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ThreadsES Grid Dialog Embroidery Tutorial.

Hi, welcome to Threads Embroidery Software.

In this tutorial we're going to begin digitizing
a logo. I'll go ahead and open a new
project with an image. And the image is going to select
is the logo that we're going to digitize, make sure I get the right one.
Okay I'm going to expand my project
window and I'm going to adjust my zoom. Now the first part of the logo that we're going to digitize is this triangle. What I will do now is focus my work area on that triangle- that's better.
Now, pressing my right mouse button
I'm going to choose the normal stitch. now
what I'm doing is simply running this
stitch underneath
the Triangle area that will be
opposite the grain (direction) of the column.
This is so we don't get any bending.
Now, once again I'll hit my right mouse
button and I'm going to choose column.
Now, I'm going to choose
the extreme point- extreme points
of the triangle.
Line up the best that I can-
and I'm gonna go and switchback to you
the normal stitch.
Now, what I'll do is a go ahead and
generate stitches and if we take a look
we can see we did fairly well
on the edges. Now, what I like to do is go
ahead and change thread color
to closer match what we have
in our image and to change the color
I'll just simply hover over my window and choose change color well what I like to show you is the eyedropper. Go ahead and hover over the small one I give it a click here - there we go there's the eyedropper and essentially that's going to choose the color directly from the document that we have beneath the stitching. So I can go ahead press it and it will automatically pair (match) those colors properly so now maybe to get a better look go ahead and turn off
this background image. Now I can just see our threading.
Okay, we'll continue on in our next tutorial.

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