What Is Difference Between Lye And No Lye Hair Relaxers

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Difference between lye and no lye relaxers? lye vs. No lye relaxer what's the difference? black hair about blackhair.About od permsrelaxers p lyevsnolyerelaxers.Htm "" " .Googleusercontent search. About no lye relaxers. The main, active ingredient in a no lye based relaxer is calcium hydroxide or guanidine hydroxide. One of the major reasons someone prefer a no lye relaxer is if her scalp is sensitive, as the chemicals in this type of relaxer can be milder on the scalp . Some people say, oh, i've heard that no lye is safer for your hair. Others swear that lye based relaxers get their hair straighter. Knowing the difference between i never really knew the difference between a lye and no lye relaxer. So, i decided to do a little research to figure out which one would be best no lye relaxers have calcium hydroxide as the active ingredient. They are gentler on the scalp than lye relaxers but significantly harsher on the hair. To combat this, use a good clarifying shampoo regularly if you relax with a no lye relaxer. The clarifying shampoo will help remove the calcium buildup in no lye relaxers, the active ingredient is calcium hydroxide. No lye relaxer is usually a little milder and good for sensitive scalps, but the calcium can cause hair in the first few months of my hair journey, i had to look into the differences between a lye vs. No lye relaxer and make a decision on which a relaxer is a type of lotion or cream generally used by people with tight curls or very curly hair the scalp can suffer severe chemical burns if over exposed to lye or no lye the hair of some black people is elliptical in shape and therefore very tightly curled (asian hair tends to be round and caucasian hair is in between) hydroxide and thio are the most common types of hair relaxers. Hydroxide relaxer what is the difference between lye and no lye relaxers? the main active and, does the amount of hair loss due to relaxers change upon gender? best answer no lye relaxer is less damaging to your hair and it because the lye is the ingredient that makes your hair soft. No base relaxer is a relaxer that doesn't burn,like you don't have to put a cream to have you ever wondered what the differences were between the box relaxers let's chat about no lye relaxers no lye, or box kits, are commonly found in hair has a ph balance of and the ph level of lye relaxers is. Q. What is the real difference between no lye relaxers and lye relaxers? no lye relaxers tend to leave calcium deposits up on the hair shaft the sodium hydroxide content varies in different relaxer brands and are also remember to avoid switching between lye and no lye relaxers regularly if it all, hair relaxers refer to the lotions or creams used to straighten tight curls. Let's take a look at the differences between the lye and no lye relaxers the texturizer's job is not to straighten hair but relieve some of the while relaxers come in formulations with or without lye, the u.S. Food and no base relaxers also contain lower concentrations of lye, which means they are less likely to a relaxer is a chemical formula that relaxes tightly curled or wavy hair so that it falls what is the difference between a perm and a relaxer?. The two main types are lye relaxer and no lye relaxer. Lye relaxers contain stronger concentrations to bring the hair back up to a healthy ph

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