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Start your electronics hobby for just $60

DSO Shell150: https://amzn.to/2zY5l48

If you are shopping for electronic components, test gear or consumables please consider visiting my Amazon shop @ https://www.amazon.com/shop/learnelectronics.

Please check out www.patreon.com/learnelectronics and pledge a dollar if you can. It will go a long way to keeping the channel alive. It costs a bit of money to buy all the items and produce these videos. You help is appriciated.

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Me: Paul, 49 from USA
Education: United States Navy, University of California at San Diego B.S. E.E., University of Pittsburgh M.S. E.E.
Experience: United States Navy STS, Bayer Intnl Process Engineer, C.C.A.C AP of EE
Current: Retired
Health: BAD (Congestive Heart Failure)
Hobbies: Electronics, flying, amateur radio, music (classic rock)

Low cost, professional PCB's: www.pcbway.com

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Derick Hess . 2019-05-15
BUild your own power supply. Great simple project that will let you learn something and have a functioning piece of equipment for your lab
121 2 . Reply
Mark Greco . 2019-04-27
Keep up the great work
121 2 . Reply
SANG THONG . 2019-04-17
121 2 . Reply
Jigyashu dev . 2019-04-12
Love u sir u r awesome
121 2 . Reply
Molo zakos . 2019-03-05
you are uniq my frend keep walking best wishes from Greece to all of you there
121 2 . Reply
Howard Alban . 2019-03-04
Hi Paul, just found your posts and am enjoying them. In regards to your gentlemen's need for an oscilloscope, I have downloaded and used a free one called "Soundcard Scope". It uses your computer's soundcard and obviously its only good for low frequency stuff, but it might help him get up and running. It also includes a function generator.
121 2 . Reply
Greg Kail . 2019-03-03
Thanks Just what I was looking for !!!!
121 2 . Reply
BarfyMan362 . 2019-02-02
My AN8008 just came in today from banggood based on your suggestion. It was only $16 shipped so I was psyched. Do you have a banggood affilliate link? If not why not? I'll probably be buying much more from them because the shipping was surprisingly fast and cheap.
121 2 . Reply
PhillsGarage . 2019-01-22
Another great video
121 2 . Reply
dj berg . 2019-01-13
Hey Paul, what were you using to output the signal from the phone? 3.5mm Jack, looked like it but was kinda brushed past. I'll down load an app and see what it says to do as well(probably the best situation lol).

Great stuff as always.
121 2 . Reply
Willbo Baggins . 2019-01-02
Love your videos! Hope to see more videos for beginners. Also what type of school/degree/certifications etc... would be the best to pursue these days to work with electronics like you do? I just can't learn enough from YouTube videos.
121 2 . Reply
hadi reg . 2018-12-21
awesome video! you've got great teaching skills! Thank you sir!
121 2 . Reply
BYUNG JAE Lee . 2018-12-18
stm32 connector
121 2 . Reply
Icenesis Wayons . 2018-12-14
Was the reason your DSO was clipping the wave forms because the DSO possibly couldn't measure exactly that high? I liked the different wave forms produced by the app! Did that DSO come with a operating manual.
Thanks happy holidays!
121 2 . Reply
Aurthor Thing . 2018-12-13
Bside has some really cool clamp meters that look like the UT212e
exciting times for making crap
121 2 . Reply
crazyahhkmed . 2018-12-12
For the PSU, you can just design and build your own. It's good practice too.
121 2 . Reply
Rocco Rid . 2018-11-13
How about capacitance sensitive switch for a future vid? Latching and non. Thanks a million for your dedication.
121 2 . Reply
Rocco Rid . 2018-11-13
Maybe get the diy version of the scope, and get a cheap-o solder with the remainder? (Use the solder to build the scope)
121 2 . Reply
orcasea59 . 2018-11-11
I just subscribed.

We need more honest content creators like you instead of people who get box loads of stuff to review from vendors and start playing the game.

