Jimmy Kimmel’s Full Interview with Kanye West

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Kanye talks about his passion for music and fashion, what he thinks of Donald Trump, Kim’s trip to Washington D.C. to meet with him, the two motivating forces in the world, overcoming fear, being too caught up in the past, how he feels about people being mad at him, his daughter, his fashion brand, the meaning behind some of the songs on his latest album, his porn preferences, recording his latest albums, mental health, being bipolar, and wanting everyone to be able to express themselves without fear of judgment.

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Jimmy Kimmel’s Full Interview with Kanye West

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    Popular Comments:

Lisa Simpsonn . 2018-08-19
Tbh he wouldn't be a bad president
121 2 . Reply
Watcher On The Wall . 2018-08-19
He crazy but I agree with him
121 2 . Reply
Ohlordy 456 . 2018-08-19
Jim Jim been hittin that soy too much
121 2 . Reply
Ray . 2018-08-19
Back in my days he would go to madhouse. Nowadays people find this artsy. Sad.
121 2 . Reply
Jags Aviation . 2018-08-19
Where’s the Gucci? Where’s the Luis Vuitton?
121 2 . Reply
Romeo Gallardo . 2018-08-19
Lmao bruh, this interview is going to be a classic a few years from now
121 2 . Reply
Hugo Palian . 2018-08-19
Imagine a life were no one takes you seriously
121 2 . Reply
1,000 subscribers With no videos . 2018-08-19
Thank you Kanye, very cool
121 2 . Reply
MSi GS70 6QE . 2018-08-19
Talented ??? 😂😂😂😂
121 2 . Reply
Marie Jeanne . 2018-08-19
This shows perfectly how the old media isn't up to speed anymore. When Kanye started talking about the simulation, I was like: Interesting, let's hear more! Instead there's Jimmy's reaction: "I'm not sure I understand you correctly - ha ha ha" - Like an error message from an outdated machine unable to run a new program. Someone like Joe Rogan would have picked this great opportunity up and they would have talked about it for an hour. While managing to be entertaining AND thought-provoking.
121 2 . Reply
Lat Hab . 2018-08-19
What I see is a Hollywood star pretending to be a psychoanalyst.

People calling him a genius only do so because they themselves are only exposed to a such small range of ideas and haven't heard from true geniuses out there. Their window of enlightenment is pretty much Hollywood and Kanye West.

