The Queen's University Talk: The Rising Tide of Compelled Speech

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I was invited to Queen's University March 5 to give the inaugural lecture/discussion of the Liberty Lecture series, funded by Faculty of Law alumnus, Gregory Piasetzki (LLB 1980).

Dr. Bruce Pardy (https://law.queensu.ca/faculty-research/faculty-directory/pardy) and I discussed the increasingly frequent requirements for compelled speech that characterize the Canadian sociopolitical landscape.

The entire event was, in a word, surreal. Initial controversy over its acceptability rose to the point where the Dean of the Law School William Flanagan and Principal of Queen’s Daniel Woolf wrote missives in defence of free speech (the former: http://bit.ly/2EQJDm3; the latter: http://bit.ly/2tJB8VB). The Queen's University "Human Rights Office" posted a link to the Levana Gender Advocacy Centre and Education on Queer Issues Project "active support" efforts during this event at their “Trans-Positive and People of Colour Positive Chill-In” in Dunning Hall, room 11, where there was coloring pages, music, food, and discussion.

The 900 or so people who attended (who comported themselves admirably and thoughtfully throughout) were subject to a continual 90-minute barrage of noise generated by the protestors, who leaped up on the stained glass windows lining the hall and banged continually on them, breaking one. Inside, we could see shadowy figures dimly outlined through the colored glass. The outside doors were barricaded. One protestor was caught on film saying "Lock them in and burn it down." The din was substantial and ominous, although it is much attenuated in this video, due to the nature of the microphones used, which were designed to pick up speech close at hand.

The protestor who broke the window was arrested, but not before she bit a policeman, attempted to kick the back window out of a police cruiser, and was found to be in possession of a garrotte, a particularly brutal weapon with no defensive utility whatsoever (http://bit.ly/2HoTDAu). The man who cursed so profoundly and eloquently near the beginning of the lecture accosted me and my crew after the talk, and yelled and cursed and threatened at close quarters during our 200-yard walk from the venue to the parkade.

No one who was at this event will forget it.

Not good. Not good at all.

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    Popular Comments:

Timothy Hurst . 2018-03-17
Awesome lecture thanks for sharing the whole lecture loved it
121 2 . Reply
Miles Benish . 2018-03-17
I was a leftist for years, and still have some left ideals. The caricature that the identity politics focused left has given Peterson isn't fair to him. He's a lightning rod for criticism for some reason, some of which is likely worth merit - you do not have to agree with everything someone you admire says all the time - but most of it is simply ridiculous straw man arguments that fail under simple scrutiny.

The reason why the left is in a shambles these days is because it has become so beholden to identity politics that many parts of it are willing to throw away the very Enlightenment principles that it used to champion - namely the free marketplace of ideas and the search for truth by navigating these ideas, for the sake of avoiding the hurt feelings of the people it claims to be protecting.

