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In this video we will talk about acoustic ceiling tiles and their usage in room acoustics. Watch the video to learn more!

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Sharon Kim . 2019-05-15
Hello, do you have any recommendations for impact noises in a condo? Should I be focusing on the wall as well vs. the ceiling? It’s mostly thumping/stomping noises I would like to tackle.
121 2 . Reply
Phoenix 3D Solutions . 2018-11-25
What would you recommend for a home that has lots of barking dogs with tile floors?
121 2 . Reply
Teodor Orzechowski . 2018-09-24
Ceiling is not important doma
121 2 . Reply
Tumble Weed . 2018-07-22
Hi I am putting the 2x4 Acoustic ceiling in a bar / restaurant I have residents on both side of me. How can I deaden the sound? I will have the juke box on the inside wall.
121 2 . Reply
John Crowell . 2018-07-13
Gentlemen, I have a 8" ceiling. Can I simply checkerboard the whole ceiling with alternating QD-7 diffusers and your foam or is there a broader rule for directly above or at the ' reflect " spots?
121 2 . Reply
djbremsespor . 2018-07-11
Can we have the "Acoustic Fields vs. GIK Acoustics vs. RealTraps - What's The Difference?" next time, please? It is an important topic for all of us who are trying to decide which products to invest in.
121 2 . Reply
Victor Delgado . 2018-07-10
dennis the best!
121 2 . Reply
Oneness100 . 2018-07-10
For the majority of us that have only 8ft ceilings, there's not enough space to put quadratic diffusors on the ceiling. On your other builds and rooms where you have higher than 8 ft, you combine your Quadratic Diffusors along with LF absorption and acoustic foam, but what do you recommend other than acoustic foam for those with only 8ft ceiling?
121 2 . Reply
Oneness100 . 2018-07-10
Yeah, Kind of like using the term "Bass Traps".
121 2 . Reply