Jason Blum Teases 'The Purge 3' and a Low Budget Straight to Series Model for TV

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Jason Blum produces a lot of movies. Odds are he would have had something to promote at CinemaCon 2016, but this year he had an extra special reason to swing by the event in Las Vegas - he received the CinemaCon Producer of the Year award. Here's what CinemaCon Managing Director Mitch Neuhauser had to say about Blum's achievements:

“His company’s breadth of work includes thrilling box-office hits alongside critically acclaimed dramas such as ‘Whiplash,’ and we could not be more excited to honor him with this year’s ‘CinemaCon Producer of the Year Award.’”

In addition to expanding beyond horror film franchises, Blumhouse is also ramping up its TV division. Blum even scored two Primetime Emmy Awards, one for The Normal Heart and another for The Jinx.

While in Vegas for CinemaCon, Steve Weintraub got the chance to chat with Blum about the Producer of the Year award and his long list of upcoming projects including The Purge 3, Ouija 2 and Blumhouse's television ventures. You can catch the video at the top of this article and the interview time index below.

The Purge 3 is due in theaters on July 1st and Ouija 2 is set for an October 21st debut.

Jason Blum:
00:06 - On the award he won at CinemaCon.
00:25 - How industry changes have affected Blumhouse.
01:25 - Blumhouse’s TV projects; developing a low budget straight-to-series model.
02:25 - The rise of the mini-series and how it allows for more creativity.
03:22 - Blum teases The Purge 3.
03:44 - Frank Grillo’s role in the new Purge movie.
04:03 - On Ouija 2 and how it compares to the first film.
04:29 - What does Blumhouse have coming up?
04:44 - Is Blum planning to work with director Mike Flanagan again?
05:00 - When does Blum start thinking about sequels for his movies?
05:53 - Any chance Blumhouse will pick up Before I Wake?

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Jamal Pulliam . 2016-04-19
Can't fucking wait for PURGE 3 :)
121 2 . Reply
Oliver Gonzalez Stiller . 2016-04-18
He must be one of the smartest dudes in da biz...
121 2 . Reply
Jay Thomas . 2016-04-18
I can tell you something about The Purge movie, #3 will continue to rip-off my friend's web-series, right down to storylines, moments, and imagery.
121 2 . Reply
Young Pup X . 2016-04-18
James Wan and Jason Blum are both legends
121 2 . Reply
KM Reviews . 2016-04-18
I like that he allows so many movies to get made. Good or bad, it's nice to see film makers get opportunities. I want to see the Jordan Peele directed Get Out.
121 2 . Reply
kingdarko . 2016-04-18
Seems like a nice chap, i like the part where he said he gives more creative control over to the film maker for less money, i think that combination is what brings out the creative gems.
121 2 . Reply
Mahamood Osman . 2016-04-18
Good for him❗️
121 2 . Reply