The TRUE MEANING of "STOP TRYING TO BE GOD" Music Video | Travis Scott

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A look into my analysis of Travis Scott's latest visual for "STOP TRYING TO BE GOD" from his newest album, ASTROWORLD ft Kid Cudi and James Blake.

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thought . 2018-08-07
Thanks for tuning in to this video, Hope you enjoyed, and leave your thoughts in the comments down below!
See you all next week
Follow me on instagram here : instagram.com/omie.abd
121 2 . Reply
λtlas Plug . 2018-12-29
Naah I rate it goes deeper than that. (sad If you know what I mean) What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?
Fame and Moola!
121 2 . Reply
Grape Koolaid . 2018-12-16
I think it’s pointing towards Illuminati. I’ve heard that Illuminati’s main goal
Is to be god so that could just be some of it.
121 2 . Reply
mmm n . 2018-12-09
121 2 . Reply
Dream Chasers . 2018-12-06
Nice thought this song deserves a Grammy but they want play this song 10 X a day.
121 2 . Reply
Cuban Pride . 2018-12-02
Not as much of a fan of Travis anymore and a lot of my once favorite artists
121 2 . Reply
Kanye West VEVO . 2018-11-15
Astroworld is a joke in comparison to rodeo wtf...
121 2 . Reply
The Fun Freak . 2018-11-08
Explain this, atheists.
121 2 . Reply
Landane Landane . 2018-11-06
Travis Scott is mouthing something different to the lyrics of the chorus. When he is playing God in the clouds. WHAT IS TRAVIS SCOTT MOUTHING IN THE SCENE WHERE HE IS A GOD BECAUSE IT IS DIFFERENT FROM THE LYRICS THAT HE IS MEANT TO BE SINGING PLEASE HELP!
121 2 . Reply
Gavin Pereira . 2018-11-04
Explain Sicko Mode please
121 2 . Reply
Noah . 2018-10-31
Palm trees, oceans, that can imply the life in LA, considering the fact that’s what California’s known for aaaand he’s living the high life in the hills which is unfortunately to a lot, a short path.
121 2 . Reply
Jay . 2018-10-09
Rodeo was alright but astroworld LITT 🔥🔥🔥
121 2 . Reply
COROLINECUTIE101 _cool . 2018-10-06
🚀🌍 Astrol World
121 2 . Reply
Nadia Valentin . 2018-10-04
hes trying to say the woman is God..
121 2 . Reply
Richard Anthony XX . 2018-10-03
I disagree g
121 2 . Reply
SOUTHEAST SIDE . 2018-09-30
Yo check out Chris the Ghost! https://youtu.be/ccYJTH99E5Y
121 2 . Reply
alexis bautista . 2018-09-28
Eeehhh nice attempt, buuttt young buck all this shit look like blaspheme and references to the bible
121 2 . Reply
Tajuan Pledger . 2018-09-16
That shit has nothing to do with God or being humble. It we were not elike God the world wold be a better place. He is mocking God.
121 2 . Reply
Lord Nows . 2018-09-16
Yow i alwasy look up to this nigga music but this am very spiritual and eyes open and for sure this man telling u that he is baptizing children under that illuminate influence look o he sets his hands just like jz and Beyonce at a show before dipping them into the water then when they come up every body start dancing like there at a party this nigga is working for the devil idgf
121 2 . Reply
Keena Boyce . 2018-09-15
I Totally agree
121 2 . Reply
Hating me is conforming . 2018-09-13
Dude dhmis just uploaded a new clip!!!
121 2 . Reply
Lachinda Smith . 2018-09-10
I feel like u got a lot of it right i agree with what your saying a clear message.
121 2 . Reply
Pedro Mastacar . 2018-09-08
It’s about the evil one
121 2 . Reply
Pedro Mastacar . 2018-09-08
121 2 . Reply
Que Douggie doug . 2018-09-08
He's talking bout white ppl....
121 2 . Reply
Equal . 2018-09-07
The main message in this song is very respectful, and satan is very angry since it humiliates him with the truth, also this song is a message to all, especially Icons who gain status or popularity within people, and start using God as there title, and if one would say, Travis is dressed and acting like Jesus “In a sense of its insulting Jesus the son of God. That scene clarifies that followers of Christianity got a incorrect message by the 13th Apostle Paul who was Jesus enemy and convinced the people at the time, that Jesus is no prophet like simon and the rest of the 12 apostle, but he is the Son of God! He is not equal or like Abraham a prophet, but they Son of God! Starting of with mentioning i have repented and making Jesus look higher then what the followers had believed at the time, so he can sell his next point, that Jesus has come in contact after he left, and appointed him as a apostle and not like the 12 apostles but even higher, so overall, when simply evaluated alone delivers a simple message, the psychological part is beneficial and works in a web of truth

