3 Minutes! Financial Ratios and Financial Ratio Analysis Explained (Quick Overview)

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Financial Ratio Analysis Explained in 3 minutes

Sometimes it's not enough to simply say a company is in "good or bad" health...
To make it easier to compare a company's health with other companies, we have to put numbers on this health, so that we can compare these numbers with the numbers of other companies... So now... how do we use numbers to assess company health? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TZZFBkbC2lA This is where Financial Ratios come in...

Very common types of financial ratios are Liquidity Ratios, Profitability Ratios, and Leverage Ratios. Liquidity Ratios can tell us how easily a company can pay its debts... so that the company doesn't get eaten up by banks or other creditors. An example of this is the Current Ratio... This tells us how much of your company's stuff can be easily changed into cash within the next 12 months so that it can pay debts which need to be paid also within 12 months. The higher your current ratio is, the less risky a situation your company is in.

Now moving on... Profitability Ratios can tell us how good a company is at making money. An example of this is the Profit Margin Ratio. This tells us how much profit your company earns compared to your company's sales. Normally, a higher number is better; because you want to earn more profit for every $1 of sales that you get.

And finally, what about Leverage Ratios? These can tell us how much debt the company is using to make the company run and stay alive. An example of this is the simple Debt Ratio. This tells us how much % of a company's assets are paid for by debt. Normally, a company is considered "safer" when the debt ratio is low. Note that this was just a very simple overview. There are a lot more financial ratios & many different ways of using them; plus a lot of problems and disadvantages in using them as well. Would you like to SUPER easily learn more about many financial ratios with even deeper analysis & detail? Check out my FREE videos at MBAbullshit.com

See ya there!

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Best video on finance hands down.
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I like how you only use simple vocab throughout this whole video
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sinntamang . 2018-10-28
that seemed helpful,but just to make it more clear,is it safe to say,all Liquidity and Profitability ratios are always good with higher value and all Leverage ratios are good with lower values??
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Well said, Thank you.
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Natasha Richards . 2017-12-30
Things have become so much clearer. Brilliant simple explanation
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pls explain all chapters of part 3
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Alex Cantlow . 2017-10-07
I'm stupid when it comes to maths and find it really difficult to do but now see I need it to get anywhere in life and my future business life. I know I'm going to get laughed at for this but is there some simple ways to learn the basics first so I can learn this and grow. I'll keep looking though.
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Pawan Rangile . 2017-10-02
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Thanks, mate! It was awesome, short, and clearly helped explain things!
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This was more useful than my college professor explaining it after 2 weeks!
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Very helpful, super simple, cute bull !
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a simple way to understand financial ratio.very useful lecture
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I found this very understandable and easy to observe unlike other videos. Thanks 😁
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Thank you MBAbullshitDotCom. I like your videos.
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Robert Z . 2017-02-19
This helps to get ready for detailed study. I think a good overview is key to understanding the material later. Great video!
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Ameya Patil . 2017-02-04
your video is amazing.
At the same time,the link below has another amazing video showing analysis of financial statements in detail.
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Watching this right before my Business test, thanks for the vid
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Shyam Prasad . 2016-11-04
Hi great videos...What software do you use for making these amazing videos
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what is solvency
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super simple. thank u.
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thx you sir, useful video, I found great to learn
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hey thanks for the bullshit!
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Albert Witstraal . 2016-02-22
Solvency Ratios?
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I've seen two videos and already so pumped to watch them all
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GladioVeritatis . 2016-02-11
Many thanks!
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Brandt McCall . 2016-01-23
Hi there, a very good brush up for me. A key question I have is what if there is any the difference between the 5 year and one year PEG ratio. I have always used the 5 year as I like to get a good sense of projected potential growth, with a PEG 1 or below being favorable. For example American Waterworks a US water utility has a five year PEG of 3.0 at the moment which is far too high for me a value investor, and a forward PE of 22 to 24 depending on the price of the stock. But someone told me the a value of 3 for the 5 year PEG is good, but I was taught it should always be near or under 1. Thanks for any feedback.
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Perfectsound . 2015-12-18
Sir, can you please explain and upload the video for-Trade Credit Formula.The n=30,2/10,method.
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reda dz . 2015-12-15
well done dude you are a star thanks again
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This kinda videos are showing us the most advantageous way of using Youtube. Thank you very much for sharing and educating!
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HA! I was nervously doing a search deciding whether I could cope with an MBA and found this site - I have never subscribed so fast to anything in my life . What a great channel!
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This is very helpful! Thanks, keep going! Im using this for my exams and I m from Norway :)
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Hahahahah MBA bullshit. Awesome video!
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