Thanks for your honesty.
121 2 . Reply
goosenp . 2018-11-01
I think the dso150 sometimes goes for $20 online. (At least what I've seen on AliExpress)
At the $40 price point there's the DSO112A.
121 2 . Reply
Daniel Edewaard . 2018-10-22
Hi, Thanks for all the great videos!!!! I'm just wondering if you know why my "cheap" multi-meters read ~ 29 vac from a 13.8 vdc regulated supply, while my expensive meters read very little ac voltage. The cheap meters are the Harbor freight meters and similar. I've seen other YouTube videos with people scratching there heads as to why they are getting ~29 vac "ripple" from their car charging circuits!
121 2 . Reply
inferno 601 . 2018-10-20
121 2 . Reply
Zim Unknown . 2018-10-16
Thanks! You're my life saver. Now I don't have to worry about setting up my electronics hobby (eventhough I'm still a noob in this)
121 2 . Reply
ElectronMark Boggess . 2018-10-14
I'm a firm believer that you can get equipment that works well for the hobbyists/DYI for a cheap price. I mean that DSO-138 is like $20 and does great for most Ardunio projects. Even for my Automotive diagnostics I use the Hantek 1008C ($100) and I've done more with that Hantek 1008C oscilloscope then some people have done with OEM specific diagnostics equipment. I even use the DSO138 on automotive applications and it works fine. People get pulled into this idea that you need a $3500 scope and a $600 meter I say if you go cheap and understand the limitation of these cheaper products you can work within those limits and still yield good results.

Great video !!
121 2 . Reply
Paul Byerlee . 2018-10-12
How many videos has Big Clive done with his "cheapy meter"
121 2 . Reply
Heath Russell . 2018-10-12
Thanks mate ! Great video
121 2 . Reply
Rick Kogucki . 2018-10-11
A very similar oscilloscope to the hand held one is available as a kit for $20 USD: https://m.banggood.com/Orignal-JYE-Tech-DS0150-15001K-DSO-SHELL-DIY-Digital-Oscilloscope-Kit-With-Housing-p-1093865.html?rmmds=search. Original JYETech DSO-SHELL DSO150 15001K DIY Digital Oscilloscope Unassembled Kit With Housing. There are several assemble videos on youtube as well. You could get a cheap soldering iron for the price difference too.
121 2 . Reply
Aneesh Prasobhan . 2018-10-11
China produces very good quality products if one is willing to pay for it.
121 2 . Reply
Flapjackbatter . 2018-10-11
Good advice for beginners. For sure.
The main ( good ) reason why some scoff at cheap multimeters, I think, is the lack of safety-features. Wich is a legit thing.
Use cheap multimeters, but be aware of the lack of saftey and protection features. I have several cheap meters, and they are in general good and reliable.
I have one that I use only for current measurement. That way I don't have to switch over the probes all the time. And maybee forget that I used it for current measurement and put a short circuit in my project when I go to measure voltage.
Read up on, and understand how to work safely with electronics.
121 2 . Reply
gartmorn . 2018-10-10
I still throw things together. I made a small pocket power supply box for low current projects using an old mobile phone battery a boost converter and a li-po charger. It supplies from 4 - 27 volts all be it at only about 10 watts! For led projects etc it's ideal and cost pennies to make using Chinese modules and spares from old projects etc. You can build up from small beginnings so never be put off.
121 2 . Reply
Ben The Shrubber . 2018-10-10
sorry this is long and mostly really wants to be read by the person in question, but:
hi i just wanted to butt in and add: i think a reason why a lot of 'big' creators tend not to reply, is firstly because they are so busy and get so many comments/ messages to deal with that they often ignore most just for lack of possible time to read through them to find the relevant ones, also a lot of these same creators might already have videos or content going over starting/ setting up a cheap bench and what tools to get and etc, and finally some of them have forums/ groups where questions can be asked and answered within their audience, and these sorts of questions tend to get answered there a lot, especially this very one is very common. so even though a creator wont respond, its not necessarily because they dont care or something, even if they did read the message in the first place they might not do anything because of the existence of the aforementioned resources (on top of just google).

