RHOBH: The 'Wives Review Past Looks with Their Stylists (Season 7) | Bravo

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The Real Housewives sit down with their most trusted stylists and critique their past interview looks.
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New ladies join the glamorous group of women as "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" returns for a seventh season. Returning housewives Erika Girardi, Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, and Eileen Davidson welcome new housewife Dorit Kemsley and friend Eden Sassoon. The wife of a wealthy English businessman and talent manager, Dorit Kemsley manages her husband's company while looking after her two young kids. Eden Sassoon, the daughter of legendary stylist Vidal Sassoon, is eager to develop her own business enterprises while carrying on her late father's legacy. The new ladies become entangled in dramatic conflicts with the recurring housewives in a season full of outrageous accusations, lavish trips and endless excitement.

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RHOBH: The 'Wives Review Past Looks with Their Stylists (Season 7) | Bravo

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    Popular Comments:

Faizo Abdi Mohamed . 2019-06-17
Erika looked amazing from day 1
121 2 . Reply
The truth IS BETTER . 2019-05-28
Erika is built like a brick shit house and has the face of a horse. WHAT THE LIVING FK IS SHE THINKING!!!!
121 2 . Reply
Phuket UFC . 2019-05-26
Wtf LOL I was expecting Kyle to pull off a chip bag clip , not a freakin clip that looks like a car jumper cables 💀
121 2 . Reply
Erin Ellis . 2019-05-08
Erica and her stylist are by far my favorite. They seem to have a real friendship.....love them!!!
121 2 . Reply
Marni . 2019-05-06
I aspire to have as much style and sass as Erica gerradi
121 2 . Reply
Monica Lum . 2019-05-06
I just wonder what Erica looks like with no makeup, no glam
121 2 . Reply
Michelle Hobbs . 2019-05-06
Am I the only want who hates LVPs hair. It drives me nuts.
121 2 . Reply
labgallerie . 2019-05-05
Toddlers and Tiaras 😂👸👸👸👏👏👏
121 2 . Reply
Lyn McNorton . 2019-05-02
Now I know what happened to baby Jane she returned in Erika’s body
121 2 . Reply
cody McClellan . 2019-04-26
Toddlers tiaras lol hahaha
121 2 . Reply
Liza Waldman . 2019-04-21
I love all of Erika’s looks.
121 2 . Reply
BigYikes 23 . 2019-04-18
I love Erika she’s a queen
121 2 . Reply
Julien Boudreau . 2019-04-14
Erika and her stylist are GOALS
121 2 . Reply
toinette wynter . 2019-04-10
335 comment and all of them if not most of them has Erica's name or makes some reference to her
121 2 . Reply
Mohammad Alvi . 2019-04-07
I hate Mikey Mindin he is so annoying
121 2 . Reply
Aleen K . 2019-04-03
erika was so good here, but she just became a bully
121 2 . Reply
Madeline Mccan . 2019-03-27
Ericas stylist is so ugly and sassy. He needs to take it down a piece
121 2 . Reply
DayvinDazone . 2019-03-22
Erika is serving some serious Baby jane realness
121 2 . Reply
Tyrone Morgan . 2019-03-13
I love Lisa calling out her hair and it looks the exact same!
121 2 . Reply
Alivia Marie . 2019-03-12
121 2 . Reply
NONEXISTENT . 2019-03-08
Kyle Richards is the loveliest wife. She is naturally pretty and could do without the massive amounts of makeup, false lashes, extensions, etc., that these “housewives” all wear. ☺️
121 2 . Reply
1963zinnia . 2019-03-08
I liked better Lisa V look before! She looked glam!
121 2 . Reply
Maureen M . 2019-03-06
OMG... Erica & the 2 personalities. Can’t stand her. I wonder if her 70 yr hubby will still pay for her glam squad when he settles his lawsuits. Worst housewife ever
121 2 . Reply
Næp Sæck . 2019-03-04
