Starbound Mod List 13 - The Tabula Rasa, Mega Man X Armor and Weapons, Waypoints Mod

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Today Tomass checks out another 3 Mods for Starbound. The Tabula Rasa, Mega Man X Armor and Weapons, Waypoints Mod

The Tabula Rasa:
Mega Man X Armor and Weapons:
Waypoints Mod:


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Pain Time . 2014-08-09
Will the megaman armor appear in multiplayer? Pls reply.
121 2 . Reply
Observed Cube . 2014-01-06
121 2 . Reply
mcatv . 2013-12-24
The teleport mod is really cool if you find a castle or a base you want to live in instead of building one. You get to your home planet and teleport to your main base instead of having to walk all the planet to get there..
121 2 . Reply
Bojangles . 2013-12-24
I would like to add mods like this but the crafting recipes are so op like 1 pixel for anything
121 2 . Reply
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