It's like what Chomsky said - "Goebbels was in favor of speech that he liked; so was Stalin. If you're in favor of free speech, you are in favor of free speech precisely for those views you despise. If you aren't in favor of free speech for those views, then you aren't in favor of freedom of speech." Now Chomsky is a thinker I admire and I'm sure that there's plenty of daylight between his views and Peterson's views on most everything else, but both of them recognize this core tenet of Western civilization, and it embarrasses me that some parts of the Left refuse to accept such a glaringly obvious fact.
121 2 . Reply
Vixen dixon . 2018-03-17
I wonder if any of these protesters ever played Tic Tac Toe? There will be no winners by playing their game. I was reminded of the movie “War Games” Matthew Broderick’s character had to the teach the super computer the horrible consequences, more importantly the futility of a Global Thermonuclear War by getting it to play Tic Tac Toe. As the super computer concludes in no time flat, as Peterson would say , “The only winning move is not to play”
121 2 . Reply
OoTZOMMMoO . 2018-03-17
Yeah yeah...You're boring. When is Peterson talking?
121 2 . Reply
Dingus . 2018-03-17
Taking back "porch monkey"
121 2 . Reply
jimmyshitbags . 2018-03-17
"We don't debate hate"... yeah... the reason why these people prefer making noise over conversation is obvious.
121 2 . Reply
LadyBlaidd . 2018-03-17
This is eerie to me. People here to discuss deeper truths hurting no one and a mob outside banging on windows and only missing pitchforks and torches.
121 2 . Reply
Peete N/A . 2018-03-17
The SJW's and there dutifully stupid pandering politicians in Government are slow walking out a transition from freedom and rights to authoritarian rule where mere thoughts and words can be enough for one to lose life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We are entering into a very dark place in history if this agenda takes full control of the halls of power.
121 2 . Reply
Alex . 2018-03-17
audience applause is a waste of space. Leave it til the end.
121 2 . Reply
Peete N/A . 2018-03-17
I'm with Peterson, I simply won't comply and to borrow his phrase with a personal twist of my own, that's fucking that.
121 2 . Reply
FILM MAKER . 2018-03-17
121 2 . Reply
Rozma . 2018-03-17
Debate Noam Chomsky.
121 2 . Reply
Derrick Smith . 2018-03-17
Defending the right to speak one's mind in the personal pursuit of understanding and truth is a burden we must all carry. Jordan Peterson is merely a man, as weak and capable of error and evil as the rest of us, something he frequently acknowledges. And yet, the times choose the person. As Peterson stated, "You have three choices: negotiation, slavery, or tyranny." Peterson implores us to choose negotiation. How can we negotiate without the freedom to speak our thoughts, as foolish and inarticulate as they may be? Beware of any voice that seeks to silence and disrupt the process of negotiation, especially your own.
121 2 . Reply
Erik Mildner . 2018-03-17
I think they should call the protestors "social justice barbarians". Warrior can have a nobel connotation and we shouldn't label them with any positive meaning.
121 2 . Reply
Jose Salgado . 2018-03-17
I couldn't avoid to notice the sun-crown he gets from his location at the stage and that the students that participate make a line to speak and that they bow to speak to the unnecessarily low microphone location. I'm a big fan.
121 2 . Reply
YoungGrasshopper . 2018-03-17
There will be people trying to attack Jordan Peterson, I hope he is safe. I would sacrifice to protect him.
121 2 . Reply
Lin Yen Chin . 2018-03-17
21:13"Let's use the logic of the radical leftists..."-Disappointing Jordan B. Peterson, you know better than to reaffirm falsehood!! Reasoning is not logic for logic is objective while reasoning is each individual's mind in approximating the objective nature of logic. It is in this way you see that reasoning(subjective) is to logic(objective) as man(finite) is to God(infinite): merely made in the image of.
121 2 . Reply
かつしんりゅう人づて . 2018-03-17
Look at that dirty chinaman and dirty sandnigger with complete confidence that what they say is true... ridiculous. fuck them.
121 2 . Reply
anonymzs . 2018-03-17
they don't know what they're protesting, only THAT they're protesting... look in their eyes, it's unsettling
121 2 . Reply
Austral . 2018-03-17
Seeing these youths behaving in such a manner is just... I don't know, it's sad? Sad does not entirely encompass it. It is dispiriting to see such blatant blindness to truth. I hope they are at least capable of opening their eyes before they stumble too far.
121 2 . Reply
Mark A . 2018-03-17
Lol, and the Bolsheviks want to take our guns. GOOD LUCK!!!
121 2 . Reply
Music Savant Accountant . 2018-03-17
The knocking on the windows is just phenomenally IRRITATING!
121 2 . Reply
Solmar Curtiss . 2018-03-17
This is eerie
121 2 . Reply
Skylan H . 2018-03-17
It is easy for him to tell others to stand up for their beliefs. He had tenure. If he stood up against the school before that he would just be another no name individual that got fired for not having the right set of values. Take Ben Shapiros advice, say what they want , get a degree and make something of yourself and then force the change.
121 2 . Reply
Seanp12 . 2018-03-17
That got fun at the 10 min. mark.
121 2 . Reply
Lin Yen Chin . 2018-03-17
8:11"When you brain makes that kind of calculation..."-There is no time at which the brain calculates anything.
The brain merely correlates with what the mind does, you stupid old fools keep on lying in your materialist delusion pretending the brain is the mind or worse yet that the brain generates the mind, stupid fools poisoning youth with your degenerate lies.
121 2 . Reply
Manager S . 2018-03-17
Ironically, the protestors made this lecture so much better, because they were providing a compelling exhibit of why the lecture was so important.
121 2 . Reply
Colleen M . 2018-03-17
Jordan Peterson "I'm not going to let anyone stand in the way of me trying to figure out what the right thing is" ...KAPOW!!! The best thinker/speaker of our time!
121 2 . Reply
かつしんりゅう人づて . 2018-03-17
I wonder how difficult life in Canada is for a far leftist. Lol they have to scare a fucking 55 year old academic half to death because of it. I've seen my sister. she was heroin her whole life. it is truly scary. Really scares me, a lot. I'm not even sure how she is still alive. seriously. daaamn. drugs are scary. How can her organs still be working? I can get diabetes by living and working hard, what about her? jesus fucking christ.
121 2 . Reply
Charlie Davis . 2018-03-17
I thought snapping your fingers, as the sign carriers did as they exited, went out with the Beat Generation in the 50's.
121 2 . Reply
Adrian Gray . 2018-03-17
With ALL of these protests in universities I don’t really blame the protestors. They are poorly behaved children. Oh wait.
They are not children.
They are adults. They need to obey the law.
How come these adults can block fire exits, break windows, spray unknown substance on people and just go back home to watch Netflix?!

