7 Foods to Avoid if You Have Spring Allergies

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7 Foods to Avoid if You Have Spring Allergies

1. Tomatoes
Sadly, these delicious salad staples may be causing you to have allergy reactions (to grass pollens) including a tingly throat, mouth dryness and scratchiness, and itchy or watery eyes, according to the Mother Nature Network.
This is because tomatoes, among other fruits and vegetables, may trigger reactions in grass pollen-sensitive individuals. The network explains that in spring (and fall) in particular, your body’s immune system “recognizes and essentially mistakes a plant protein in the food for pollen.”

.2. Bananas
What has often been referred to as earth’s “perfect food” may not be so perfect if you have weed allergies. The Mother Nature Network also notes that some fruits can adversely affect weed pollen-sensitive people, especially those who suffer from ragweed allergies.
Bananas are on the source’s list of fruits and veggies that can trigger an Oral Allergy Syndrome (OAS). It shouldn’t take long to determine if you have an allergy to a particular fruit. Symptoms should become apparent within a half-hour, noted the site.

3. Yogurt
Livestrong.com points out that excess mucus is often a problem that comes with seasonal allergies, and that dairy foods like yogurt can make the problem even worse.
The health site notes that yogurt can cause the mucus in your system to thicken, impeding its journey from your body. When mucus, which is meant to clear your body of foreign substances, is slowed, it doesn’t remove allergens from your system as quickly or effectively as it should, adds Livestrong.

4. Mushrooms
You night be reading the word “antihistamine” on every box of allergy medication, and are wondering what the heck it actually means. Histamines are produced by your body and are also present in foods, and they can trigger certain allergic responses, especially if you have mold sensitivity.
Livestrong.com also points out how mushrooms (themselves a fungus) can promote histamine growth, leading to sneezing fits and general misery. Maybe skip ordering mushrooms on your next pizza, as our suggestion.

5. Beer or Wine
Wine and beer have not been spared from the allergy culprit list, either. If you’re already a seasonal allergy sufferer, the New York Times has concluded that alcohol consumption can make your symptoms worse.
It notes that beer and wine contain histamines, which are present due to the fermentation process involved with making alcoholic beverages. Wine and beer in particular also contain sulfites, which have also been traced to allergic reactions and asthma, according to the article.

6. Spicy Foods
EverydayHealth.com suggests staying away from spicy-hot foods when pollen season is in full swing. The spicy foods encourage an “outpouring of histamine” that combine with histamine from your seasonal allergies for the perfect storm of symptoms.
This is not to say that all allergy sufferers must avoid spicy foods, notes the website. You may be able to get away with that extra spicy burrito, for example. However, if you already notice a bit of a sniffle, it’s probably best to ask for the mild versions of your favorite foods for a while.

7. Raw Foods
If you were thinking of starting a raw “Paleo” food diet this spring, you may want to reconsider if you’re an allergy sufferer. Several online sources point to uncooked foods as having worse allergy triggers than cooked foods, due to pesticides and other food impurities.
This goes for snacks as well. You may not want to just grab an apple and go, unless you thoroughly wash it or make it into something else like applesauce or apple pie that requires heat. The suffering may outweigh any benefits you get from the diet.

Source - http://www.activebeat.com/diet-nutrition/7-foods-to-avoid-if-you-have-spring-allergies/

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TALKSiiCK . 2018-04-28
So someone who has histamine issues
And vitamin a poison
Gut liver issues

What’s left to eat?

121 2 . Reply
sai krishna . 2017-09-10
We should not eat brinjal and chicken also
121 2 . Reply
sai krishna . 2017-09-10
Exactly thx a lot
121 2 . Reply
Kay Reeve . 2017-06-28
The video ends by saying cook apples to avoid reactions. Does this apply to all the foods? Does heat destroy histamine?
Already being gluten, dairy and FODMAP free, bananas, melon and raspberries have been my staple breakfast or snack. My hay fever has been a month solid, getting desperate to solve it. Will try avoiding these too.
121 2 . Reply
Savageman101 . 2017-05-01
Thx it was really helpful
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