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Carefully go through each of the four major effects that the sympathetic and parasympathetic system has on your heart: Chronotropy, Dromotropy, Inotropy, and Lusitropy. Rishi is a pediatric infectious disease physician and works at Khan Academy. Created by Rishi Desai.

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Sympathetic Parasympathetic Muscarenic Adrenergic effect cardiac heart chronotropy dromotropy inotropy lusitropy AV SA ventricles atria autonomic

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They use a lot of words lolll. I know you mean vocabulary, but it sounded funny
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brain of heart or heart of heart....what?.
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Schatten2712 . 2016-11-27
nonsense, there is no such thing as an autonomic nervous system neither we have a heart. pagan bullshit
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medico . 2016-05-22
very nicely and simply explained!
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muad elayeb . 2016-04-15
Hi, in my book it says that calcium does not affect conductor cells, yet the increase of calcium permeability results in a positive Dromotropic effect. Is there any logical explanation to this?
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Yun Choi . 2016-03-18
good good! my Professor always link your video as resources. thank you so much!
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llIH . 2016-01-14
What about Bathmotropy?
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Pip Williams . 2015-06-02
not that it really matters, but i think you'll find most medical terms come from greek rather than latin. chronotropy, for example.
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I liked this video before I even watched it because I knew it was gonna be good!
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