Installing CBBE + BodySlide + FNIS in Mod Organizer

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Pardon my shitty video, rambling, and cheap mic. I've never made a video with me talking before, and find that I dislike hearing my voice. So hopefully it's not too annoying.

I tried to show the general process of getting these mods to work in MO and I hope it's at least useful to someone.

I'm not exactly an expert but I can get these mods running fine, and if anyone does need some more help on this topic I will try to help.

Here is a list of all the mods I used:

Remodeled Armor for CBBE Bodyslide HDT




HDT Physics


Realistic Ragdolls and Force

Mod Organizer

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CBBE Bodyslide FNIS XPMS32 Mod Organizer HDT Physics

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    Popular Comments:

christian munoz . 2018-12-08
make sure to subscribe to pewdiepie as posted in XP32 or else the skeleton wont work
121 2 . Reply
Richard Guinther . 2018-11-29
Thanks dude, it worked!! And your voice it's nice btw lol
121 2 . Reply
oaKuG . 2018-11-25
i dont have a meshes folder.
121 2 . Reply
Jamile thomas . 2018-11-23
damn dude you are the og
121 2 . Reply
Chun Li . 2018-10-24
Where to find your mod organiser ?
121 2 . Reply
Semih Serhat ŞİMŞEK . 2018-09-11
Very very thank you bro...
121 2 . Reply
Tima Er . 2018-08-28
Вот это задротище такое вытворять!!! Ну нахера так сложно то?!
121 2 . Reply
Evan C . 2018-08-06
You're alright man. Good info and helped me even if a bit outdated.
121 2 . Reply
Vlad . 2018-05-30
thanks for actually explaining that part of bodyslide. It's a bit hard nowadays to find what you're looking for... Time flies.
121 2 . Reply
K. T. . 2018-04-05
YES ! :3 this is god damn great ! thanks you, you are my God-like someone :3
121 2 . Reply
Bellerophonn . 2018-04-04
This video is very helpful. I got everything in the video working after a little bit of troubleshooting. And after a few hours of testing I was able to get "FNIS 360 sexy move" to work with these mods as well.
121 2 . Reply
Attractive Hades . 2018-02-04
Thank you good sir so much !
121 2 . Reply
Cortana AI . 2018-01-30
I installes this armor mod and for some reason, when i wear any of the srmor, for example, the chain mail, my character gets massive breasts and idk how to fix that
121 2 . Reply
z1mt0n1x . 2018-01-21
Followed to the letter, but the body-morphs still don't work in RaceMenu.
The armor physics are there, but breast collision with hands are not, and CBBE morphs doesn't register when having the armors equipped.
I had it working once without the mess, then I did god-knows-what and the breast collision disappeared, then the CBBE morphs stopped working, and game crashes started happening...
I should have taken a screenshot of my load-order as fiddling around with that made it work before, but there are over a 1000 combinations you can load these mods in and I have spent over 48h straight without sleep trying to get this working again, repeatedly doing every possible step I can to make it work, but it won't.

