The Queen's University Talk: The Rising Tide of Compelled Speech

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I was invited to Queen's University March 5 to give the inaugural lecture/discussion of the Liberty Lecture series, funded by Faculty of Law alumnus, Gregory Piasetzki (LLB 1980).

Dr. Bruce Pardy (https://law.queensu.ca/faculty-research/faculty-directory/pardy) and I discussed the increasingly frequent requirements for compelled speech that characterize the Canadian sociopolitical landscape.

The entire event was, in a word, surreal. Initial controversy over its acceptability rose to the point where the Dean of the Law School William Flanagan and Principal of Queen’s Daniel Woolf wrote missives in defence of free speech (the former: http://bit.ly/2EQJDm3; the latter: http://bit.ly/2tJB8VB). The Queen's University "Human Rights Office" posted a link to the Levana Gender Advocacy Centre and Education on Queer Issues Project "active support" efforts during this event at their “Trans-Positive and People of Colour Positive Chill-In” in Dunning Hall, room 11, where there was coloring pages, music, food, and discussion.

The 900 or so people who attended (who comported themselves admirably and thoughtfully throughout) were subject to a continual 90-minute barrage of noise generated by the protestors, who leaped up on the stained glass windows lining the hall and banged continually on them, breaking one. Inside, we could see shadowy figures dimly outlined through the colored glass. The outside doors were barricaded. One protestor was caught on film saying "Lock them in and burn it down." The din was substantial and ominous, although it is much attenuated in this video, due to the nature of the microphones used, which were designed to pick up speech close at hand.

The protestor who broke the window was arrested, but not before she bit a policeman, attempted to kick the back window out of a police cruiser, and was found to be in possession of a garrotte, a particularly brutal weapon with no defensive utility whatsoever (http://bit.ly/2HoTDAu). The man who cursed so profoundly and eloquently near the beginning of the lecture accosted me and my crew after the talk, and yelled and cursed and threatened at close quarters during our 200-yard walk from the venue to the parkade.

No one who was at this event will forget it.

Not good. Not good at all.

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    Popular Comments:

John Jackson . 2018-10-16
The NPC's are on script per usual.
121 2 . Reply
Saul . 2018-10-07
Modern universities are filled with utter bullshit. Too long have the guarders of fact and truth been asleep.
121 2 . Reply
Rafael Stoneman . 2018-10-06
The protestors are like chaos beating at the doors of order. Chaos doesn't need a real reason to be irrational, chaos is by itself irrational for no reason. As Jordan said, (I paraprhase), you never know if you are winning the battle or not. The real battle is with the chaos in our own minds and hearts in any given moment. These protestors are a reflection of that inner chaos we each have to contend with... so, be genuinely compassionate towards them and it will cultivate the compassion that we have for our own challenge.
121 2 . Reply
b fullofcare . 2018-10-04
What about a law protecting my group, human beings from being killed in governmental disputes, wars. A law compelling speech is basically a law compelling thought. Thought crime will follow. Hello Mr Orwell.

Mr Peterson, the writers of this narrative have organsed protesters.

What happens when sent to prison, re-programming?
121 2 . Reply
Crusader Bear . 2018-10-03
i find find it slightly amusing that the two flag bearers had their pepper spray out pointed at everyone like they had to fight their way out or something.
121 2 . Reply
Tailss1 . 2018-10-03
10:39 chemical warfare?
121 2 . Reply
Tailss1 . 2018-10-03
The financial supporters of the university must be tickled pink to know money donated to further the education of students is now having to be used on repairing damage to the facility from these asshats.
121 2 . Reply
Riven326 . 2018-10-01
The left has lost its mind and have embraced their delusions of grandeur. The right will restore order. Globalism will be defeated. We will triumph over the enemy.
121 2 . Reply
Baleur . 2018-09-29
37:00 ok lets just take this at 100% objective unbiased face value.
Peterson is discussing the positive factors that the world is getting better as poverty is declining and life standards are rising globally. The people outside are banging on the windows protesting against every word he says.
THUS, these freaks outside are in FACT, right then and there, protesting AGAINST the global level of poverty declining being a good thing, so what conclusion can we draw then? They're fucking facists!

