What's the difference between a texturizer and relaxer

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A short video explaining the difference between a texturizer and relaxer.

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MsLizz PHD . 2012-10-26
Although there are many alternatives to add new color to your hair without causing damage to your hair.... adding pieces , color chalking or color rubs and there are many different spray or hair mascaras, if you want to try.
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MsLizz PHD . 2012-10-26
I really suggest a strand test and see what type of results you get. Going lighter is already a lot for most hair types, but in most cases if the hair can safely lift to a desired shade or tone , using products for color treated hair and deep conditioning can do wonders in helping to maintain the health of your hair.
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jeannaegirl . 2012-10-26
So I have a question: I have a texturizer, and I really want to bleach my hair......I mean PLATINUM. This is because I want to eventually add colors to my hair (current obsession: cotton candy ombre colors). I was worried because I had heard that relaxers and bleach do not go well, so I was wondering: if I bleached my hair while it was still texturized, would it dramatically effect my hair? (I haven't been touched up in a while, maybe 3 months; will be 4 by the time I am back in my area).
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MsLizz PHD . 2012-07-22
In most cases it's the same type of product, they share the same PH levels.
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MsLizz PHD . 2012-01-22
@emeansie It really depends on the hair, typically overlapping the chemicals can cause breakage. Even if the same product is used, I would suggest doing a strand test to see how the hair will react.
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