The Future of Air Travel

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It used to be that you could get on a Concorde jet and fly across the Atlantic ocean faster than the speed of sound, but what does the future hold for supersonic flight?

Hosted by: Hank Green
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    Popular Comments:

Eli Gabriel . 2018-12-07
Wright brothers haha , they were basically slingshoted in the air , SANTOS DUMOND that dude is the real 1°first one
121 2 . Reply
Scorch428 . 2018-12-02
I like how we're wasting billions on these non-practical supersonic planes using American tax dollars of which 50% of us live paycheck to paycheck. Cus priorities...
121 2 . Reply
Vladislav Sokolov . 2018-11-22
Yes, a very good video made about traveling, on airplanes you can really quickly fly across the continent and be anywhere in the world. But to be honest, I love to travel by car https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-hIKFJkyEk, there are many reasons why it is better to travel by car now.
121 2 . Reply
The Pinkerton . 2018-11-20
Hornet on the bubble! Rah!
121 2 . Reply
Richard Eric Thompson . 2018-11-16
Corrections: there is an inset that says X-72 instead o X-15.
The X-15 was not titanium, it was made from a special class of inconel developed for it Inconel X.
121 2 . Reply
Joey Moss . 2018-11-12
How loud is a hypersonic boom!
121 2 . Reply
HyperSpify . 2018-11-11
7:22 Yo dawg, I herd you like planes..
121 2 . Reply
Shane Fair . 2018-11-10
6:02 ... and 'jet' because we paint it a really cool 'jet black' 🤣
121 2 . Reply
ohnhai . 2018-11-05
need to up date this to feature SpaceX's BFR (anywhere in the world in an hour)
121 2 . Reply
John Morris . 2018-11-03
Its 330 am and I can't stop watching this channel lol
121 2 . Reply
Slyde InfinitySpinCasts . 2018-10-29
Eventually with massive altron energy TARDIS will exist. Perhaps the Airframe will have many cavities till then without needing such a subatomic realm engineer to tune it. I like the idea of utilising the entire existance in time rather than a localised very stressful weak force penetrator of atomic elemental bonding . Mosern scIence is all we have though so I expect the larger proct companies will be Boeing ,Airbus, Space X in the Atlantic Region then perhaps BRICS nations. There could be suprises from smaller shaholder dependancies.
121 2 . Reply
poisiion . 2018-10-19
The only thing they should come up with is getting a closed sound proof compartment for kids and their parents, so other passengers can peacefully travel
121 2 . Reply
Happy Fox . 2018-10-19
6:45 pussies, the rich are so pampered these days it's embarrassing
121 2 . Reply
Anna Bárbara Serejo . 2018-10-09
Santos Dummont!!
121 2 . Reply
Edvinas Sungur . 2018-10-05
5:53 for the tempature issue i think the hypersonic planes should be made of tungsten
121 2 . Reply
Scuttlebug . 2018-10-05
Nothing can fix Sonic Boom
121 2 . Reply
Chapola94 . 2018-10-03
Wright brothers did not created an airplane, but an assisted - take off aircraft. They were the first to fly in a havier than air vehicle, but Santos Dumont created the first airplane
121 2 . Reply
CowboyCree63 . 2018-10-03
The X-1 did make a ground-launched supersonic flight.
121 2 . Reply
I am Chatty . 2018-10-03
Eurofighter:you wanna race?
Concord: sorry I’m grounded
Eurofighter:oh 😢
121 2 . Reply
Mani Putti . 2018-10-01
Can we decrease the number of Gs on the human body
121 2 . Reply
emancoy . 2018-10-01
Nah, regular subsonic planes for me.
121 2 . Reply
Blaise Requina . 2018-10-01
121 2 . Reply
Eric Taylor . 2018-09-30
The real answer to faster air travel would be getting above the atmosphere complacently. You could fly the plane into space on a suborbital trajectory. The plane would get above the air and into space where it would shut down it's engines and coast. When it reenters the atmosphere it would restart the engine for a bit to get back out of the air and skip along like a stone.
In this way the plane could completely circumnavigate the Earth in under 2 hours. The disadvantage would be long periods of weightlessness, something airline passengers don't tolerate very well.
121 2 . Reply
Eric Taylor . 2018-09-30
The problem that airplanes had with flying to near sonic speeds wasn't the air damaging the air frame. Some of the fastest planes of WWII could reach near sonic speeds in a dive. What would happen was that shock waves would form on the control surfaces locking them in place.
This was especially problematic when shock waves locked the elevator in place. Without the elevator the pilot could not pull up, and if you can't pull up it is hard to slow down.