i also want to say i think the AN8009 (ZOTEK111) is slightly better than the AN8008/ZT101), and once you get a bit experienced, open it up and replace the electrolytic on the side with anything bigger and add at least a 100nF over one of the unpopulated 0805 pads underneath it. its just they both cost almost the same but the new model is more convenient with its longer backlight time and NCV, icant remember offhand what other differences there are but.. its still my favorite 'disposable' meter
and yeh your right phone apps are great for things like low frequency signal generator or serial terminal etc. also you could add a cheap fx2 'logic clone' from china (copy of the saleae logic 8) modern ones seem to have some problems workign with sigrok ironically but work perfectly with saleaes logic freeware
also (sorry to go on but) you could have added a few things (unless you didnt have time its cool) like recommend a t12 iron over any 936 type these days since the t12 types are just so much more usefull/ reliable/ functional these days in comparison, and things like not being unsure about getting good tools and not the absolute cheapest (just the next cheapest ^^ ie second most cheap), like the old fashioned type of electrician wire stripper that are like pliers with bent ends that end in a inverted chisel type thing- that is better than nearly any automatic wire stripper for stripping wire all the way to 40AWG without breaking the wire, even though they look like dinosaur tools they are just the best, even if autos are more convenient for equipment wire where the wire wont break and you have a lot to strip quickly.
its just all these little details all go into it and especially that if hes got very little money then encourage him to not feel bad or stop if it means itll take him a year or 2 just to get together the most basic tools that can maybe be used to do most common things with, like throughout any engineers life your constantly collecting stuff anyway but at the start it might be 5-10 years(worst case) before youve got everything together to be able to comprehensively tackle almost every problem that you could possibly encounter (in the electronic world) and the more important things are basic rules like not buying the cheapest tool if its something your going to use more than once (like good screwdrivers and all sorts of handtools really go a long way to saving money and enabling you) and also there are some things you dont absolutely need to get but getting them will help greatly depending on what road your going down, like powered desolderer or hot air station or hot plates/ solder baths or ultrasonic cleaner and uv lamp etc if you want to do a lot(a lot) of repair work or working on phones or modern dense/ fine electronics, or digital oscilloscopes/ spectrum analyzers/ logic analyzers, function generators/ arbitrary waveform generators, bench meters/ bench supplys and so on if your doing a lot of prototyping or testing. where a lot of the cost for these things can be avoided at first unless you know for certain you need it and will get use out of it.
ultimately the most important thing to remember is: youll see a lot of things you want but dont actually need, so just get the things you need. this means getting good tools over the absolute cheapest that will break after one use, because you need a good tool, you dont just want the tool to do a single job. also that fancy mixed signal digital storage oscilloscope/ arbitrary waveform generator etc, you dont actually need it so dont lose time and money on it when that money can go to more important relevant things, and especially this applys to things you think are 'cheap' but look cool or something, youll end up buying a hundred cool cheap things a month and end up with nothing actually useful you can use or do anything with into the future. not that cool things arent cheap and you can definatlly buy a hundred cool cheap thigns a month if you can use them. obviously it depends what it is, like if its a hundred of some surface mount fet or led or whatever component and its dirt cheap, then yeh go for it after youve done a bit of basic research into knowing what exactly it is and how/if you can actually use it, which includes downloading datasheets for components and keeping/ storing them somewhere you know and can backup so that when you buy stuff you have local copies of as much data about them as possible for as long as possible, but anyway point is dont buy that stupid massive high voltage capacitor that might cost a lot if you dont know how your going to use it or if you even can at least in the next month if not year, because then that money could have absaolutely gone towards a better quality tool or just anythign else. so just try to reinforce that in your mind not to waste money if you dont have lots of it spare- to make every penny count. and otherwise finally make sure to have fun, if oyur not having fun then stop and do something else until you come back later, otherwise either electronics isnt for you or youll end up making more mistakes and learning bad lessons from trying to avoid certain things or make certain things go quicker, ontop of just not enjoying yourself/ not having a good time at it, which ultimately...well..
ive gone on for too long here sorry and i guess if anyone ever read this then.. sorry
121 2 . Reply
Efe’s Stuff . 2018-10-10
Kangoroo dave πŸ˜‚
121 2 . Reply
Maarkaus J . 2018-10-10
love how your channel is growing. I found you at the beginning and have checked in from time to time. Good work!
121 2 . Reply
Dan Hoover . 2018-10-10
Thanks again Paul! Maybe his first project could be taking an old atx power supply adding a 10 ohm resistor and building a rudimentary bench power supply Instead of forcing all the 12v together, you can separate them by rail and use 1 or 2 for 12v, maybe add a buck converter to 1 rail and boost converter to the other. That gives you constant 12v, 5v, 3.3v, 24v (with the -12v line) and 2 variable "channels" for the cost of the resistor and connectors.
