The Most Uncomfortable Celeb Interviews Ever

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Tom Cruise is probably the undisputed king of the bizarre, awkward interview, but he's not alone when it comes to cringe-worthy celebrity Q&As. Whether an interviewer intentionally asks provocative questions, or the star maybe just isn't feeling it after a long press junket, it's satisfying when the cameras record these tense interactions. Here are the stars whose press agents probably should have been a little quicker to throw in the towel...

Samuel L. Jackson | 0:24
Robert Downey Jr. | 1:17
Quentin Tarantino | 2:33
Jesse Eisenberg | 3:28
Cara Delevingne | 4:30
Vin Diesel | 5:29
Bruce Willis | 6:32
Kanye West | 7:23
Chelsea Handler | 8:22

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    Popular Comments:

Nicki Swift . 2018-03-31
Which of these interviews were the most cringe-inducing in your opinion?
121 2 . Reply
teknodisko . 2018-11-19
I'm like Eisenberg.....i don't do it on purpose..... I guess it's why I have no friends and my gf broke up with me after 2 months
121 2 . Reply
jared mossholder . 2018-11-19
Jim Carry is a complete waste of space.
121 2 . Reply
Capt Zdq . 2018-11-18
Talk about butchering the pronunciation of 'Cara'. The 1st 'a' is short.
121 2 . Reply
gerard Mcgovern . 2018-11-18
classic ....tom cruise type admiration cuz vin diesel is GAY...again sigh
121 2 . Reply
Sconnie Panda . 2018-11-18
Tarantino....Downey JUNIOR....'dodgy geezers'...MUCH MORE to be revealed here...NOT GOOD.
121 2 . Reply
Adrian Eyre . 2018-11-17
Wow heroin possession . He had a problem and ??? It ain't got nothing to do with anyone else . . I hope your channel get deleted
121 2 . Reply
Hearing Visions . 2018-11-17
Kanye west is the most boring unfunny annoying person ever. His musics bland its like hes already had a mental breakdown and has no idea about reality.
121 2 . Reply
Jeff Polaras . 2018-11-15
Bottom feeders
121 2 . Reply
Chris DiLapi . 2018-11-15
RDJ is Tony Stark, both on and off screen.
121 2 . Reply
Juan Ruiz . 2018-11-14
All of these actors are a one hit one wonder they lose at the end I work in construction and a actress could not afford me even being there
121 2 . Reply
Trapped Mind . 2018-11-13
Tarantino is right the interviewer was annoying
121 2 . Reply
Brett Gabel . 2018-11-13
Vin on molly
121 2 . Reply
xhalcha . 2018-11-13
Geez, shut up you, let me watch the footage !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
121 2 . Reply
Eirik-Andre Johansen . 2018-11-12
Kanye must've been on molly or something
121 2 . Reply
HALONUT101 . 2018-11-12
the vin diesel one made me cringe like a hoe
121 2 . Reply
Ally Cat . 2018-11-12
If vin diesel were to call me beautiful like that I’d probably die happy. Yes daddy
121 2 . Reply
Rich-Ace Music . 2018-11-11
So because I have a girlfriend,I can't compliment other people?
121 2 . Reply
Hello Bye . 2018-11-11
I saw cara delevingne... click
121 2 . Reply
Teresa Keplinger . 2018-11-11
Kanyes an idiot
121 2 . Reply
Kc Smith . 2018-11-10
6:15 he forgot the apology
121 2 . Reply
ThePParadigm . 2018-11-10
Except that Dustin Hoffman and Al Pachino look somewhat similar - Fishburne and jackson look nothing like each other. smh
121 2 . Reply
Dan Vez . 2018-11-10
Bruce Willis is an asshole, its clear from every interview ive seen him do
121 2 . Reply
Jerry Maddox . 2018-11-10
Tarantino is a weirdo
121 2 . Reply
PIETER TANTIH . 2018-11-09
Guru Murthy trynna get killed huuh
121 2 . Reply
nazmi terstena . 2018-11-09
Guru is so weird because of t-series
121 2 . Reply
Martin Shkreli . 2018-11-09
who cares
121 2 . Reply
Fran gitara . 2018-11-08
wow this channel sucks...
121 2 . Reply
flyboyleo405 . 2018-11-08
lol love this vid <3
121 2 . Reply
