The Case Against Billy Mitchell's Donkey Kong

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In this video, I try to enumerate the charges against Billy Mitchell, and establish a common ground for discussing the controversy.

You can find the original presentation here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1FhJcNoazcHpCp_Rr6-yXluuVS_6CTzjMKs3ShM6nx6o/edit?usp=sharing

UPDATE Apr 12, 2018: As of this morning, TG removed all of Billy's scores, including non-DK ones, from their scoreboards.

UPDATE Mar 21, 2018: There's been some new information on this that's worth clarifying. The versions of MAME that produce the "girder finger" have now been verified as all versions prior to .122, depending on the refresh rate settings used. Additionally, Billy has admitted that the board swap video was staged as a stunt to promote Robert Childs' YouTube, and not as a verification mechanism. END UPDATE

CORRECTION: At some point in the video I describe the orientation of the 1.04M and 1.05M as incorrect. This point is overall correct, but my comments about it were not; they were not upright, but rather were simply rotated the wrong direction. They were essentially flipped 180* from what they should have been. END CORRECTION

I am not involved in the dispute! I only condensed the statements and arguments others have made. I'm happy to take corrections, but for specific and technical questions you are better off asking in the threads.

Donkey Kong Forum thread here: http://donkeykongforum.com/index.php?topic=2055.0

Twin Galaxies Dispute thread here: https://www.twingalaxies.com/showthread.php/176004-Dispute-Jeremy-Young-Arcade-Donkey-Kong-Points-Hammer-Allowed-Player-Billy-L-Mitchell-Score-1-062-800

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    Popular Comments:

