Actors Who Refused To Shoot Scenes Together

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Everybody who has ever had a job has also had the experience of being forced to work alongside that one co-worker you just can't stand. You know, the guy who makes fish in the office microwave, or the lady who's always taking personal calls from her cat-sitter. And Hollywood is no different, except when stars have a problem with their co-workers, it makes headlines. Here's a look at some actors who got along so badly they refused to shoot scenes together...

The Rock and Vin Diesel | 0:25
Lena Headey and Jerome Flynn | 1:34
Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi | 2:20
Emma Watson and Channing Tatum | 3:16
Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte | 3:53

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    Popular Comments:

Nicki Swift . 2018-06-18
Which of these pairings do you think would have been terrible on screen together?
121 2 . Reply
Ash . 2019-05-08
Nick Nolte, I’ll cut you.
121 2 . Reply
Marie Bea Kelley . 2019-04-21
I can believe Julia Roberts isn’t a nice person. Far from it and even her own brother had issues with her.
121 2 . Reply
Alycia Wilson . 2019-04-11
Wow how much money are they making in these movies and tv shows? Grow a pair and suck it up.... if the rest of us can work barely over minimum wage and deal with working with ex’s and douche bag coworkers... then so can you. ✌️
121 2 . Reply
Matt King . 2019-04-02
I saw a clip on a celebrity BS show some years ago where Matthew McConaughey and Sondra Bullock ran into a gaggle of reporters after a night out. Bullock got an attitude and sat in the car like an angry stuck up little princess while McConaughey joked and talked with the press. He even cast a couple of snide jokes about how bad Bullock’s attitude was the whole night long. It was obvious that this wasn’t a dream date for either one of them. Not a movie pairing, but still . . .
121 2 . Reply
Spiderman . 2019-03-05
Honestly, Vin Diesel is a real actor. While he gets typecast like anyone else, at least he can act.
121 2 . Reply
Wahyu Ferdianto . 2019-03-02
Who is man that on thumbnail?
121 2 . Reply
Sam Kresil . 2019-02-27
3:21 I didn't think she was IN that film.
121 2 . Reply
Sam Kresil . 2019-02-27
Did Chris Pine and Anna Kendrick ever refuse to film scenes together.
121 2 . Reply
banished4eva . 2019-02-08
I respect emma watson even more now.
121 2 . Reply
val torres . 2019-01-19
121 2 . Reply
Freedom isn’t FREE . 2019-01-04
The who’s who of Talentless Hollywood..only Nolte is a “real actor”...
121 2 . Reply
Marla Keele . 2018-12-13
Vin Diesel and The Rock didn't work well with one another? I'm almost CERTAIN it has everything to do with the fact they both think their shit don't stink. Both, run on ego
121 2 . Reply
Taniji Price . 2018-12-05
How are these people not being professional? I dont like someone i work with but you get on with it
121 2 . Reply
MoThug Decaesstecker . 2018-12-01
Haha i saw Granny from Familie a Belgian shitty tv show
121 2 . Reply
Jeff . 2018-11-26
Emma Watson's snatch
121 2 . Reply
Wayne A. Pollock . 2018-11-22
Dwayne Johnson sounds like a primadonna.
121 2 . Reply
sam93931 . 2018-11-20
all right if they are Ex or one slept with the husband, its no big secret they don,t want to work together huh
121 2 . Reply
osip667 . 2018-11-18
Emma Watson is feminist......Thats all i need to know.
121 2 . Reply
Nice Guy Eddie . 2018-11-13
Emma Watson is a Brown Graduate and snowflake. What else do you need to say?
121 2 . Reply
Lottie M . 2018-11-06
Emma Watson is such a great role model. If I was uncomfortable in a situation I'm always afraid to do something about in fear of being rude but no one should be that way, if your uncomfortable then just say something or get out of that situation.
121 2 . Reply
Richard Joe-Leonn . 2018-11-04
With all the money they made and make you'd think they could just get along.
121 2 . Reply
Angelia Cooper . 2018-11-01
I microwave fish at work. Get TF over it.
121 2 . Reply
Mike Mentzer . 2018-10-31
Jerome use to knock the bottom of that ass out
121 2 . Reply
piyo piyo . 2018-10-30
Warning the comment section is infested with mgtow/incel circle jerking eachother while taking turns shitting on emma watson cuz boogy feminazi is out to get all mens! Proceed to this smelly cheese dicked circle jerk at your own risk!
121 2 . Reply
Manuel Perez . 2018-10-29
Emma Watson is a flake. Oh, and a terrible actress.
121 2 . Reply
creativemind0136 Ayaan . 2018-10-28
☺☺☺ celebrities r human beings as well.
121 2 . Reply
Mrs.Byers ! . 2018-10-25
I thought Emma and Channing had a feud and I was like, not my girLy
121 2 . Reply
Arcade Alchemist . 2018-10-23
seriosuly the ROck is kinda hijacking the franchise.
121 2 . Reply
Live Learn . 2018-10-22
Never liked any of vin diesel movies. Prefer the rock any day.
121 2 . Reply
DELIBRIUM . 2018-10-21
Emma watson is overrated anyway
121 2 . Reply
TheMuseSway . 2018-10-21
Jerome and Lena as Cersei and Bronn what a waste of great witty scenes and verbal smack downs we could have had!
121 2 . Reply
Al Bubba Landry . 2018-10-20
Who can tell the difference between Vin and Dwayne?lol
121 2 . Reply
Thats Illogical . 2018-10-19
I can't stand most celebritys.
121 2 . Reply
-HYPER HOUND- . 2018-10-15
Emma Watson was being very unprofessional
121 2 . Reply
Adrian Burnette . 2018-10-14
Well Vin diesel is a total poof if I was the rock I wouldn't wanna do an action scene with him either
121 2 . Reply
khatack . 2018-10-14
Man, you entertainment people are really petty.
121 2 . Reply
mike s . 2018-10-13
its not that she does what she wants its that she makes a huge fucking scene while doing it everytime
121 2 . Reply
Phoenix Joe . 2018-10-13
To be honest I don't blame Emma.
121 2 . Reply
Shennah Blair . 2018-10-13
it makes me uncomfortable to enjoy the movies after watching this ..
121 2 . Reply
John Chase . 2018-10-13
Nick Nolte can't stand mouths that can swallow you whole.
121 2 . Reply
John Chase . 2018-10-13
Emma Watson smells like asian patchouli. I don't blame him.
121 2 . Reply
John Chase . 2018-10-13
Never saw G.O.T. no clue who they are.
121 2 . Reply
John Chase . 2018-10-13
Rock vs Vin it was all about who's penis was smaller. They tied.
121 2 . Reply
paulette . 2018-10-12
Actors are so stupid and boring
121 2 . Reply
stv dagger . 2018-10-12
How can you omit Peter Sellers refusing to shoot with Orson Welles in Casino Royale?!?!
121 2 . Reply
Mister Tee . 2018-10-11
I wish my last name was Panjabi
121 2 . Reply
Muhammad Mudasar . 2018-10-11
JR is a b**h
121 2 . Reply
Silly Rabbit . 2018-10-10
James Franco he has always look like a pervert
121 2 . Reply
Jolly CoOperator . 2018-10-10
Yeah this is ridiculous... These people have the best of everything and make more money than even the world's best surgeons.. They should just be happy and get a long..
121 2 . Reply