richard lawless . 2018-11-08
it disturbs me that piers morgan was a prime time host on US TV for 3 years before you rumbled him ...he's an absolute repugnant pig of a man, he humiliated himself on UK TV years earlier by his own obnoxious behavior...he was called out by someone just like he was here...good to see... he'll show up in South Africa as a TV host soon
121 2 . Reply
th3kingx . 2018-11-08
4:32 why is she walking like she has a buttplug up her ass? Lol
121 2 . Reply
Stephanie S . 2018-11-08
Show the footage and shut the hell up
121 2 . Reply
spaz bomb . 2018-11-08
The one with Cara is relatable, some people joke around or ask the stupidest questions and you really don't know how to respond to them normally. The questions are stupid, so of course if you have a sarcastic mind you respond with a sarcastic comment. But then the jokers don't get your jokes and think you're just an asshole while their questions were mean jokes...
Then say "go take a little nap, maybe drink a redbull" without giving her the chance of responding... patronizing as fuck
121 2 . Reply
Peter Bruns . 2018-11-08
Krishnan Guru-Murthy always was a sniveling, conniving little smart ass. I'd have picked up my chair and thrown it at him.
121 2 . Reply
Ben Classified . 2018-11-07
Tom Cruise is a brainwashed tool who is funding a cult of greed and abuse. His movies should be avoided and so should all things Scientology. It's a criminal organization led by a thug and a child abuser.
121 2 . Reply
King Myers . 2018-11-07
Kayne wanna get out that hypnotized state he’s in so bad u can see how weird that man is acting like fr the Kardashians fucked that man up
121 2 . Reply
poucecoupe . 2018-11-07
Chelsea Handler was Piers Morgan's best guest of his entire career; I remember watching it and laughing as much as I have watching her stand-up show. Piers Morgan is a twat.
121 2 . Reply
Just Creepy . 2018-11-07
It makes me angry when some tv presenter interrogating about some inappropriate personal questions. And then, after provoking the person, pretend innocent. Be tactful, for god sake, they are famous, but they are still people, like anyone, deserve some respect!
121 2 . Reply
by_jaya . 2018-11-06
Carol Moirera - you’re uncomfortable, you say something about it... at the time. Don’t just try to get views out of it.
121 2 . Reply
David D. . 2018-11-06
Can’t believe they didn’t include Billy Bob Thornton being the ultimate dickhead on CBC’s “Q” radio show
121 2 . Reply
Vamshi Krishna . 2018-11-06
RDJ = 1
Guru = -1
121 2 . Reply
Just Me . 2018-11-06
2:40 lol, not a corollary, a correlation
121 2 . Reply
John Niccon . 2018-11-06
Well if someone insult you or speak unprofesiionally to you how do you react? Celebs has rights to ansfer like thet if someone insult them. Lol, I think this video want show how celebs are bad, but in the end the interviewers was the bad guys.
121 2 . Reply
Night-Prowler . 2018-11-05
08:16-- the one thing I agree with Kanye on; daytime TV is all bullshit fluff stuff.
121 2 . Reply
circe801 . 2018-11-05
i would have asked Fishburne, "can i have your autograph, Cowboy Curtis?" LULZ
121 2 . Reply
Li'l Leo . 2018-11-05
Nobody mention the awkward blurryface twenty one pilot interview
121 2 . Reply
Mitch Z . 2018-11-05
these journalists are scum of the Earth, they needle people with stupid questions to try and get a reaction then are genuinely surprised when they receive a reaction
121 2 . Reply
Chrystyna Mohr . 2018-11-05
Robert D.Junior,is so true just let his past go already and move on,And Vin Diesel,and Kara had pretty awkward interviewes
121 2 . Reply
The 80's Wolf . 2018-11-04
Eisenberg is fkn savage!
121 2 . Reply
mell erguvan . 2018-11-04
Everything is awkard about Kanye
121 2 . Reply