Ghostbusters vs Rowan The Destroyer (Final Battle) - Ghostbusters (2016)

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Watch: Ghostbusters vs Rowan The Destroyer (Final Battle) - Ghostbusters 2016

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    Popular Comments:

michael white . 2019-01-22
121 2 . Reply
Spiritofvengance2002 Johnnyblaze . 2019-01-22
Fucking ugly bitches and horrible movie
121 2 . Reply
RIOM 56 . 2019-01-21
the last time when ghostbusters in 1984 version did not ran away from stay puft Marshmello man
121 2 . Reply
RJD Spyderman . 2019-01-21
The problem with this is you dont feel a y intensity or feel scared for the characters like in the original because A they're reusing the crossing the streams thing that they did in the original and B when they actually do it it doesnt end in a big explosion making you wonder if they're alright. One of the best parts of what they did in the original is they acknowledged that they were probably gonna die and had heartfelt goodbyes. This is a lame excuse for a copy of that scene without any of what made it good in the first place.
121 2 . Reply
Caidema Official . 2019-01-20
So this is the crap i missed after I walked out of the theater?
121 2 . Reply
Neo DC . 2019-01-20
What is this Scooby Doo bullshit?
121 2 . Reply
chris1117F . 2019-01-20
God damn this film was awful and the dialog between the characters was just cheesy and pathetic. I'm a Ghostbuster saying by Leslie Jones character trying making the fat black gorilla trying to be yeah I'm smart. As if the dialog was so chessy and embarrassing to watch and hear .

Over explaining what their doing in every scene they look weak and slow running around with the packs. Two fat women and two skinny wimen who none have any physical activity prowess.

The over emphasis of dramatic music is off based and out of placed and of course hitting the stupid excuse for a villain in the genital area doesn't scream anti male attacks.

Terrible ripoff of cgi for the ghost a blkant ripoff from the Disney hunted mansion Eddie Murphy movie. And not even a good ripoff either.
121 2 . Reply
Brandi Lewis . 2019-01-20
Oh is this what you want? Something more familiar? Cause if this is what you want it works for me
121 2 . Reply
Brandi Lewis . 2019-01-20
What part of "small and friendly" did Rowan not understand?
121 2 . Reply
Brandi Lewis . 2019-01-20
Man I said cute CUTE!
121 2 . Reply
Swapnil Chavan . 2019-01-19
OMG this is so bad..... utter garbage 😂😂😂
121 2 . Reply
David Labay . 2019-01-19
The shot to the balls of the monster ghost says it all I suppose. If this were a youtube fan film then it would of done a lot better as a knockoff to the original. Otherwise, every fan of the original did not laugh at this at all. I hope Ghostbusters 3 in 2020 stays true to the original. Fingers crossed.
121 2 . Reply
Romel Nicdao . 2019-01-19
If the movie is so bad, why does it have good reviews on rotten tomatoes?
121 2 . Reply
Alex the Memelord . 2019-01-18

casually walks away
121 2 . Reply
Vezner . 2019-01-18
God this movie sucks...
121 2 . Reply
Ben Bevins . 2019-01-18
the one and only thing I thought was cool about this movie was the evil version of the Ghostbusters logo being as the final boss of the movie, but to bad that this movie sucks.
121 2 . Reply
SentaiRider33 . 2019-01-18
Nutbusters leaked footage
121 2 . Reply
Simon wadsley . 2019-01-17
This film royally sucked
121 2 . Reply
Gucci Versace . 2019-01-17
121 2 . Reply
Nathan Alexandre . 2019-01-17
people hating on this excellent movie as always xD
121 2 . Reply
criptangel . 2019-01-17
Hey.....how does it feel to know that your movie was such shit that they are ignoring it and doing a sequel to the REAL ghostbusters films
121 2 . Reply
Chris Foster . 2019-01-16
Did they even try acting
121 2 . Reply
Lee Croft . 2019-01-16
Nothing but a sick insult on the original franchise and the fan's, fuck this.
121 2 . Reply
NYG_DBONE 10 . 2019-01-16
Dumbest movie ever
121 2 . Reply
L J . 2019-01-15
Absolute shit
121 2 . Reply
Kiera and Aaliyah channel ROBLOX girls . 2019-01-13
When they shot him in the nuts I was holding my nuts like nope not this one this nut is good
121 2 . Reply
Gina DiCiccio . 2019-01-13
121 2 . Reply
El mas puto de latina :v . 2019-01-13
4:24 Jajajaja. Le disparó en el pene.
121 2 . Reply
Ian S. Rutter . 2019-01-11
Thanks for uploading this. Now I know what not to spend my money on.
The ending was weak and the delivery of lines was like watching the Titanic sink, slow and painful.
The Japanese Godzilla movies are far more entertaining than this.
121 2 . Reply
Ken Kaneki . 2019-01-10
121 2 . Reply
SomeNerdyBoy . 2019-01-06
I saw this movie a couple years ago. I forgot about it. It wasn't so bad I kept thinking about it, it was just... bad. Not bad enough to be remembered, not good enough for rewatching. I was recently reminded of it and... I wish I hadn't been.
121 2 . Reply
Lewis’ Poon . 2019-01-04
What is this recycled vomit?
121 2 . Reply
vertix_ gino2877 . 2019-01-04
Stop fucking crying if you want to see the original then buy it I don't like feminism but like it's just a movie it's not like it's been ruined but I like the movie because it's bad and funny at the same time
121 2 . Reply
Fractorification . 2018-12-31
A lot of fans of the reboot use the improved special effects of the third act to dish on the original. But, let’s be real, the effects improving is a given with any remake in this era, but the simplicity of Stay Puff’s “guy in a suit” effect was endearing and has stood the test of time.

