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UPDATE OCTOBER 2018: WinSpy has now been updated so that the keylogger is now constructed within the control panel dashboard - nothing to download. A great improvement that will prevent a lot of user errors.

In this video we will be reviewing the new remote keylogger for both PC and Android devices, as well as performing a live remote installation, so let’s get started.

This is your control panel dashboard. After you’ve downloaded the software you can access this dashboard via ctrl+shift+f12

In the phone tab you’ll be able to see all data gathered on the Android devices that you’re monitoring. In the “remote” tab, you can perform a remote installation, log into any of the remote PC’s live, or even download from and upload files to the remote computer.

In the reports tab you’ll be able to access all of the information gathered by your application. You will also be e-mailed the reports depending on your preferences. The dashboard is a simple way for you to manage multiple computers and Android devices in one convenient location.

Simply choose the type of report you’d like to see. If the computer or laptop is lost or stolen, you will be able to track it using the “Lost PC Detail”.

In the “Tools” tab you will be able to administer the remote computers. This is useful in setting parental controls as well as for network managers who administer multiple computers on the same network. You can block un-desirable websites as well as programs and applications.

The language tab allows you to select your language preferences, and the “Help” tab links to tutorials for each of the features as well as online support.

Now we will perform a live remote installation by clicking the “Remote Install” tab. Accept the disclaimer, and name the device to be monitored. This name is only for your reference, and is useful because unlike other keyloggers Win-Spy allow you up to 10 remote installations, and allows you to change devices at anytime.

Choose a name for the file you will be sending to the remote PC. This name will be visible to the end user. Win-Spy has a built in file combiner, so you can send the remote capsule as an exe, a jpeg, inside of a pdf, or even a PowerPoint presentation.

For this example I will select jpeg, and select a photo from my documents. If you would like to receive reports via e-mail go ahead and input the e-mail address you would like the reports to be sent to. Once again, this is not the e-mail address of the PC you will be installing the software on, this is where the software will be invisibly sending your reports.

The dashboard already has certain common e-mails settings built in, so you wont need to worry about SMTP protocols. In this case I am having the reports sent to a gmail address, and I have selected gmail from the default email options.

Click the send “Test e-mail” button and confirm that it was successfully sent,
If you did not receive your test e-mail, login to the settings section of your gmail account and allow for less secure apps. This will allow you to run 3rd party applications.

Now, I will re-send the test e-mail to make sure it came through. The test was successful. I can click any of the five different types of reports to see information sent from the remote PC, these reports are empty in this case because it was just a test. Win-Spy allows you to retrieve your data 3 different ways, live login to the remote PC, through your dashboard, and via e-mail as we are doing now.

Let’s go ahead and create our remote capsule and send it to a remote PC. After you’ve selected your preferred settings go ahead and click “Create Remote File”, by default the file will be saved to your desktop, you will want to zip the file before sending it, if you don’t have Win-Zip you can use 7Zip which is a free file zipping application.

I will now login to an AOL e-mail address, and send the file to another AOL address. We will then execute the file with AVG anti-virus running in the background. Open your e-mail and attach the file as you would any other file. Put your subject and message and press send.

I will log out of this e-mail and log into the receiving e-mail account. Here is the e-mail we sent. When we click it, it performs like any other download and the keylogger has now been executed and is reporting.

In addition to receiving e-mail reports, keystrokes, and chat conversations, you can now log into the PC remotely from anywhere in the world, this will allow you to see what’s happening on the screen live. You can also transfer files to and from the remote computer, and even see through the computers webcam. Even more, you can set the remote PC to record the webcam whenever motion is detected, or even listen through the laptops microphone. If you wish you track the laptops GPS location, especially useful if the computer is lost or stolen.

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