Blade and Soul Sin vs Destroyer (Macro RMB LMB)

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platonik as?k m?y?m testi

montaj programlar? indir

whatsapp status sekilleri

general mobile discovery nas?l sokulur

amenerrasulu arapca ve turkce yaz?l?s?

gta 4 tak?m elbise

turkiye nin en unlu mafyalar?

samsung galaxy ace ye nas?l format at?l?r

ask mesajlar? k?sa ve etkileyici

yuki 130 y?ld?z

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Sin Assa Assasin Blade And Soul Fischerhütte Lana Lana Lorina Lana Lorin Lorina

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SpinnyBoi . 2017-10-25
easiest stunlock,spin that costs 20 focus(regain 5 when hit) and resists cc while also having parry,animation cancelling possible to the point of no attacking sound,duration resist which also counts as additional way of escaping stun,daze. why is this a thing
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