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Tyrese opened up to Dish Nation about his recent social media meltdowns, his public feud with The Rock and his contentious custody battle with his ex-wife.

The 38-year-old spoke honestly about his recent behavior and admitted "a lot of what had happened was self-inflicted" prior to taking his psych meds.

The Fast and Furious star began by shedding light on his custody battle with ex-wife Norma Mitchell over their 10-year-old daughter Shayla. Mitchell had accused him of abusing their daughter.

"My daughter got spanked two times in ten years. The first time I spanked my daughter was because her mama asked me to. The second time I spanked my daughter was because I told her to tell me the truth about something she had done and she didn't. So I spanked her with my right hand on her butt."

He continued: "So when her mom - who I gave her the heads up - she ended up going to court on September 11th and literally accused me of abusing my baby and literally traumatized me forever."

In November, Child Services closed their investigation and said they would not be seeking any criminal charges against the actor.

Tyrese is now happily married to his current wife Samantha Lee and wishes his ex nothing but the best.

"I don't wish no harm on that woman. I look forward to her finding someone, getting in a relationship and moving on with her life, so she could be happy."

The Transformers star also revealed he only married his ex so that she could get her green card.

"Norma, I love you. I appreciate you. We made an angel, but I married you to keep you in the country. I never married you because I was happily married. You're from London."

Tyrese moved on to his online battle with his Fast & Furious co-star The Rock, which stems from the former WWE star going forward with a franchise spin-off that will delay the start of Fast 9 by one year.

Tyrese said he reached out to The Rock privately to try to convince him to not do the spin-off first, but says he never heard from him. Tyrese then disclosed how he had turned down his own spin-off so as to not hold up the production.

"Me and Ludacris got offered a spin-off first. I turned it down. Ludacris wanted to do it. I said, 'We cannot take 16 years of a multi-ethnic cast in a movie on a scale of the Fast & the Furious and decide to make a selfish move and the make the franchise about us.'"

He then spoke the truth on his claim that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith offered to give him $5 million, which they later refuted.

"Did I have a conversation with Jada Pinkett Smith? Yes. Did I even have one conversation with Will Smith? I did not. But we all know that if you have a conversation with the wife you have a conversation with the husband."

While Tyrese said the A-list couple had offered the money to help with his legal fees and to keep him off the internet, a source claimed the couple had not offered the cash and were "extremely worried" he'd have a mental breakdown.

A week later Tyrese tried to explain his outbursts by saying he had a bad reaction to the drug Rexulti, which is used to treat depression and schizophrenia.

