Tips & Tricks for Using Hairspray More Effectively

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Think you know all the ways you can use hairspray? Think again! In this video I share with you some lesser known tricks for using hairspray to set curls, amplify volume, and put the finishing touches on your styles. This video is sponsored by eSalon, so if you go to esalon.com/silvousplaits and order products there, you can use "silvousplaits" as a promo code and get $5 off any product that isn't hair dye.

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This video is sponsored by eSalon.


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    Popular Comments:

spiritforestmoon . 2019-03-22
What if I'm allergic to hairspray.....
121 2 . Reply
KERONG889 . 2019-03-09
121 2 . Reply
Ayesha khan . 2018-12-10
I must name u "snow white"..because you are as white as snow ❄
121 2 . Reply
Sunil Kumar . 2018-11-23
Which spary you have used which brand
121 2 . Reply
Daniella Dahoui . 2018-11-20
Thanks for the tips! Always get so annoyed when my hair immediately goes flat after curling it, especially during winter time. I'm heading to a gala this weekend and want to curl my hair for the event, so this is VERY useful! :D

Also love your Rey hairstyle tutorial video, as I was dressing up as Rey for this year's Halloween!
121 2 . Reply
Manojkumar N . 2018-11-03
u look like Sansa
121 2 . Reply
Bianca Alba . 2018-11-03
you actually know that their's no "s" to s'il vous plaît" right?
121 2 . Reply
Nidhi Singh . 2018-10-25
plzz suggest me best hair spray for dry hairs..
121 2 . Reply
mohini raghav . 2018-09-25
Can we use hairspray for straightening hair n get hid of frizzy for long run
121 2 . Reply
Maricel Dal . 2018-08-25
What spray did you used?
121 2 . Reply
Nina Nina . 2018-08-16
I love your tips! Using these methods and I don't breath in the hairspray! Do we know how it effects our health? I'm lossing hair and it breaks to much !
121 2 . Reply
Universal. com . 2018-07-15
Can we use spray for straightening?????
121 2 . Reply
Dawn Michelle . 2018-07-04
Thank you for these tips. I so enjoy your videos. I've tried a couple of hairstyles, but I think I need more practice. This is one I can do without practice. 😃
121 2 . Reply
Angel Sit . 2018-04-18
Thanks so much for these hacks~
My hair was really hard to manage but now my hairstyle holds all day long😄
121 2 . Reply
Kat McAfee . 2018-04-05
I’d love to see ways to braid and/or fashion updos for shorter pixie hair!
121 2 . Reply
delphine bieri . 2018-03-19
Sooooo helpful 😍thank you ❤
121 2 . Reply
Nick Johnson . 2017-11-26
Sansa stark?
121 2 . Reply
carootje2808 . 2017-06-20
could you do a tutorial from Navea's and nasir's hairstyle in the 4th season of spartacus
121 2 . Reply
Elena Shortes . 2017-06-13
I highly suggest checking out the show Mako Mermaids! It's a spinoff of H2O on Netflix, and is chock full of amazing hairstyles I'd love to see recreated!
121 2 . Reply
shortuguese . 2017-06-09
The makeup brush trick blew my mind! That's a problem I run into a lot because i like hairstyles to be pretty loose.
121 2 . Reply
Bárbara . 2017-06-04
This is very useful for me! Thank you for being amazing as always 💕💕💕
121 2 . Reply
Lara di Mello . 2017-06-02
The tric to use a toothbrush and the hairspray to deal with the babyhair is perfect! Thank you so much for the video, I love your channel and you're so beautiful.
121 2 . Reply
Gamdursol . 2017-05-31
Thank you very much for this. Those last two tips will be super useful for me.
121 2 . Reply
unfabgirl . 2017-05-31
Two videos in such a short time? I'm feeling spoiled. Lovely video as always!
121 2 . Reply
psykokitty7 . 2017-05-31
Have you done tips for taking care of dyed hair?
121 2 . Reply
ElyzaTheOne . 2017-05-31
very useful video ! maybe you could make a 'hair hacks' video with more tips like this
121 2 . Reply
Clorox Bleach . 2017-05-31
Please do a tutorial from the new King Arthur movie, I'm obsessed with it
121 2 . Reply
Alex Galron . 2017-05-31
oh my god thanks à lot for this video ! Using spray is always a nightmare for me ><
121 2 . Reply
Bànóczki Rebeka . 2017-05-31
I've heard about spraying the hair before curling it but I was always afraid that the spray will make my curler sticky later or even burns a little bit and will be difficult to remove it
121 2 . Reply
Charlea . 2017-05-30
I'd love to see some heatless curling methods! I've tried a few but not many are comfortable to sleep in or take a lot of time
121 2 . Reply