Minecraft REGROWTH | FTB | 1.7.10 | EP5 - Fishing!

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Minecraft REGROWTH | FTB | 1.7.10 | EP5 - Fishing!

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MinecraftMinium . 2015-07-10
The author of the fishing book is P.Sherman... P. Sherman 42 wallaby way, Sydney
121 2 . Reply
SlickWeng . 2015-04-07
When I discovered the endoflame, that was a life changer for my mana production!  Yeah, I was thinking I'd let dayblooms just handle it passively...
121 2 . Reply
Warrior Cat . 2015-02-28
plz make a regrowth server
121 2 . Reply
Dank Trash . 2015-02-24
i wish i could ftb 1.7.10 packs do not like my linux pc
121 2 . Reply
Du Riechst So Gut . 2015-02-22
You would say japanesee because my moms japanese you raciss
121 2 . Reply
Mntdewmania . 2015-02-21
This is so cool :) enjoying this a lot
121 2 . Reply
haider654 . 2015-02-21
Woohoo more Regrowth XD
121 2 . Reply
Ashley Cunningham . 2015-02-21
With your wand shift right click a mana spreader and then shift right click the runic altar and it will direct the mana flow directly to the runic altar. You can also do this with a mana spreader to a mana spreader. In both cases make sure there is nothing in the way to block the mana stream :)
121 2 . Reply
Ashley Cunningham . 2015-02-21
On the first group of quests where you don't have 100% but can't see anymore. It's not a bug or a glitch that's sapose to happen. You'll need to unlock more do more quests that unlock other quests and the other quests in the first group with unlock and you'll be able to see them later on :)
121 2 . Reply
autotatar . 2015-02-21
Nice video and when you are doing something in the runic altar you need to bind the mana spreader to it, the runic altar is not taking mana from mana pool and when it's finished, you need to toss living rock on it (just drop it with Q :P) and click on it with your wand and you get what were you creating. :P
121 2 . Reply
Ashley Cunningham . 2015-02-21
That sound at 10:55 lmao XD
121 2 . Reply
Ashley Cunningham . 2015-02-21
Concerning feathers you will want to make eggs if you have the quest for them. I don't want to spoil anything but that is the best i could do to make you not have to go through mariculture that will take ages longer to get eggs. If you have any questions later, i will answer them then when you get there as to not spoil more than i have to. 
121 2 . Reply
Super Plays Games . 2015-02-21
for your feathers, just use chickens xD Botania adds a feature called natural sheddings, which makes chickens emit feathers, skeletons emit bones, and ghasts emit tears.
121 2 . Reply
Ackos . 2015-02-21
You are making good progress!
*There are some secret quests you will need to trigger, to finish some of the quest lines.
*You can build some cheap wooden armor, its better than nothing.
*I have heard (Purplementat?) that enriched soil will be required in a upcoming version.  To get started you might want to build a couple compost bins for your excess seeds, carrots, taters, etc.
121 2 . Reply
Ali Ozan . 2015-02-20
hey anton use mana spreader for ender seeds.mana pool don't work. :))
121 2 . Reply
Austin Howard . 2015-02-20
Id love to see more CS GO on AntonPlayz
121 2 . Reply
Casual Pig . 2015-02-20
Wait... the plants were 666! SATAN SEEDS!
121 2 . Reply