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Edward Anthony . 2019-04-30
121 2 . Reply
Sunny Days . 2019-04-29
Cheque you fucking morons
121 2 . Reply
Sneh Suresh . 2019-04-17
Tbh I like tyrese but if I were the producer, my money's obviously on Hobbs n Shaw. Roman n Tej sounds like a stupid idea
121 2 . Reply
Daniel Jenkins . 2019-04-13
Tyrese just admitted to committing a felony on YouTube? Not the smartest things to do.
121 2 . Reply
Peter Rodriguez . 2019-04-07
The Rock is the next Stallone-Arnold,,,he staying there for a long time,,,,get use to it
121 2 . Reply
Chill BuZz . 2019-03-30
Fast and furious should stop bringing new actors and bring back the old ones...
121 2 . Reply
Nick Looker . 2019-03-12
121 2 . Reply
marcelo buckley . 2019-03-04
Nothing wrong with spin off.. that would make the franchise bigger
121 2 . Reply
CHI- TOWNS FINEST . 2019-02-28
My respects for the man
121 2 . Reply
shirow destny . 2019-02-24
This man need rockbottom, the rock is my hero from childhood years till now, i don't care what his haters says
121 2 . Reply
Juan Munoz . 2019-02-22
Idgaf The Rock took advantage of a good story and by him being involved in this spin off and the producers are fucking up the story that we all grew to love. I stand by Tyrese glad he didn’t become selfish and make the spin off even though I would’ve probably enjoyed it. Truth be told they should stopped with the last movie and move on. The franchise isn’t what it used to be...now it’s just a bunch of action/spy movies. Just let it be already !
121 2 . Reply
Twizzle Vee . 2019-02-20
Why/how the F&F franchise made it this far is beyond me. This isn’t a Shakespearian project. It was a campy glorified depiction of the import street racing scene that turned over the top explosion/jet pack/big boobs/rice-mobiles. Make your money and move on. IMO, Tyrese should’ve taken the spin-off deal w/ Luda. LoL
121 2 . Reply
Daniel Escobedo . 2019-02-19
Admitting to a crime on tv and still not getting charged. Lol good for you
121 2 . Reply
Jay Huch . 2019-02-19
Ludacris said you guys were NEVER offered a spinoff movie though.. So stop lying..
121 2 . Reply
Yirmayahu Yisrael . 2019-02-18
Image control
121 2 . Reply
monz87 . 2019-02-18
If your one official bag of bags is the fast and the furious to keep you afloat, then perhaps you should have accepted a spin off with Luda. Why you think Vin and Dwayne have multiple films keeping them afloat, cos they don't say no bruh.
121 2 . Reply
Donald Wagner . 2019-02-18
Tyresse Gibson is an awesome actor he should audition for the new fast and furious
121 2 . Reply
Victor Mayzes . 2019-02-17
Dude just a fuckin cry baby
121 2 . Reply
Hannes Thorpe . 2019-02-17
121 2 . Reply
Vagner fRANCIS mAGALÃES . 2019-02-17
121 2 . Reply
Jag Man Jag . 2019-02-16
This guy needs help
121 2 . Reply
Zubair Hussain . 2019-02-16
This nigga dressed as if he's gone ballroom dancing
121 2 . Reply
evan browne . 2019-02-14
Hang on to the Fast Furious as long as you can bro, options are going to dry up in the future singing and acting your not a big draw.
121 2 . Reply
Daniel Brown . 2019-02-14
Tyrese is lying about being offered a spin off and not taking it. There were probably talks, but scrapped because nobody would go see it.
121 2 . Reply
Kaven Haul . 2019-02-13
literally? LITERALLY? Okay, not figuratively,.... just literally
121 2 . Reply
bongani timothy . 2019-02-13
This guy is a grown man ... he's intelligent for real 🙋🙋🙋🙋
121 2 . Reply
fuckit1887 . 2019-02-13
Then your part of the problem with immigration and should go to prison, you just admitted it but because your liberal black Hollywood its all ok right?
121 2 . Reply
supersport64 . 2019-02-13
Lol you know That foo tryied beggin for a role on bad boys 3
121 2 . Reply
Wayne Thagwans . 2019-02-12
Lol they should just make him villain on new bad boys 3 😂
121 2 . Reply
Budendy L . 2019-02-12
He refused a spin off because he thought it was selfish
121 2 . Reply
Antonio Smith . 2019-02-12
I bet he won't turn down anymore roles
121 2 . Reply
Rudd Chamomile . 2019-02-11
Amen, stand by your truth!!! Dj is just a muscle head now
121 2 . Reply
Muzik Unit . 2019-02-11
Real dude!
121 2 . Reply
ea Vino . 2019-02-11
We still love you Tyrese ✊
121 2 . Reply
Snoop s . 2019-02-11
Yeah the dude is a loser and is hating on the Rock. Vin diesel WAS a big star but his time has slowed down. Rock is one of the smartest most charismatic actor ever to hit the industry. Left these actors in the dust.
121 2 . Reply
Deepak Chablani . 2019-02-11
Tyrese aint a part of the industry no more. He's trash now so he happens to rant. Bitch.
121 2 . Reply
Adam Mcphee . 2019-02-11
Fuck him his part in the fast movies is minimal and if he was out of faster for us I don't think anybody would care I don't
121 2 . Reply
Gamerz Grip . 2019-02-11
what a liar luda told us you got no offer.
121 2 . Reply
Brendon Craig . 2019-02-11
He should of tooked that movie with luda, would been funny.
121 2 . Reply
Car Gaming Enthusiast . 2019-02-10
Tyrese and luda should do a spin off now of fast and furious and hopefully keep it in the car community
121 2 . Reply
mohamed zaakir ismail . 2019-02-10
Vin diesel 30-40 movies a year 😂😂😂LOL!!!
121 2 . Reply
Maholo Rathaba . 2019-02-10
Go back to singing
121 2 . Reply
Tzyai . 2019-02-10
Luda & Tyrese woulda been a masterpiece of back and forth comedy bruh
121 2 . Reply
Joel Johnson . 2019-02-10
Im on nobody side. But i respect what Tyrese said abt spin-offs without the whole cast. I would of rather it ended after 7. Avenge Hun. Kill Statham. Everyone happily ever after. Rock an Statham should of did another movie together.
121 2 . Reply
Tabs T . 2019-02-09
Tyrese has no movie career without fast and furious. Stick to music and acting crazy on instagram.
121 2 . Reply
Fahad Janahi . 2019-02-09
earn that paycheck Tyrese
121 2 . Reply
nhan nguyen . 2019-02-09
Tyresse such a haters on the rock.
121 2 . Reply
Zook Inthe6ix . 2019-02-09
The biggest mistake was getting the rock and all these other lames ruining the franchise. Honestly someone should start another clone of this movie and focus about the street racing scene more then jumping out of a building in Dubai from the 97th floor.
121 2 . Reply
Carlos Franco . 2019-02-08
How any of you sick fucks would take The Rock over literally anyone from the OG F & F crew is beyond me... Guy is a horrible actor
121 2 . Reply
Jose Neyra . 2019-02-07
I would say the Fast and Furious has been dead since Paul Walker died, the crew has not been the same. The very first Fast movie was by far the best because a brotherhood was born!!
121 2 . Reply