Film Independent Forum, Executive Conversation: The Key to the Haunted House of Blum

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teenie beenie . 2017-05-15
most of his movies are gr8 fun.
paranormals scared me alot!
121 2 . Reply
Lettuceman2049 . 2015-11-23
No sympathy for this clown. Next time, DON'T take a beloved nostalgic franchise and just use it as an excuse to bait people to see your own piece of garbage movie. So goddamn shameless.
121 2 . Reply
missymani . 2015-11-14
It very telling...the fact he thought Jem movie was going to take care of itself. that means he considered it to be some any other project and didn't give it much effort. He truly doesn't understand that audience is not stupid even if it was made for preteens. You just can't ignore old fans, they are very invested in the cartoon and merchandise Jem is a product that has been a part of their lives.
121 2 . Reply
FedralBI . 2015-11-10
Perhaps if he and the script writers had been true to the freaking SOURCE MATERIAL, instead of making a tween movie that no tweens gave a crap about. My sister and her friends grew up on Jem and loved it, and I guarantee that if they had written an actual JEM movie, instead of a movie that used the names of some of the characters and bore no resemblance to the cartoon, that generation of girls (now women) would have flocked to it and dragged their kids to it. This is what happens when you let hacks, 'hack' at good material. We guys watched Hollywood crap all over GI Joe and now the Jem fans have joined us.
121 2 . Reply
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