Omnigamer . 2018-03-21
I added an update and correction to the video description, based on comments and recent new information. Doesn't change the value of any of the presented material, just helped to provide extra clarity.
121 2 . Reply
alex hagel . 2019-03-13
Billy also said the swap was staged
121 2 . Reply
DaVeganZombie . 2019-03-01
You kick ass.
121 2 . Reply
The Nimble Ninja . 2019-02-08
Billy: Hi, I got popular playing video games.
Me: So you're a loser?
Billy: I have to fake my results too.
Me: Dude, just get a hooker if you're that lonely.
121 2 . Reply
NutSack-1 . 2019-01-24
Billy is a fucking fraud and a cheat. He doesn't need more hair, he needs less forehead
121 2 . Reply
ch282 . 2019-01-21
one of the herpiest and derpiest things that ever happened in gaming
121 2 . Reply
Zukko Tv . 2018-12-31
Billy is legit. That guy plays like a fcking pro. And he already live streamed a 1m+ score. He is good. Making videos like this is just downgrading a very good guy reputation. For no reason.
121 2 . Reply
Devin Dyquisto . 2018-12-28
If he just used an emulator and didn't do anything else, I don't see a problem. If he modded the game in anyway, then yeah, fuck him. If it's just an emulation, I don't see the problem. Unless the emulation changes the game somehow. I'm not well versed on the subject.
121 2 . Reply
Jan Chapman . 2018-12-10
anytime you split a video cable you WILL get distortions so there STILL isn't enough evidence EITHER way for the Mitchell claim
121 2 . Reply
OnlyGoodSHHH . 2018-10-07
WIEBE #1!!!
WIEBE #1!!!
WIEBE #1!!!
WIEBE #1!!!
121 2 . Reply
MJR TILING . 2018-10-04
Watch the 2007 movie on this " The King Of Kong documentary" You will see billy exposed by his own words about playing live but then refuses too! He's a cheat & Steve wiebe was the king!
121 2 . Reply
broken1394 . 2018-10-01
Amazing how a game released in 1981 can be the source of so much scandal.
121 2 . Reply
Papa Slugski . 2018-09-16
Yeah, but it seems like you're forgetting about the human element.
121 2 . Reply
Nathan Westcott . 2018-09-01
I heard from billy that you're getting rich off this video. That's awesome! Enjoy your retirement sir!
121 2 . Reply
CaballusKnight . 2018-08-01
You should make a video about Jesus Christ
121 2 . Reply
Jimmy Fallon . 2018-07-27
Hahahahaha XD...
All the hardcore 80's cheaters never took into account the advances in tech to finally catch them out.
Serves them all right.
Cheater culture fueled by ego brought down.
121 2 . Reply
Curtis B . 2018-07-24
I'm totally at a loss as to why Mitchell couldn't just admit he used MAME and move on with life. I'm really bewildered by this whole thing. According to most sources, the guy has diversified business interests and does lots of things outside of being a arcade game record holder from the 80's. Why is this so important? Aren't there MAME world records too? I bet if he'd just come out in the 90's and said, 'Hey, I am using MAME and want to submit for that record' it would have all been done and over with 25 years ago. By clutching to some ridiculous world record from 30+ years ago with literally nothing good to come of it at this point is beyond insane. Even if he pulled off a miracle and gave everyone a legitimate, honest, independently verified explanation of how he did not use MAME, it's over for him. Done. There is no coming back from this kind of bad press and title stripping and record removal.
121 2 . Reply
BlakeRocks52 . 2018-07-20
Billy has a viagra prescription just to watch porn
121 2 . Reply
Russell Anderson . 2018-07-19
Thanks for the great video!!!
121 2 . Reply
atomicshroom . 2018-07-17
You mention that the video was recorded at 30fps progressive, and that equipment of the time would have recorded at 30fps interlaced, but that's simply not true. The game runs at 60fps, therefore a VHS would have recorded it at 60fps progressive, not 30fps interlaced. There is no interlacing going on at these low resolutions, the signal is progressive. Videogames of that era tricked TVs into rendering the same lines (either odd or even) over and over, instead of alternating between odd and even lines like TV broadcasts. (This is the reason why scanlines are visible in these old videogames, and why the NES/SNES resolution is widely known as 240p, for progressive). At the end of the day it doesn't change absolutely anything to your conclusion: Half the video frames are indeed missing. But I just wanted to throw that out there for technical accuracy. (See articles on 240p for more info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Low-definition_television)
121 2 . Reply
Free Audio Books . 2018-07-16
Did He start in 2nd gear?
121 2 . Reply
Justin Ahmer . 2018-07-11
Why does he continuously claim he didn’t use mame it’s just so goddamn obvious by now he’s so far down the path of lying I think he passed the point where he can even say sorry I fucked up and used ma me and lied (which if he did initially the first time questions were raised it would be so much less of a big deal) that and the fact that he is an unlikeable person
121 2 . Reply
Gaming in still Life . 2018-07-04
When did this version come out? I looked it up and it seems like it came out much later
121 2 . Reply
johneygd . 2018-06-29
Just imagine if the event was captured with a gameboycamera,then it would,ve beenreally really hard to analize the footage of frame transitions,and the high score ,hahaha
121 2 . Reply
DsiakMondala . 2018-06-28
He could not had pull such a feat without a gamer chair, clear cheat.
121 2 . Reply
DannyWilliamH . 2018-06-26
He's like a dork supervillain. This guy is the easiest example to use in order to prove that people are generally weak and want someone to "follow" or lead them. Unwavering confidence alone will attract people that have none. Fact.

A mullet-goon with Donkey Kong scores literally ruled over the activity with absolute impunity for 20+ years because bigger dorks wanted to be his minions. Watch King of Kong and you see it so clearly that it quickly becomes the real point of the documentary for me.

A far more prescient example is the current political climate. Billy is exactly like a certain someone that uses narcissistic confidence to gather complete losers to his undying defense, no matter what lie they have to swallow or act they have to commit.

