VENOM Set Photos Reveal New Suit

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We have a first look at a part of one potential Venom outfit from the upcoming solo movie starring Tom Hardy!

Courtesy of @tomhardydotorg: https://www.instagram.com/p/BcLYwomhEgv/?taken-by=tomhardydotorg

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    Popular Comments:

Angelo Dell'Orto . 2018-09-01
121 2 . Reply
Ariff Karim . 2018-05-01
I would love to see Agent Venom in infinity war pt 2.. Fighting together with the Avengers to defeat Thanos..
121 2 . Reply
Channel Steven . 2018-03-16
I have no problem with this casting. Tom Hardy is great for this part, the build, and the look for brock...but i have only one problem with this....the age
121 2 . Reply
Jay Gaytan . 2018-03-16
they should have put venom in infinity war
121 2 . Reply
FilmGuy7000 . 2018-03-02
I absolutely LOVE both incarnations of Venom. Although for an introduction movie is has to be the original. It wouldn't make sense to throw Agent Venom at the audience right out the gate. After all one of the biggest "drawbacks" of Flash being bonded to the symbiote is that its primal nature is always trying to take control. The best way to have them both would be to have this first movie as the classic and then maybe the military/government/corporation etc etc find a way to leash Venom and then you have that internal struggle between Brock and the symbiote, but that's just my opinion...
121 2 . Reply
F F . 2018-02-25
I think The suit is going to be like in spider man 3 i hope
121 2 . Reply
Carmine Dome . 2018-02-19
yes john that's what I was going to say
121 2 . Reply
Denji'Zoidian . 2018-02-19
original symbiote venom all day🕷
121 2 . Reply
Tripper Harrison . 2018-02-10
Maybe, just maybe, they might change the story a bit .
121 2 . Reply
Brandon Canales . 2018-02-06
Bro what if it’s just Tom hardy talking and not turning into venom and they introduce him in venom 2
121 2 . Reply
Darrin Griffin . 2018-02-05
hardy for punisher reboot!
121 2 . Reply
Straightoutta SWEDEN . 2018-02-03
I don't want them to copy the Punisher serie, but is he a part of the MCU? Venom?
121 2 . Reply
TheAnanaki . 2018-02-03
What no one wants to ask is how can you explain away the classic Venom look when the symbiote has had NO CONTACT with Spider-Man!!! You can't. This WILL be a version of Agent Venom. Using Eddie Brock is a misdirection. This is why Sony is keeping the suit on lockdown. Yall fanboys will lose your shit if you don't get that classic 90's look.
121 2 . Reply
Harry Silva . 2018-01-30
They better not fuck up this movie man damn.
121 2 . Reply
MrKennethk89 . 2018-01-13
I agree with below, uh hello. That is a yolk sack used in film work to lift one up down and all around for instance The Matrix and or Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I like updates but logical outlooks too.
121 2 . Reply
Jordan Rivera . 2018-01-12
It's gonna be good cuz it's Tom hardy
121 2 . Reply
ScissorMeTimbers . 2018-01-12
Plot twist: Symbiote is a metaphor for Eddie Brock transitioning into a black woman. Diversity.
121 2 . Reply
ACE Review . 2018-01-11
Image looks like a stunt harness more than set costume...
121 2 . Reply
R . 2018-01-11
My guess is that they force Brock into going in to a secret facility that was taken over by Carnage... So they give him some tactical gear to get into the facility. Maybe a harness to drop him in.
121 2 . Reply
Frankie Conquest . 2018-01-10
That's a wire harness not a costume
121 2 . Reply
Robert Webb . 2018-01-10
Maybe he'll be a war reporter.
121 2 . Reply
M!STER D . 2018-01-09
Just watch my comic haul videos - everything will be explained in due time grasshoppers
121 2 . Reply
David Torres . 2018-01-08
Dude. Thats not the costume
121 2 . Reply
blaze Edwards . 2018-01-06
8 foot venom instead
121 2 . Reply
Camila Martinez . 2018-01-06
Please no agent venom I want this to be primitive and R rated I want him to be a psychopath NO AGENT VENOM WE’RE NOT READY
121 2 . Reply
wells5150 . 2018-01-05
this movie seems disastrous already
121 2 . Reply
DogSauceee . 2018-01-04
In the beginning he said tactical. Agent venom?