Lisa Van Der Pump (is that how you spell her name, whatever you get it) looked better before. Her stylist says she lacked colour in her face, but now she har bright pink cheeks and hot pink lips. It is too much. Ages her.
121 2 . Reply
Seksi Wellness . 2019-03-02
Definitely tired of it, is just so frustrating to see all that and you can't even buy a thing
121 2 . Reply
eliminator jr. . 2019-03-02
OF COURSE kyle's stylist is a woman lmao
121 2 . Reply
Sarah holland . 2019-02-19
Lisa's 'Pub Landlady' pink blouses need burning. Erika & Lisa crack me up. Erika would look younger with darker blonde hair.
121 2 . Reply
Leilana Vatan . 2019-02-17
TOM GIRARDI LOVED LAVISHING HIS GREEDY EXPECTING WIFE WITH DIAMONDS HE COULD NOT AFFORD SO HE TAKES OUT A 15MILION DOLLAR LOAN. HE CANT AFFORD TO REPAY EITHER. she expected a certain lifestyle and gifts if she was to marry a man she met in beverly hills when waiting on him as a waitress she wanted the ideal the rich housewife life the excess spent by a rich man. LETS ALL WATCH what she does divorce?
121 2 . Reply
trishdadish82 . 2019-02-12
My 3 favorite ladies
121 2 . Reply
Some Italiangirl . 2019-02-05
Erika is the best glam queen!
121 2 . Reply
TexasGirl 1 . 2019-01-15
Erica always looks great, Kyle is always classy, Vanderpump never rules. She looks old and outdated.
121 2 . Reply
mlvc82 . 2019-01-13
Erika is a NO for me.
121 2 . Reply
Hey Ya! . 2019-01-13
Erica’s stylist got to drop his fillers and Botox cause he’s starting to look like creepy ventriloquist dummy.
121 2 . Reply
imsuchanocfan . 2019-01-11
Can we please just have Mikey & Erika do this for each season?! Better yet, after each episode. I LIVE for their commentary.
121 2 . Reply
Chris Golden . 2019-01-06
Is it just me or LVP’s “Thiis intervieww looked..~” 0:27 kinda like it’s autotuned lol.
121 2 . Reply
Dolzadolza . 2018-12-26
Kyle’s stylist’s outfit is awful
121 2 . Reply
J. Montrice . 2018-12-18
Goals in Life: Become a Beverly Hills or Orange County House Wife.
121 2 . Reply
Tam . 2018-12-03
I can't stand that over the top gay guy. He is always sucking up and hoping to be throne a piece of bone so that he can feed. He can't dress, he can't dance and he certainly can't choreograph.
121 2 . Reply
Gabby King . 2018-11-04
Am i the only one who skipped from the other women back to Erika she is just everything
121 2 . Reply
Jennifer S . 2018-09-25
Kyle looks gorgeous in season 6. Her make up now is too harsh and heavy.
121 2 . Reply
Sanya Lenan . 2018-08-28
It's quite out of the subject but : i saw a picture of Kyle Richards when she was young : she was so ugly ... I mean thank God for surgery , it worked quite well on her
121 2 . Reply
ice . 2018-08-21
Erica is the best RHOBH house wife yet!
121 2 . Reply
Wesley C . 2018-08-19
Yesss, mikey minden, from the search for the next doll and girllicious, I like him.
121 2 . Reply
Ky Te . 2018-08-04
Ericas stylist is too funny to watch.
121 2 . Reply
Cora Beaumont . 2018-06-18
Erikas friend is hot
121 2 . Reply
JakesNotDrinking . 2018-06-12
I love that their stylists are like extensions of their personalities, it's hilarious.
121 2 . Reply
Daven Dawg . 2018-06-06
"Get on my level girl!" YASSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!
121 2 . Reply
Melissa Garrett . 2018-05-23
I do love Erikas glam guy.
121 2 . Reply
msxmargo . 2018-05-17
I thought Kyle styled herself🤪
121 2 . Reply
Gustavo Carvalho . 2018-05-13
I love Erika's personally but I really don't like her style - she tends to look like a blow-up doll. Lisa's clothes look very cheap, which is odd. They look like they are tailored made by a Mexican illegal worker, very low budget, despite Lisa's wealth
121 2 . Reply
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