90% of Youtube is filled with false information, and 90% of YouTube viewers seem to buy every title, add or theory, do your math on the meaning, it may be incorporated explicit content but that exist in every other hip hop song or video, the main message is a card over Satan and his followers not realizing he is worthless and is no where near God the Creator of everything
121 2 . Reply
Joseph Fom . 2018-09-06
This is true
121 2 . Reply
Kimberly Ray . 2018-09-05
Kuddos like video ...........better than Tryna say God is a woman??? W.T.F
121 2 . Reply
Myia 4Eva . 2018-09-04
Ariana grande kanye demi and riri impersonators aka devil worshippers r the people dancing lol
121 2 . Reply
Der Erzfeind . 2018-09-02
It s fuckin blasphemy.
121 2 . Reply
didi marcus . 2018-09-02
another Illuminati shit..
hail Jesus
121 2 . Reply
Lina Espinoza . 2018-08-31
To be honest I really think it's something a little more Sinister I really like your explanation but at the same time it's very odd what he's saying you're explaining the visuals but not really the words that kind of go along with it it's pretty scary what he's saying if you kind of read between the lines Air Traffic Control The Landing keeping you from what you can be that's really scary who else think so
121 2 . Reply
El Ghost . 2018-08-30
The goat at the end with Kylie is a symbolic representation of the Freemasons. He’s going through a transition between the life he had annow the life he bears amongst the higher elite. False idols are worshiped & he’d rather die then become another puppet to the game of the Illuminati or he just gave himself up 😂
121 2 . Reply
John Carlo Flores . 2018-08-30
Am I the only person who sees that he’s in a way telling the story of the devil ?
121 2 . Reply
mv c . 2018-08-30
I wouldnt say it was that holy
121 2 . Reply
FizzyPop . 2018-08-30
Travis Scott made this video to show his own struggle with his worst enemy pride, and then he is humbled by the vision. So humility becomes his guardian angel
121 2 . Reply
Larry King . 2018-08-29
Kylie is a guardian angel. Bruh are you on fucking crack???
121 2 . Reply
Larry King . 2018-08-29
You sound dumb asf 😂😂😂
121 2 . Reply
Dwight Mills . 2018-08-29
Yea 🤘
121 2 . Reply
Magical POWERS In Full Force . 2018-08-28
Thanks for uploading, but your voice was too low...I can barely hear you❗️❗️❗️
121 2 . Reply
lolita cholita . 2018-08-26
naaa its way more demonic than this
121 2 . Reply
Kevin George . 2018-08-23
This is shit!!! Just call Travis an ask him what it all means... now u trying to play God
121 2 . Reply
rwhitaker . 2018-08-23
Some of ya’ll are idiots, can’t tell the difference between symbolism and biblical references... The songs title is “Stop trying to be God”... Duh... Why would dude title the song that then pretend that he’s God and make satanic references.. The meaning is simple to me, in the beginning he wanted it all to lead people, party, mad followers, like he thought he was God & was leading people down the wrong path (baptism them & followers on the hill).. In the end God destroyed him for the things he did (destroying the world thru his bad influences) but his spirit lives on in a pure uncorrupted form (his daughter)... Basically it’s about fame & influence leading people down the wrong path & whether we like it or not thru Kyle & his daughter he’s seeing life differently...
121 2 . Reply
SwizzyJ303 . 2018-08-23
I need YOUR opinion on my reaction to this music video !!! Thanks everyone ! I’d appreciate any feedbacc
121 2 . Reply
Legendarny Socjalista✌️ . 2018-08-23
121 2 . Reply
Millennial TV . 2018-08-22
He is a devil from mankind, and he wants to believe that God is a man, Black or White......he is cursed and so is he male jinn (devile)......his female jinn (devil) is strong, which represents Kyle Jenner, (or however you spell her name).....her illusion will pull man into the trap......you people know nothing about , the evil you speak of, you only guess, these divers are truly working against mankind.....if you knew the truth of what is really going on in the video......let me explain it in detail......God is NOT a man.....God created black and white, and death as well as life.......he is NOT similar to his creation....he is unique.....these rappers and celebrities are your enemies......YOU MUST TREAT THEM AS YOUR ENEMIES.......THE VIDEO IS EVIL AND MESSAGE IN THE VIDEO IS EVIL......ISLAM IS THE ONLY RELIGION THAT GOD WILL ACCEPT......jinn or devils, are who your idles are working with, therefore you should free yourself from them, through Islam!
121 2 . Reply
IGYvng4ever K . 2018-08-22
Anybody thinks he’s way off? Lol
121 2 . Reply
Ashley Jones . 2018-08-21
Trufully I hated this song when I first heard on album but seeing a video sometimes makes you have a new appreciation for it. I also love to see big artist be humble and have depth to them where your soul can kind of connect to theirs. I love him and Kylie together now. Good breakdown, new fan of this song.
121 2 . Reply
Kyng Jay . 2018-08-20
we gotta pray for travis and others like him that we listen to. He's basically crying out in a whistle blower kind of way . dont be surprised if he's chastised in some type of way.
121 2 . Reply
Kyng Jay . 2018-08-20
i agree. its crazy cause i depicted the video in my own way but searched fro your TYPE OF RESPONSE and i got it thanks bro
121 2 . Reply
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