Now I'm taking a screenshot of everything I do and I have over a 100 pictures where one load-order works halfway there, and others don't.
For example, sometimes I get the breast collision to work naked, but not armored, sometimes the CBBE-morphs stops working, sometimes nothing works, and sometimes it all works but when I crouch the body gets distorted or T-shaped. But never all at once.
121 2 . Reply
Moerighan . 2018-01-01
This was really helpful, I was wondering why my FNIS was only finding one mod, thanks for the info.
121 2 . Reply
adam zakaria . 2017-12-12
sir i do like u did, and what happen in my game is when my female character stealth the tits is missing and the butt have weird shape. what happen ?
121 2 . Reply
Kahn . 2017-12-11
How can you get this to work with LOOT and Nexus Mod Manager?
121 2 . Reply
RussKing . 2017-10-26
No Image...... wtf
121 2 . Reply
M J . 2017-10-06
Thank you so much mate!
121 2 . Reply
GenosseWolf . 2017-09-28
thx man you saved me h. of try and error .
121 2 . Reply
Esdeath ILTL . 2017-08-31
creature pack link?
121 2 . Reply
Martin Shopow . 2017-08-24
Be blessed, my friend! Incredibly helpful tutorial, literally fixed my game.
121 2 . Reply
Ezio Auditore da Firenze . 2017-08-23
you are a god, thank you
121 2 . Reply
David . 2017-08-04
HDT is the most difficult to install mod I have ever seen. The dark souls of skyrim modding, easily. Thank you so much for the complete walk through, yours is better than the other 3 I looked at. Liked, subscribed and book marked for future reference.
121 2 . Reply
Ben . 2017-08-01
I have every mod here installed using nmm but when I load up the game and use the body slider (I have race menu the most updated version.) Every effect I try to change using the body slider cbbe option has no effect.... what do I do? I have been like 2 days on this...
121 2 . Reply
R5tard3d . 2017-07-19
Crashes in all parts..
121 2 . Reply
bob pickle . 2017-07-16
Your voice is very entertaining tbh
121 2 . Reply
Thecountorama . 2017-07-15
This video was very helpful, I've been trying to install CBBE with HDT and failed many times, Thank you for this.
121 2 . Reply
떡잎살구 . 2017-06-11
I love you
121 2 . Reply
ehhalilaarh . 2017-06-09
i cant find the FNIS in nexus. are those files necessary?
121 2 . Reply
ehhalilaarh . 2017-06-09
does these installs must be in-order like in the video?
121 2 . Reply
Gaizkia . 2017-05-14
I just love how i follow step by step perfectly and still get all these errors
121 2 . Reply
Joseph McKinney . 2017-05-09
Your video helped me out immensely and it fixed my Bodyslide not having textures in the preview. ILY and thank you, liked and subscribed.
121 2 . Reply
V Kirishima . 2017-05-03
The armors dont show up in batch build. I reinstalled the replacer... help please
121 2 . Reply
Estra Gon . 2017-04-26
I followed this step by step but when i try to load into a savegame the game crashes
121 2 . Reply
Ty Brown . 2017-04-21
You are suppose to move bodyslide to the cbbe folder, for it to be recognized in MO
121 2 . Reply
Daniel Horszczaruk . 2017-03-18
i dont have generate fnis for users in mod menager help
121 2 . Reply
Mr Gray . 2017-03-03
thank for this video, it help out a lot. I haven't played with MO for a while so I thought it was time to w/ "S.S.E."
121 2 . Reply
TeelGreen . 2017-02-20
It wont even show bodyslide plz halp
121 2 . Reply
B Noelle . 2017-02-19
Omg this helped me sooo much thank you for the added tips in body slider!!! I kept building my body but it wasn't applying in game. I had to pretty much reinstall everything because I had literally tried everything.
121 2 . Reply
john caboose . 2017-01-31
i enjoyed the tutorial. been trying to find one that actually makes sense and you sir, made sense. i hate text base tutorials, i need someone to show me so i know the works.
121 2 . Reply
Sandi A. . 2017-01-21
anyone still have bodyslide v3.1 or older than that version? please if u have upload it. thx :)
121 2 . Reply
Leandro Martins . 2017-01-19
Awesome video bro! Thanks for the help.
121 2 . Reply
Mostwanted884 . 2017-01-16
Does this work for Skyrim SE yet?
121 2 . Reply
SkiNNerN2O . 2017-01-16
what kind of files are those and how do i change mine so i can manually install mods
121 2 . Reply
BigSaws . 2017-01-15
Thanks for the video! I have a question about the overwrite mod section though... since I have to run FNIS everytime there is a compatible mod for it, my overwrite folder is constantly getting bigger + I have a skse folder > plugins folder > hdtPhysicsExtensions.log. I dont know where I'm supposed to put these mods, I know I can create a mod but isn't that going to cause problems?
121 2 . Reply
The Logical Choice . 2017-01-13
this didnt work at all, now when i play my character looks different and not as good, fair skin stopped working, the bodies are deformed, and when i tried to load the save with the mod disabled the game crashes
121 2 . Reply
Kelly Flood . 2017-01-07
THANK YOU!!!!! You solved all my problems with one short video. :D
121 2 . Reply
Highborn . 2017-01-04
could you pls do it for skyrim SE?
121 2 . Reply
Samuel Marcum . 2016-12-30
I followed this step by step, it seems that bodyslider was just updated and now will no longer work with MOD.Got any ideas how to work around this? Says that X64 is not supported by MOD.
121 2 . Reply