It's not OUR fault if THEY dont comprehend what they are protesting against.
If THEY are actually protesting against a person saying things like "thank god the poverty in the world has gone down", then THEY have THEIR OWN responsibility of being aware that they are now in FACT protesting AGAINST that statement. Which in direct consequence means that they are supporting the OPPOSITE, which in this case would be the INCREASE of poverty and misery in the world.

That's a simple objective logical FACT. So these people do NOT stand for trans-rights or free speech or a better world.
They stand for increased poverty, childbirth mortality and lower living standards in the world.
Because they protest AGAINST what peterson talks about, and THAT Is what he is talking about.
So, by pure objective observation, they are FACISTS.

Again, its not MY fault that they are too dumb to listen to what the hell they are protesting against.
That's their OWN responsibility. And if they are protesting against THAT, they're facist. Period.
So i ask you all, why does the university allow facists to use physical violence during a lecture?
What a joke.
121 2 . Reply
Ez Bayt . 2018-09-25
A VERY important question, and an equally powerful answer.
121 2 . Reply
Samya.R . 2018-09-23
1:43:00 I hope there is a second exit...other wise, isn’t this a safety hazard? Plus vandalism?
121 2 . Reply
Samya.R . 2018-09-23
“Behavior that would be out of place at a 4 yr old’s birthday party”....truly sums up their behavior. Their tantrums rival a 2 yr old similar to what JP stared.

Serious, they should be completely embarrassed by such self-degrading behavior.
121 2 . Reply
Antonio Howard . 2018-09-23
Jordan Peterson makes an excellent point about division into tribes. When I was young we called them all gay. Then it was LGBT, now it's LGBTQRSTUVWXYZ.
121 2 . Reply
manguy2000 . 2018-09-22
I hope the twats outside are already patients of JBP being treated for disassociative personality disorder or they are high as a kite...otherwise they have no excuse for the behaviour
121 2 . Reply
Jazz King . 2018-09-22
Leftist thugs are so stupid that they don't realize that by jumping up and down and shouting like apes, they just make all the decent people despise and mock them. I wonder if Jordan paid them to be his foil.
121 2 . Reply
dlcazevedo . 2018-09-22
Dr. Peterson, I wish I had you as a teacher in university. I believe it was because of the things you say that I've come to grasp with how poweful and significant the concept of responsability is and I now do my best to drive my life based on that.

Regardless of all the pressure and harassment comes your way, please keep it up.
Cheers from Brazil!
121 2 . Reply
Blue Royal . 2018-09-12
Bravo JBPeterson,illinform young people....very silly..you are right!
121 2 . Reply
David Hargreaves . 2018-09-11
Cant wait to see Jordan in November in Birmingham.....great man.has turned my life round......
121 2 . Reply
David Hargreaves . 2018-09-11
what has happened to some of todays youth?.....entitlement? Spoilt?Victims?......
121 2 . Reply
Elizabeth L. . 2018-09-10
What does white supremacy have to do with Transgender pronouns?
121 2 . Reply
Chad Goings . 2018-09-09
AMEN, eryone. Sjpread ther motherfucking love yo.
121 2 . Reply
Chad Goings . 2018-09-09
I want a little weed from the V.A. to help with anxiety and it helps me eat, relax, and to help me go to bed., how would one argue with an underappreciated, most likely minority employees. Been there once.. Twice wasn't sure went back a third time just to make sure I don't like it.

