . 2018-08-06
After the slowest car chase in the galaxy, the only way to fix things would be if ep.8 actually turns out to have been a force vision. So at the start, Luke is telling Rey that is one way things could go. It's not fixed, and they have the chance to affect events.
121 2 . Reply
samwellard7 . 2018-07-29
Trebuchate them all out
121 2 . Reply
Randall Hill . 2018-07-28
Sometimes, you gotta throw the baby (Solo a Star Wars Story) out with the bath water (Kennedy).
121 2 . Reply
Lawney Malbrough . 2018-07-27
The Dysney leadership is crap from the top down. Those men and womne are not in touch with reality or with the general public and their desires. they couldn't make a good movie if their lives depended on it. In a way I wiash their lives did depend on it.
121 2 . Reply
Grant Farnsworth . 2018-07-15
I skipped it because of TLJ.
121 2 . Reply
Bane Pepe . 2018-07-12
Its called Solo because only one person payed to watch it at your local theater.
121 2 . Reply
Cool Down . 2018-07-11
3:06 - Nop, Not really.
121 2 . Reply
Anthony Dike . 2018-07-10
Best MEME ever
Gamora: Did you boycott Solo?
Thanos: yes...
Gamora: What did it cost?
Thanos: Everything......
121 2 . Reply
Andrew M . 2018-07-09
I'm so put off by The Last Jedi I'm not planning on seeing Episode IX. I liked The Force Awakens because I expected answers about Rey's parentage in the future to a point where I could not wait for Episode VIII, and then they flippantly killed my interest in the character (like most everything else they killed).
121 2 . Reply
Phillip Castillo . 2018-07-09
It not a man thing, it’s a story sux thing. Same “guys” referredin that statement are the same fans who love Kate Beckensdale in her vampire movie.
121 2 . Reply
Bill Harms . 2018-07-09
Boycott Disney. Start the movement.
121 2 . Reply
B2D 327 . 2018-07-08
The original trilogy are the only films that matter. The franchise has become Soy Whores
121 2 . Reply
Onechill Braj . 2018-07-07
whats going on with your sub count vs your engagement
121 2 . Reply
Crakatoot . 2018-07-07
Kathleen Kennedy is a dumb beaver
121 2 . Reply
Rich Garcia . 2018-07-06
Wamp Wamp... Little different than reality, huh?
121 2 . Reply
Walt waxy . 2018-07-05
Today we stand together against a threat beyond our power today we rebel against an empire of sjws may the force be with you all my friends
121 2 . Reply
Crisanto 86 . 2018-07-03
Kennedy is a scum she's the reasons why i don't watch SW anymore.
121 2 . Reply
Creator Studios . 2018-07-01
any movie that Kathleen Kennedy has any thing to do with I will not watch, Star Wars stopped with Ep 6 in my point of view, FYI I am a Hard Core Star Wars Fan.
121 2 . Reply
MT Sack . 2018-07-01
UPDATE: Solo:A Star Wars Story Worldwide Gross as of Jun. 29, 2018: $357,278,262 (Source : Box office Mojo)
121 2 . Reply
jim young experience . 2018-06-30
I loved SOLO and want more films that spin off from this film!!
121 2 . Reply
samwellard7 . 2018-06-30
Trebuchate them all out!!!
121 2 . Reply
Steel Condor . 2018-06-29
We won! Disney got the message. Now swallow your pride and go see Solo. It’s actually good!
121 2 . Reply
Craig Dillon . 2018-06-29
Solo was actually pretty good. Not great, or even excellent. But, a solidly done competent movie, like you would expect from Ron Howard. Although, it is not his best work, IMO.
121 2 . Reply
Craig Dillon . 2018-06-29
If you enjoyed The Last Jedi, you have no taste, and no functioning mind. It was horrible.
121 2 . Reply
Craig Dillon . 2018-06-29
I tried watching The Last Jedi, and failed. I just did not care.
121 2 . Reply
Solo was still a good movie, it wasnt silence of the lambs. It was Exactly what you would expect a star was movie to be.
121 2 . Reply
vincent741 . 2018-06-29
i dont think even pirates will even bother torrenting this
121 2 . Reply
Leo Koutakis . 2018-06-28
7:30 shes not a Sith lord , Sith Lords are Wise and powerful ! she looks more like a Jar Jar Binks who became head of the Galactic Senate somehow...
BTW you are delightful ^^ i love your channel ! Keep up the good work!
121 2 . Reply
fuddrucker74 . 2018-06-28
This young lady is horrible. Her voice is fairly obnoxious, her pitch modulation, is atrocious, and she can't seem to find her point. much less deliver it in any semblance of a timely manner.

It simply won't do.

121 2 . Reply
Vernon C . 2018-06-28
Fans of the Rebellion launched one of their own.
121 2 . Reply
RAM . 2018-06-28
Star Wars: Cheaper by the Dozen
121 2 . Reply
David of Yorkshire . 2018-06-27
In the Solo dvd graphic it has the known characters of Solo, Chewy and Lando in the background, who the hell is the woman stood in the foreground? This is Han Solos story isn't it?
121 2 . Reply