121 2 . Reply
Joseph Mainusch . 2018-03-17
"No Freedom for Hate Speech!" <--- bone chilling chant.The idea that certain speech, speech YOU don't agree with, should not be permitted, is terrifying.
121 2 . Reply
HermiTV . 2018-03-17
I wish someone on the roof would just dump a ton of pee on those retards. I hope someone does this at the next protest. Take note! "Lots of pee"
121 2 . Reply
Annie Simon . 2018-03-17
This SJW phenomenon is being energized from a deep, deep place in collective consciousness. What do they fear so greatly? I was a teenager during the Cold War years when families built bomb shelters in their basements, and children had nightly dreams of annihilation. I was aware the invention of nuclear weapons meant we had to stop fighting wars, and that meant somehow to subvert a primordial human drive. I wondered how such a change at the root of humanity could possibly take form. Three generations later, is that what has caused the devaluing of masculinity and hierarchy ? What kind of passion makes people willing to abandon truth ? Perhaps fear for Earth itself ?
121 2 . Reply
PremusRed . 2018-03-17
That guy at 1:15:00 notice how respectful everyone is of the guy with the speech problem struggling through a question. No jeering, no shouting, just respect. What a great group of people. And not a rad-leftie among them!
121 2 . Reply
Raymond Sorin . 2018-03-17
Preach it, brother. The world has got to hear what you have to say.
121 2 . Reply
Kenny Lauderdale . 2018-03-16
The more they protest, the more exposure they give him.
121 2 . Reply
jim . 2018-03-16
I'm 28 minutes in. Does it stop? Do their hands get tired?
121 2 . Reply
teton99 . 2018-03-16
Those "kids," out there have no idea of how they have been brainwashed into two dimensional beings to be the tools of the left. Image if they actually sat down and listened to how reasonable J. Peterson is they might actually learn something and make their world bigger and our world better.
121 2 . Reply
Morning Man . 2018-03-16
1:05:31 funny as all hell.
121 2 . Reply
Patriot Surfer . 2018-03-16
It is truely astonishing that the Queen's University didn't have the police stop the mindless hordes of LARPing SJW Marxists from smashing those stained glass windows.. oh wait it's Canada and they passed C16 in the first place.
121 2 . Reply
Women in Judaism . 2018-03-16
I always get the sense, listening to Dr. Peterson, that he's always on the verge of crying or collapsing emotionally with the weight of what he is saying, or that he is on the verge of giving up the honorable fight. Keep fighting, Dr Peterson, and know there are thousands, if not millions, are behind you.
121 2 . Reply
Women in Judaism . 2018-03-16
Listening to these student questioners gives me great hope for the future.
121 2 . Reply
Scott Young . 2018-03-16
I love how he refers to student social justice warriors to having " their psycho-social level of a two year old throwing a temper tantrum"
121 2 . Reply
thomasring67 . 2018-03-16
At the end "it's refreshing!"
121 2 . Reply
Salli Ala Nabi . 2018-03-16
These SJWs have reached the authoritarian level at this point. They don’t want freedom of thought and speech. All they want is to shove their beliefs down people’s throats.

But the great thing about all this is that these idiots are unwittingly aiding our cause.
121 2 . Reply
Iron Dragon 1990 . 2018-03-16
I love how when those idiots with the "Freedom to smash bigotry" came up on stage as if they're taking some sort of great moral standing and Dr. Peterson is just laughing right behind them.They were just complete and total morons and he was having a great time laughing at their expense.
121 2 . Reply
Joe M . 2018-03-16
The ignorance of those kids outside is mind blowing. It's alarming to see the scope of indoctrination that has taken place in our institutions today. Hopefully when they mature they will be able to shake off the brainwashed, adolescent thought pushed by their radical professors. I have a feeling when they look back at this period in their lives they will be completed ashamed of their actions. This should be an opportunity for learning, exploring new ideas and critical thought and instead they embrace warped ideologies, distorted narratives and hate. It's sad they will leave the university with nothing of value. It's also disconcerting to see that the university administration and security personnel allowed this sort of intimidation and mobocracy to continue unabated.
121 2 . Reply
Canis Lupus . 2018-03-16
Excuse me, but why wasn't the police arresting those vandals knocking at the windows? What the hell? It was a seriously dangerous situation for those sitting close to the windows, because there was a real possibility that one of those stained glasses would have fallen inside and broken into pieces on somebody's head. Why wasn't anyone intervening soon enough? I don't get it at all. If I was sitting there I would have immediately left the auditorium and waited for the police arrival.
121 2 . Reply
flybabym . 2018-03-16
So interesting. The "Barbarians at the gate" outside with their vocal folds and fists hot-wired to their limbic systems and the rational, stoic thoughts of those inside. "Violence is easy to understand, the mystery of having the ability to trust & work together? That's the hard stuff." (12 rules paraphrasing.)
121 2 . Reply