Therre going to tell me its substance abuse, which is really just them abusing my substance. Fuck my ass
121 2 . Reply
will haynes . 2018-09-08
If you give the far/unreasonable part of the left an inch, they will take a mile. It would never end.
121 2 . Reply
Elizabethd69 . 2018-09-08
Those bastards outside why don't they go to a communist country and live? They wouldn't be doing what they are doing now . they would be in jail.
121 2 . Reply
MarksmanTV . 2018-09-08
"There's not much difference between knocking on the doors and knocking on you"...
121 2 . Reply
Beth T . 2018-09-07
They steal your content a lot. Are you actively going after these people or is it smarter to let them spread the word? It kind of irritates me to see other people monetizing your stuff, man
121 2 . Reply
Tailss1 . 2018-09-06
Were those idiots that damaged that building made to pay for it? I suspect they wern't and if so then a good example of whats wrong with today's institutions of higher learning. (At least in this country)
121 2 . Reply
Mark Todd . 2018-09-03
I now hear the banging on the doors!
121 2 . Reply
Mark Todd . 2018-09-03
Oh dear .. he became an economist
121 2 . Reply
Mark Todd . 2018-09-03
In fact, where are the economists in any debate these days?
121 2 . Reply
Mark Todd . 2018-09-03
A recipe for anarchy: social policy handed over to the militant left, while the conservatives take the economic high ground. Where are the economists in this debate?
121 2 . Reply
Edward Du . 2018-09-02
10:12 Is it just me or does it look like she's jerking off behind the banner?
121 2 . Reply
Javed alam . 2018-08-31
The iranian guy asked the question (1:18:56) that shake the whole structure that the speakers are trying to establish....
well done man.......
121 2 . Reply
Eric R . 2018-08-27
Fun seeing students marching with "NO FREEDOM" signs, lol
121 2 . Reply
Casa Nova . 2018-08-25
It makes one concerned for the future that the chimps banging on the window will be the majority in the years to come...
121 2 . Reply
Thang Huynh . 2018-08-23
The Law professor is also very intelligent! While Jordan Peterson answers the philosophy or deep reason behind the questions, the law professor answer the question in the direct manner. I am very impressed!
121 2 . Reply
Ismael Rivera . 2018-08-22
When confronting radical leftist ideologues, come armed with well thought-out points, articulated speech, and an ice cold Pepsi.
121 2 . Reply
budapestmole . 2018-08-20
Does the University not have security to stop those who would disrupt a university event or lecture.
121 2 . Reply
Father of Jman . 2018-08-16
Good to know jordans brain attracts zombies. Must be some juicy stuff in there.
121 2 . Reply
StereoSpace . 2018-08-15
You hear the barbarians here? The professors and administrators at Queen's University are responsible for that. This is exactly what they inculcate in these young minds. And notice they did not lift a finger to stop it. This is outcome they are aiming for. Notice also that the local political authorities have clearly ordered the police not to interfere with their pet thugs. State sanctioned physical intimidation. That's the Left.
121 2 . Reply
Ryan Fisler . 2018-08-15
Why didn’t anyone run those idiots off ?
121 2 . Reply
Anthony ODonnell . 2018-08-15
If you want proof of the thin veneer of civilization, here it is.
121 2 . Reply
Realism . 2018-08-14
The zombies are banging on the walls like in Call of Duty. LMAO!
121 2 . Reply
Leland Bartlett . 2018-08-12
Wouldn't it have been interesting if they went outside and offered the group a chance to come in and join the dialogue? See if they could articulate their perspective and be open to an alternative one. I have no idea what they were protesting other than just the opportunity of free speech.
121 2 . Reply
Richard Elliott II . 2018-08-09
Another inspiring example of keeping your head when others are losing theirs". I know these rebellious kids well. They really don't know where they are much less what they are doing. But it is a mistake to think they're not getting an education.
121 2 . Reply
Paul David . 2018-08-07
There are some disgusting people!!! guess who??? you!!!
121 2 . Reply
Gary Buttice . 2018-08-02
This is so surreal, and Orwellian
121 2 . Reply
77gravity . 2018-08-01
If I had been in that audience, the protestors would have been permitted to leave without incident. But if they sprayed their shit on ME, they'd need a fucking ambulance. Speech is one thing, Assault is another, and I will throat-punch anyone who physically attacks me.
121 2 . Reply
NelsonClick . 2018-08-01
That banging on the windows is nightmarish. It's frightening. It reminds me of a little child trying to annoy their big brother or big sister to scream "stop it" and the quick dissolve satisfaction that that brings.
121 2 . Reply
Serendipity777777 . 2018-07-31
What a creepy situation! Having all those angry people pounding on the windows. I would have had a harder time thinking and talking in such an aggressive atmosphere.
121 2 . Reply