121 2 . Reply
TheWhiteDeath . 2018-01-04
Well since tom hardy is venom. I've got 0 complaints
121 2 . Reply
CABLE 715 . 2018-01-03
I wish to christ we could get an Agent Venom spinoff
121 2 . Reply
Black Adam 14-18 . 2018-01-01
I rather see Scott Eastwood or some other blonde actor as Flash Thompson/Agent Venom.
121 2 . Reply
Green Icon . 2017-12-30
Thought it was a straight jacket
121 2 . Reply
Max _ . 2017-12-30
It’s probably just a harness and not a tactical outfit
121 2 . Reply
Samuel Khasin . 2017-12-30
I think both versions of Venom are compelling. I would hate to see them combine the Flash and Eddie characters into one, as that would eliminate, or at least complicate bringing Flash in later.
121 2 . Reply
Linda Colon . 2017-12-29
121 2 . Reply
Aaron Es . 2017-12-29
The Eddie Brock Venom is the best Venom. Nothing else comes close... maybe Oreos. :)
121 2 . Reply
N FORCE 5 . 2017-12-29
Agent Venom is a possibility
121 2 . Reply
Jihan TGM . 2017-12-28
J.Joanah Jameson:I WANT SPIDER-MAN!!!!
In the Movie and also Joanah
121 2 . Reply
Tony Weaver . 2017-12-26
BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a waste of Hardy's time and Talent. HOW THE HELL WOULD IS THIS GOING TO WORK without Spider man....So disapointed with SONY on this one SMH......
121 2 . Reply
Akeem Lopez . 2017-12-24
Video reveals you use clickable methods for views.
121 2 . Reply
Plasma . 2017-12-23
I would much rather see the real Venom with top quality mix of CGI and pratical effects, also I would love if they kept him out of the MCU and limited down the amount of big characters and made the plot totally different. If Carnage is in there, he needs to be scary af and an all around badass.
121 2 . Reply
Swarley Sheen Records . 2017-12-23
Eddie Brock is Venom and that is why they are using him, its why they made Flash Thompson a teenage bully that barely intimidates 15 year olds and might use his only true claim to super power fame, Agent Venom, which is totally fine with me. It helps give Eddie a story line that doesn't revolve around Peter Parker and can allow him to do his own thing as an Anti-Hero in the movie universe. I like the direction of that.
121 2 . Reply
Remy P. Soze . 2017-12-21
Since we haven't had a black Spider-Man yet these events must be into to future..
121 2 . Reply
Steven Farris . 2017-12-21
Flash Thompson is Agent Venom, Sony's gonna screw this up too.
121 2 . Reply
Zim Zephyr . 2017-12-20
Could brock in this film be a Military reporter?
121 2 . Reply
Matthew B. . 2017-12-20
The Agent Venom would be better, if they kept the aesthetic but stuck with Brock's overall character arc. Maybe Brock was a soldier and the symbiote touched down in Afghanistan. Returning home, Brock and the suit merged and he became an urban antihero not too dissimilar to the Crow or Spawn. That's just what I'd think, at least.
121 2 . Reply
Justin Fernandez . 2017-12-20
Okay to the person who put this video up you need to understand that even though that harness does look like it's military or ex-military he's not going to be military or sorry military I used in this film he's not going to be anti-venom as we all hoped or how his story line goes as Venom. This is solely going to be a movie on Venom and Carnage Venom vs Carnage. Without Tom Hollands ridiculous face as the ridiculous Spider-Man that he put down. It's just a movie on Venom it was a harness that he was wearing as production was going. Bottom Line end of story.! And the stories all capitalized
121 2 . Reply
Horacio Trujillo Jr . 2017-12-20
Agent Venom?
121 2 . Reply
JesterTLS ODX . 2017-12-19
No combining of characters. We want Eddie Brock, Venom, Lethal Protector.
121 2 . Reply
In Jim we Trust . 2017-12-19
this movie is going to suck you haven't even introduced him as Spider-Man's Nemesis and you already given him a stand-alone it's laughable!!!
121 2 . Reply
Smug Cat . 2017-12-18
I'll wait until I see an actual trailer before my judgement they can pull it off I'm sure but it will be hard doing it without at least a hint of Spider-Man unless they're doing the ultimate venom than it can work
121 2 . Reply