121 2 . Reply
Damon Albarn . 2018-09-25
Or maybe just drill tunnel under an ocean. Supersonic metro under ocean.
121 2 . Reply
ElChe . 2018-09-24
How do Hyper Sonic planes land?
121 2 . Reply
AZOffRoadster . 2018-09-12
And then came Elon Musk's SpaceX and the BFR.
121 2 . Reply
Em Tee . 2018-09-03
Sounds like NASA is a bunch of geek-like children spending daddies money to have fun. Kinda like those kids with diesel trucks who use daddies money to make them have more power. Ultimately... They still both have the same thing in common, all of that money and with is wasted with no practical uses.
121 2 . Reply
Mega Pelotes . 2018-08-16
Just using prior knowledge, wouldn't a bit wider and thinner planned (made of a carbon based substance or coating) be better for travel than current planes?
121 2 . Reply
Hypatia4242 . 2018-08-06
Are any of these fuel efficient? Is there any hope of a 'green' airplane?
121 2 . Reply
animist channel . 2018-08-05
B... F... R...
121 2 . Reply
Johny40Se7en . 2018-08-04
This episode's so cool, I had a big kid smile on my face all the way through. It would be so amazing of even Concorde speeds were brought back because is love to go to Tasmania so much because there's glowing algae in the sea at night over there but getting there from the UK would tale about 14 hours on regular shitty planes.
121 2 . Reply
Queen Gabrielle Lavi Jahnsun . 2018-08-01
Hank is the best
121 2 . Reply
Electric Toxic . 2018-07-28
Flying around with the speed of sound!
121 2 . Reply
DoctorWortspieler . 2018-07-25
I would like to point out that the fastest manned aircraft on record, the SR-71 Blackbird with a fastest recorded speed of Mach 3.35, had hybrid engines that used turbojets when flying at subsonic speeds, but could also function as ramjet at supersonic speeds.
Also, due to the mentioned high temperatures at high speeds, the Blackbird was designed so pieces of it were loose while on the ground (including fuel lines, meaning it leaked gasoline like crazy), but once it got up to Mach 3, the heat expanded the metal enough to fill those gaps.
121 2 . Reply
Ergo Laude . 2018-07-25
Wright brothers were not the first.
121 2 . Reply
I Created An Account For This . 2018-07-21
I think it's gonna be a long, long time.
121 2 . Reply
Dennis McMullen . 2018-07-18
We like The Plains, The Plains that go BOOM !
121 2 . Reply
2randomcrap3 . 2018-07-18
I think supersonic flights would be better received on transpacific flights, like between Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, or Vancouver to Tokyo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Sydney, or Seoul where flights can take more than half a day.
121 2 . Reply
Andrew James . 2018-07-17
If you use oxygen and it’s own fuel to propel the plane it becomes a rocket, not a plane
121 2 . Reply
Andrew James . 2018-07-17
I like flying, so I don’t like the idea of speeding up flight. But it would be fun to experience it
121 2 . Reply
Andrew James . 2018-07-17
Screw hyperloop
121 2 . Reply
Daniel Pereira . 2018-07-17
Dumont's 14-bis was the first funcional airplane, chek your facts
121 2 . Reply
BooBaddyBig . 2018-07-16
A major problem with hypersonic travel is that if the air gets slowed at the inlet, it compresses and gets so hot that the nitrogen reacts with the oxygen in the air, and you get nitrogen oxides formed. These are highly polluting and their formation wastes a whole bunch of energy. The end result is that normal jets don't work at hypersonic speeds at all well. The practical ways around this are scramjets that don't slow the air so much- it goes through the engine supersonically, and rockets which don't slow the air at all.
121 2 . Reply
Sehara . 2018-07-16
We just need to invent a plane to go really high and stay in one place and wait for the Earth to move and then to land down to the destination 😂
121 2 . Reply
Grendel Khan . 2018-07-15
Or you could make it affordable? I cannot afford to fly ever. Ive been on a plane enough times to count on my fingers.
121 2 . Reply
Clorox Bleach . 2018-07-12
Turboramjet x scramjet?
121 2 . Reply
BeatFishnChips . 2018-07-01
Boeing's teased a new plane from NY to London in 2 hours! Sadly it'll take 20 to 30 years
121 2 . Reply
Kiawe V . 2018-06-27
Nature: Legs
Humans: Faster. Horses.
Nature: Fine, horses.
Humans: Faster! Engines!
Nature: Calm down, humans.
Nature: whAT!?
Humans: F A S T E R H Y P E R S O N I C S P E E D
121 2 . Reply
John Johansen . 2018-05-11
6:43 That being the X-15.
Not the X-72.
121 2 . Reply