How to use papaya to treat acne.

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Rebeka Tomišić . 2018-12-21
Can i use organic honey too with papaya?, because i dont have manuka
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kayah mirnah . 2018-10-03
what?u r 44? I thought u were 30
121 2 . Reply
stephanie paul . 2018-01-28
I just want to say thank you. Recently(2 weeks ago) I started drinking spearmint and stinging nettle everyday and it is helping my acne for the most part (slowly but surely) however, I wanted to start supplementing with either Zinc magnesium oil or Vitamin E and wanted your point of view my skin goes crazy during ovulation and my sebum in my skin increases i get under the skin bumps and it hurts. Recently I tried The Ordinarys Niacinamide + Zinc it helped my acne heal faster however broke me out in small little white heads and I remember you saying in one of your videos that a product should never “purge or irritate your skin and if it does to back off” and I did just that. Instead I’ve been using Jojoba oil and clove oil it’s been helping but I don’t want to use this mixture everyday as clove is highly potent. Would love to hear back from you on what is the best take in this situation as I really do value your opinion.
121 2 . Reply
Kassandra Roeser . 2018-01-28
Love your videos!!! Do you have any idea what could be causing my acne if I have low testosterone, low dhea, high estrogen, normal cortisol levels, and I don't eat gluten, dairy, processed foods, or soy?
121 2 . Reply
Aggie Teichroeb . 2018-01-25
Is baking soda a good exfoliator?
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