Billy is exatly that on a smaller scale. It's merely comical when the stakes are fucking Donkey Kong scores 😅
121 2 . Reply
Pokemon Go San Diego . 2018-06-17
110 people believe the high school drop out from empire arcadia...
121 2 . Reply
thesmf1210 . 2018-06-15
god your mic is fucking dogshit, never heard so many cutouts and click/pops, its worse than some vinyl in my collection
121 2 . Reply
Stephane Auger . 2018-06-10
good job😃
121 2 . Reply
Dazla Darren . 2018-06-10
What if he thought he was playing real cabinets but the arcade owners; trying to save money, were making out is was real when it was a MAME emulator inside a real cabinets?
121 2 . Reply
Aroject . 2018-06-05
You really need to turn up the volume, I have to crank my speakers way too high to hear you talk.
121 2 . Reply
wolf47 . 2018-05-29
He sounds like Billy lol
121 2 . Reply
Érik kartman . 2018-05-28
Twin Galaxies are fraud anyone who watched King of Kong know that
121 2 . Reply
broo gul . 2018-05-27
Bitchell has become the Weinstein of videogames. #Metoo
121 2 . Reply
black horse . 2018-05-13
that is sad but you are right.
121 2 . Reply
sluggotg . 2018-05-13
AND.....Billy Mitchell is an Asshole... just a reminder!
121 2 . Reply
Deathamn Kenshi . 2018-05-11
You wont get blanc audio line segments by uploading or converting video file ;3
Splices are too obvious
121 2 . Reply
Lyra . 2018-05-11
Whats wrong by playing on MAME? You just have to make sure no cheats are activated whatsoever, otherwise its the same thing as the original hardware...
121 2 . Reply
daishi5571 . 2018-05-09
I don't get this celebrating Billy Mitchell being found as a fraud, It's sad! lets just say we know 100% that he cheated, there are those that are salivating at this fact instead of just going "there goes another cheat" I know ppl think he is some kind of controversial character but that's only because ppl took that stance.
121 2 . Reply
Jomaster The Second . 2018-04-29
Giant Bearded Faces must burn some day.
121 2 . Reply
RickyPro . 2018-04-28
This was a really well done, informative video. I would love to see more like it! Thanks man
121 2 . Reply
TPS Platinum . 2018-04-27
22:37 I'm sure some TASer can recreate the performances. Still, I don't buy into Mitchell's innocents.
121 2 . Reply
TheF5Adventurer . 2018-04-26
I have no clue about this and I don't really care but was billy's footage shot at the same framerate the crt and the direct feed has?
otherwise you can't compare those two, since if the direct feed has more FPS than the camera that shot the CRT and the CRT
has a different FPS than the camera, it will never look the same
121 2 . Reply
I ROFL'D MY LOLS OFF . 2018-04-25
I worked with Roy for years, funny guy. I had no idea when I worked with him that he was a former Missile Command world record holder, I found out all this many years later. Here's to you Mr. Awesome!
121 2 . Reply
Todd Bevins . 2018-04-25
I remembering watching the King of Kong when it came out and thought how slimy Twin Galaxies acted. The invalidation of the challenge after inspecting the board on Steve Wiebe's game. It was obvious to all not only was win Galaxies was unable to point to what was amiss with Wiebe's machine but that they were doing all they could to protect Billy Mitchell and his record. This story warms my heart :). Who would want to even bother with Twin Galaxies as their reputation is and has been to not play it straight.
121 2 . Reply
Fry's Acid Test . 2018-04-20
It's never difficult to capture audio off of a game. Hook up jumper leads to the terminals on the speaker, use a potentiometer to lower the voltage if necessary, and record.
121 2 . Reply
Haris Shakil . 2018-04-20
Is his pacman score still legit?
121 2 . Reply
Dodgy Brothers Engineering . 2018-04-19
Why do so many Gen Y's on dismiss these classics as being not important. It's like it was before my time so it has no significance... This self importance gets right up my nose. No it isn't the latest and greatest, no they weren't the greatest games ever made, but they have a significant place in history. Just like the Model T Ford, it wasn't the first car by a long shot, and there was nothing particularly cutting edge about it, but it deserves its place in history because it represented a pivotal change in automotive thinking. Show a little respect to the games that made your current games possible.
121 2 . Reply
Father Mark . 2018-04-19
Randomly interesting vid. Good work!
121 2 . Reply
Hazy Sativa . 2018-04-19
Where do you get your ROMS from?
121 2 . Reply