I respect that he conquered the fear of being judged based on your beliefs, and I respect that he stands by them today regardless of consequence. That is difficult to do, especially if you're constantly in the lime light like this, but that in NO WAY validates his beliefs and some of the things he's said, nor does it justify some of the hateful and bigoted actions of his presidential candidate.
121 2 . Reply
PJ B . 2018-08-19
I did not like him until I saw this interview, but I have changed my mind. Great interview. He seems kind and smart.
121 2 . Reply
A Raad . 2018-08-19
Still needs help, like most of us. What’s new?
121 2 . Reply
Raymondx . 2018-08-19
Cannabis is one helluva drug
121 2 . Reply
Chun Swae . 2018-08-19
I'm trying so hard to understand his viewpoint but everything he says is nonsensical. He acts like he's deep but everything I'm hearing is just surface-level things.
121 2 . Reply
CRey Rey . 2018-08-19
This interview touched me so much, he reminds me so much of myself, mental health needs to stop being such a stigmatised subject, hes a normal person a deep thinker and his words have such power and lack emptiness, thankyou for this interview 🙌
121 2 . Reply
Abbas Salvatore . 2018-08-19
i don't appreciate the censorship
121 2 . Reply
Betsy Ross . 2018-08-19
I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸 I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸 I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸 I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸 I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸 I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸 I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸 I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸 I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸 I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸 I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸 I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸 I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸 I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸 I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸 I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸 I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸 I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸 I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸 I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸 I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸 I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸 I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸 I ❤️ Trump 🇺🇸
121 2 . Reply
Yousra Salah Ahmed . 2018-08-19
YES YES YES i love you so much i rly did enjoyed the interview and yeezy is soooo educated i swear to God people need to learn from you <3
121 2 . Reply
Poya . 2018-08-19
Why are people making Kanye sound like a prophet? He tries to sound deep but his words don’t really say anything. He is a classic case of a below-average IQ person that thinks he is a
genius. This is typical Americans glorifying celebrities.
121 2 . Reply
Kay Crawford . 2018-08-19
I am ok with free speech and being creative. But he sounds like he is mentally ill.
121 2 . Reply
streglof . 2018-08-19
"there are families being torn apart at the border" that's because of a law that OBAMA signed. Trump is simply enforcing that law but he didn't write it.
121 2 . Reply
Amarae Timms . 2018-08-19
This is really not how the media portrays him
121 2 . Reply
Logan H. . 2018-08-19
Actually Jimmy it was a policy put into place in 1997 that split up families at the border and it became worse under Obama because he had detained more illegal immigrants than any other president. Trump is actually trying to change those policies to fix that problem so families won't be split but be detained together. Personally they shouldn't have any rights at all in our country when they are breaking our laws but just keep spewing lies and ignorance like the stupid puppet you are though. Keep pushing hate. It's like you heard nothing Kanye had even said. The American people are seeing past your lies that Trump doesn't like people. Why is he working for free to help all Americans have better lives if he didn't like people? Why did Trump create the lowest welfare recipient rates and lowest unemployment rates if he hated people? Especially for African Americans. The economy is at highs and people are benefiting from it. He has denucularized North Korea, he removed restraints Obama put on the military which allowed Isis to build strongholds. Now the military under Trump is eliminating those terrorist. He got Nato allies to pitch in more money so America wouldn't have to continue paying for more than our fair share. He has helped Israel one of our strongest allies and recognized Jerusalem as the capitol. Trump withdrew from the horrid paris climate agreement, and has put the US before other countries. That's all because he hates people though. Lol. Jimmy you're an idiot.
121 2 . Reply
Cheezus Crust . 2018-08-19
just remember, slavery was a choice -kanye west
121 2 . Reply
Naiko . 2018-08-19
he has really interesting ideas, i dont know why people discredit him so much
121 2 . Reply
Plutot Crever . 2018-08-19
We have to think for ourselves and assume our decisions"
.. yeah but Trump is an idiot, right??
"We should listen to every different ideas. Revolutions stems from different ideas"
.. yeah but Trump is an idiot, right??
No, Kimmel. You are an idiot.
121 2 . Reply
Seoul Sausage Co. . 2018-08-19
Something at 2:34 must have happened in the crowd. From Kanye West's reaction it looks like someone may have gotten out of their seat. However, pay close attention to Jimmy Kimmel as he does a great job at paying very little attention to the situation. Great job, but I wonder what happened...
121 2 . Reply
Mario . 2018-08-19
"Here's an idea.. You're in a simulation"
121 2 . Reply
Tom Welch . 2018-08-19
I’m high af and Kanye is blowing my mind. 😳
121 2 . Reply
Arthur Cropper . 2018-08-19
Idiot... incapable of a coherent thought.... Done with this....
121 2 . Reply
Amber Swafford . 2018-08-19
It's so refreshing to see someone in the entertainment industry who's not allowing the progressive leftists' bullying tactics to dictate his opinions or his willingness to openly & honestly express those opinions. Kudos to Kanye!!
121 2 . Reply
alex fountas . 2018-08-19
I don’t like jimmy Kimble he’s a liberal
121 2 . Reply
Robby3271 . 2018-08-19
Jimmy kimmel is a moron families have been getting separated at the border even before obama was president. They are illegal immigrants...
121 2 . Reply
Becky Mason . 2018-08-19
dont think il ever say another bad word about him again. interesting interview
121 2 . Reply
mike . 2018-08-19
I like how Kanye is always keeping it real unlike Jimmy who is kind of artificial and never really expresses any real emotions.
121 2 . Reply
DassahMae Johnsom . 2018-08-19
I respect him
121 2 . Reply
Astro Rey . 2018-08-19
so scripted, it is even comic, it is funny!
121 2 . Reply
Maddie Roberts . 2018-08-19
Kanye 2020
121 2 . Reply
Ben Houston . 2018-08-19
Kanye West is a very smart man
121 2 . Reply
Michael Anthony Debeau . 2018-08-19
Kanye is a class A narcissist. "I think light-years ahead of my time." So hard to listen to.
121 2 . Reply
JP . 2018-08-19
121 2 . Reply
Katie Lane . 2018-08-19
I love this man, he seems like he is just a genuinely kind person!
121 2 . Reply
Ian P . 2018-08-19
Liberals are the craziest... A group of crazy sheep
121 2 . Reply
LIMBOTV . 2018-08-19
he wants to wake up the whole nation but I aint that easy, people just wanna sleep go to work get old and die.
121 2 . Reply
John Doe . 2018-08-19
This guy is nuts.
121 2 . Reply
Steven Van . 2018-08-19
This was his best interview
121 2 . Reply
CyanPunch . 2018-08-19
The fact that people think anything he's saying is "deep" or "philosophical", is deeply sad. What he is saying is vapid and empty but made to sound deep, so people who are part of his cult of personality will continue to think he's genius. He's charismatic. That's all it takes to manipulate people, that's all its ever taken throughout history.
121 2 . Reply
Mainstream media Zombie Killer . 2018-08-19
KANYE IS STILL TALKING ABOUT PEACE and Jimmy is still manipulating .
121 2 . Reply
LaNisha Jackson . 2018-08-19
What's to love about Trump🤔
121 2 . Reply