Solo Star Wars ENDING EXPLAINED (Secret Cameo Breakdown!) // Darth Maul Alive Explained

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Solo: A Star Wars Story features a shocking cameo that caught many fans by surprise! How did this character get here, and what does this cameo mean for the future of Star Wars?

Spoilers below!

The ending of SOLO features several twists, but perhaps the most unexpected was the return of Darth Maul, whose survival after Phantom Menace was explained in the animated series Star Wars Clone Wars, but was not expected to tie into the Star Wars movies. Erik Voss explains how Maul survives, and how he rose to take over the Star Wars criminal underworld. What is the Crimson Dawn? How was Maul's return foreshadowed in the movie? And how does Maul's return affect future Star Wars movies?

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    Popular Comments:

Gavin James . 2018-10-23
121 2 . Reply
Eric Gaiser . 2018-10-23
Now that the Solo Trilogy is tanked. Use the other Anthology SW films to continue Maul's story in a Trilogy form. Boba Fett then Kenobi.

Assuming we get them because that stupid boycott has put those in development hell. We kind of have to see Maul again. So I most look forward to seeing Maul again but I love Kylo Ren more than most so I'll be fine.

Ps: terrible release date for Solo. My god. December maybe November.... Because of Aquaman....TO THE STAR WARS CINEMATIC GALAXY GOING ON FOREVER
121 2 . Reply
Jesse Espinosa . 2018-10-23
121 2 . Reply
Ian Berekvam . 2018-10-22
Btw at 5:59 that is not dathomir! That fortress is the planet with the black suns ally with maul in the clone wars
121 2 . Reply
Tyler McIntosh . 2018-10-21
Maul movie
121 2 . Reply
David Jett . 2018-10-21
Who the hell would be excited to see more Darth Emo..? Kylo Ren is the WORST Star Wars villain across all medium...Period.
121 2 . Reply
Pearl Sargeant . 2018-10-21
Klo ren!!!
121 2 . Reply
roadhouse699 . 2018-10-21
Darth Maul has no anus or urethra. Think about that
121 2 . Reply
Fantasy Gamin Net . 2018-10-20
6:46 the symbol match the female inquisitors lightsaber
121 2 . Reply
Tyler Pax . 2018-10-20
Isnt solo before phantom menance?
121 2 . Reply
BenjaminFunklin . 2018-10-20
Oh please let them make boba Vader or Obi fight maul in the films!!
121 2 . Reply
E Mendez . 2018-10-19
Love your videos!... 👍🏻
121 2 . Reply
Littlegreenbite 123 . 2018-10-19
Darth mauls lightsaber in solo is his brother's because of the hook at the end which his brothers lightsaber style!!!
121 2 . Reply
Ricardo Lugo . 2018-10-19
Maul definitely
121 2 . Reply
el flesh . 2018-10-19
Well, since Disney is taking a shit over everything Lucas established, they'll ignore the trope of long fall = death. Face the facts. There were only ever 6 SW movies. You can put in Rogue 1 (which was an OK movie) if you want, but it doesn't really feel like SW.
121 2 . Reply
DKizzy . 2018-10-19
Wouldn't Palpatine fish him out? I feel like he would've gone after him for failing.
121 2 . Reply
SanboyzPlayz . 2018-10-19
121 2 . Reply
Jared Weber . 2018-10-18
Maul all the way, just a victim of bad screen writing.
121 2 . Reply
Ehly Alex . 2018-10-18
The short explanation is this: Darth Maul died but Disney just ruined everything by discarding all the good from the expanded universe and keeping all the bad.
121 2 . Reply
nick ligh . 2018-10-18
I want to see some nightsisters, like holy crap, that would be absolutely AMAZING! I would pay for that, again and again, with how makeup, cgi, and other cinematic techniques have improved I can only imagine what they would be able to do with our sisters from dathamir
121 2 . Reply
AvEryBadApPLe . 2018-10-18
Maul is like The Undertaker. He doesn’t speak much, kicks ass and seems to always get back up.
121 2 . Reply
Joe Loiacono . 2018-10-17
121 2 . Reply
DRIVEN TO WIN . 2018-10-17
Everyone knew he wasnt dead
121 2 . Reply
Genarel Betrayus . 2018-10-17
watch clone wars and you can see how he survived and learn about his robot legs
121 2 . Reply
Mikael Clement . 2018-10-17
121 2 . Reply
DiscGolfHunter . 2018-10-17
more maul please.
121 2 . Reply
BOBBIE HILL . 2018-10-17
Did you know that a Darth Vader scene is in rouge one?
121 2 . Reply
Richard Krol . 2018-10-16
Darth Maul is definitely better and would love to see more of him.
121 2 . Reply
Arno Pieterse . 2018-10-16
6:31 struck a nerve... NO!
121 2 . Reply
MrErnestCC . 2018-10-16
Bad star wars film. If Maul is in it that makes Han Solo over a hundred when he died. That's if you ignore the rubbish theory shit.
121 2 . Reply
Mad Titan 78 . 2018-10-15
I knew he would come back I figured it out a month after last jedi
121 2 . Reply
vip motor sales . 2018-10-15
Son of Darkness - Teaser a Star Wars Fan-Film 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rRUffKJSN6M&t=7s
121 2 . Reply
Dmitri Kozlowsky . 2018-10-15
Kylo is a child. A child with a mask. TAKE THAT RIDICULOUS THING OFF!
121 2 . Reply
Gelo Yabut . 2018-10-15
121 2 . Reply
Danny Simanjaya . 2018-10-15
Absolutely Maul! \m/ ~ Kylo Renn was also cool but he’s probably the most confused character in the Star Wars Saga ever came up with. I think Rey is even more powerful than him in term of using Force.
121 2 . Reply
Bill rasky . 2018-10-14
Team Maul
121 2 . Reply
Clentonium Cir *clentonium is random* . 2018-10-14
When the star wars fan did not know Darth maul lived TRIGGERED
121 2 . Reply
Weesky . 2018-10-14
4:34 i didn't notice that was from red mandalorian
121 2 . Reply
Lucie Kubantova . 2018-10-14
I think 🤔 maul
121 2 . Reply
Nadroj Anwar . 2018-10-14
His tattoos aren't red they're black, he was born with red skin. :/
121 2 . Reply
Ray Ray . 2018-10-14
Ray Park is awesome. Enuff said.
121 2 . Reply
MissGnarlyCarly . 2018-10-14
Kylo ren for sure. Much more complex character than Maul imo
121 2 . Reply
Moist Potato . 2018-10-14
But the real question is where is Maul 10 years later when the emperor and Vader are in power in the Death Star? If he was still alive then surely the Emperor would have wanted Maul with him.
121 2 . Reply
Carlos Chavez . 2018-10-13
About his past life
121 2 . Reply
Carlos Chavez . 2018-10-13
They should make Ren movie
121 2 . Reply
BJB BJB . 2018-10-13
121 2 . Reply
Janne grub . 2018-10-13
Maul 1000%
121 2 . Reply
GJ rama . 2018-10-13
Kyle ren was a disappointment because when i say the trailer I thought it was darth raven and Star Wars just hasn’t lived that down so I’m excited for maul
121 2 . Reply
Oscar Aviles . 2018-10-13
Darth maul i want his back fight we obi
121 2 . Reply
Chicken Wizard89 . 2018-10-13
He 'died', got nearly killed, got nearly killed again, got nearly killed AGAIN and he's here..... at least Obi Wan killed him once and for all.

*Returns in Ep.9*
Me: *Quits Star Wars.*
121 2 . Reply