GCE O Level Chemistry - Breaking a Polymer into its Monomers - Misconceptions and Difficult Concepts

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(www.chemlectures.sg) This series of videos cover common misconceptions and some of the more difficult concepts in GCE O Level Chemistry. If you would like any other concepts explained, you can either (1) watch the full 100% coverage series, or (2) drop a message to highlight the specific concept/misconception you would like covered.

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Singapore-Cambridge GCE Ordinary Level GCE o level O level chemistry monomer polymer condensation polymer addition polymer hydrolysis ester linkage amide linkage General Certificate Of Education

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Fortnite pro pro . 2018-09-05
Sir pls accept request
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ZiDiOuS . 2015-04-12
Can u help me with this question ( A condensation polymer can be formed from the monomers { NH2 (CH2)6 NH2 and HOOC (CH2)8 COOH }. Draw the structure of this polymer. ) do i just draw it like at 8:41 but with different numbers? like...  
  C - (CH2)6 - N - C - (CH2)8 - N - C   / =O -H =O -H =O
121 2 . Reply
Chem Lectures . 2014-09-29
Thanks for pointing out!  At 3:22, the structure is drawn wrongly.  The top left hand corner molecule should be CH2=C=CH2, not CH2=CH=CH2.  Each carbon can only take a maximum of 4 bonds.  This molecule is also not a possible monomer for the polymer (polyethene), because there are missing hydrogens if it were to be polymerised.  Take note, addition polymerisation involves the adding together of monomers only - nothing else comes in or is lost during the reaction.
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SpeechlessMeee . 2014-09-26
Just to clarify at 3:22 wont the central carbon atom have more than 4 bonds alr in CH2=CH=CH2? 
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