It’s such an iconic imagery that has become deeply rooted in our pop culture, something that this film tries to replicate with standard CG and fails because stuff like this isn’t as impressive or imaginative anymore. We’ve seen giant CG monsters in every blockbuster monthly, and this doesn’t try to spin the idea into anything new. It’s for the nostalgia pandering.

Then you have the critiques about the original just being the guys talking in one spot and crossing the streams, whereas this one has more variety and things happening.

However: A the effects at the time were limited on what they could do, and they blew almost all of their budget on Stay Puff as it was, so they had to compromise.

B Sometimes less is more. Yes, the reboot have the girls doing backflips and shooting ghosts, but none of it is memorable. It’s standard Hollywood action sequences with an over abundance of CGI, and a formulaic ending that we’ve seen a million times in countless Sci-Fi blockbusters, Which is ”giant portal/beam of light in the middle of the city with some bomb or McGuffin to stop it”

I mean, give the original some credit as you actually remember and can quote everything that the guys said in the climax. And the improv of the original cast is just great. You didn’t need them being action heroes, licking their guns or doing flips. That even goes hand in hand with Pest Control aspect ghostbusting involves as a profession. It isn’t meant to be anything fancy. It’s the type of simple job that requires getting your hands dirty while handling this high end, but dangerous equipment.
121 2 . Reply
David Santa Carla . 2018-12-30
Four dinners went uncooked that night. 😢
121 2 . Reply
chinchern cheng . 2018-12-30
121 2 . Reply
Paulo Alessio . 2018-12-28
New videos in my channel theme Ghostbusters
121 2 . Reply
Skidaddle Skidoodle . 2018-12-25
imagine if this was irl
121 2 . Reply
Ersan Ucar . 2018-12-22
121 2 . Reply
天城明 . 2018-12-22
121 2 . Reply
neiljuice . 2018-12-21
i saw this in theatres with my dad. there were a total of four people. it was in a heavily populated area.
121 2 . Reply
Catarina Câmara . 2018-12-20
121 2 . Reply
Molina Kong . 2018-12-20
Chrish Hemsworth is so gorgeous, so cute handsome , every episode in Thor movie and Avengers movie so cool
121 2 . Reply
Molina Kong . 2018-12-20
what bring me to watch this movie because I like to watch chrish hemsworth only
121 2 . Reply
Illgo . 2018-12-18
* Women ghostbusters shoot a male ghost in the balls *
Anti-feminists and naive right wing snowflakes:
I T’ S F E M I N I S T P R O P O G A N D A
121 2 . Reply
Kaylito Babito . 2018-12-13
4:23 why did it shows to shoot that over there
121 2 . Reply
The British Tindog . 2018-12-12
Despite me hating the new Ecto 1, She did go out with a bang
121 2 . Reply
Morris Gordon . 2018-12-11
The movie is not that bad
121 2 . Reply
Moth360 . 2018-12-09
8/10 a great movie
121 2 . Reply
Redonia July . 2018-12-01
he made all the windows break
121 2 . Reply