121 2 . Reply
ian bertenshaw . 2018-10-10
Any meter or scope is better than no meter or scope ! Funny thing is i own a few meters , nothing extravagant mind you but they fall into a price range of $ 150 au or less and 90% of the time i use a $20 cheapie to do what i want - why ? Because it is sitting on the bench ready to go and if it gets damaged or dies I don’t care . I only own a vellerman hand held scope which works ok for what i need but back when i bought that there were few choices , either a $700 plus full size unit or that at around $150 - man i wish those $50 units were around then coz that is what i would own ! I bought a semiconductor tester back then also at around the $150 mark and bought one of those cheap $15 units from china a few months back and it does exactly the same job but also test resistors and inductors and capacitors !
121 2 . Reply
George Stewart . 2018-10-10
Great vid paul, on a budget too and every little saving helps. I always keep my eyes open for things that people thought out, great for parts and to take apart.
121 2 . Reply
_____ . 2018-10-10
I picked up an instek GDS-830 from eBay that does the business for 120$ shipped. Don't think I'd ever touch either of those scopes when you can get a real one for cheap.
121 2 . Reply
Lex Boegen . 2018-10-10
How is the signal generator on the phone utilized? Do you use the earphone connector on the phone to output the signal into your circuit?
121 2 . Reply
Luke Curtis . 2018-10-10
Go to harbor freight and give them your email. some times they have free meters.
121 2 . Reply
Me 2 . 2018-10-10
Cheer mate, great work
121 2 . Reply
robert longoria . 2018-10-10
Thanks for helping Eric, and really any and everyone else.
121 2 . Reply
Mitzpatrick Fitzsimmons . 2018-10-10
Paul you're a good guy.
121 2 . Reply
Bo Do . 2018-10-10
I actually have a DSO-138 and I really enjoy it. It opened me up to a whole new branch of electronics. My two multimeters are very minimal. One of them was only $4 on eBay but it works fantastically, although I'll take your recomendation and buy the
As for a power supply, I finally bought a 5A 30V adjustable one on eBay for $38 and I am extremely glad that I did. It does have its quirks, especially when running constant current, but for the price and it being constant current/ constant voltage variable it's a great addition to my lab.
Last, I would recommend any hobbyist to get an LCR-T4 ESR meter. This thing is a steal at a bargain price. For around $10 with the acrylic shell, you can get an awesome little component tester. It tests transistors, resistors, diodes, capacitors, inductors, and even some little ICs. This thing is so cool, and I don't even realize it but I use it ALL the time.
@learnelectronics I've seen other electronics channels do the LCR-T4 review, but there are a ton of different ones out there and maybe you can point some of your less experienced audience towards a good brand. Most use a Mega-328, but all have their variables. Anyway, it would make a pretty fun video since I have not seen an LCR (using the mega-328) vid from you. Thanks and have a good one!
121 2 . Reply
Noel Andrew . 2018-10-09
Is there any reason you don't use Clamp meters for Amp test? would be great to see a video comparing different clamp meters. i recently purchased the Unit T clamp meter only to find it is useless, meaning i had to replace it, so i brought a mastech which, like their Digital Multimeters, are awesome. would have been great to have saved my time and money.
121 2 . Reply
andymouse123 . 2018-10-09
the DSO150 is not a bad start for Β£15, I recently upgraded the latest firmware in mine and it fixed a lot of annoying bugs and was super easy to do....maybe you could do a vid on that
121 2 . Reply
The Venomator . 2018-10-09
Yo da man Paul... πŸ‘πŸ» The World needs more like you sir!
Could you just show how you connected the phone to the oscilloscope though please? ... πŸ€” πŸ€“ 🐍
121 2 . Reply
Clayton Jeremy Kucera . 2018-10-09
Good job helping Eric decide on the entry level beginner toys. I started with a $40 hakko soldering iron from Frys. I already had a Klein tools multimeter then bought the Dso138, upgraded to an inexpensive soldering station from Amazon and inexpensive power supply and one of those component tester kits that has the limited built in signal generator and pwm. The DSO certainly isn't the best but it's helped me in a few situations.
121 2 . Reply
Michael Padovani . 2018-10-09
Paul, you did a great service here to Eric. Most of us have been young and broke at some point...many are still old and broke...while others have $ but are still cheap! Point is, no matter your budget, you shouldn't have to spend a lot of $ getting started. See what is available for free (love the battery example you gave). I still don't have an oscilloscope but don't have the space for a normal size one. Anybody have any experience with the DSO211??
121 2 . Reply
Bo Do . 2018-10-09
Signal generator on the phone? I didn't know that. Thanks so much.
121 2 . Reply
kaos havoc . 2018-10-09
Thanks for looking out for us little guys. I watch those youtubers as well, and love them, but one in particular, as much as I love his blog as he is knowledgeable and entertaining, he seems to be very brand oriented, which given his line of business and the fact that his income and reputation depends on his accuracy is no doubt gonna have to be, but I watch him more for information than what to buy because really, everyone would love to set up shop the way he would have you, but most of us can't. Sure, 1000 bucks to set up a shop is cheap, but 1000 bucks to start up a hobby is just plain mad. Anyways, Always look forward to your vids.
121 2 . Reply