Michael Moore’s FAHRENHEIT 11/9 : OFFICIAL TRAILER - In Theaters 9/21

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Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 11/9" is a provocative and comedic look at the times in which we live. It will explore the two most important questions of the Trump Era: How the f**k did we get here, and how the f**k do we get out? It's the film to see before it's too late.

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    Popular Comments:

Christian Co . 2018-10-21
So this is the film that Harvey Weinstein funded!
121 2 . Reply
nelsonthekinger . 2018-10-20
Thumbs up if you liked the movie!
121 2 . Reply
konrad knops . 2018-10-20
Comparing Trump his victory with a terrorist attack where thousands of people died is tasteless
121 2 . Reply
TheCausation . 2018-10-20
Michael Moore's face is almost as ugly as his soul.
121 2 . Reply
Run . 2018-10-19
Michael Moore is a loser
121 2 . Reply
Steven Michael . 2018-10-18
This is so disrespectful. What a fat cunt.
121 2 . Reply
Yes Sir! . 2018-10-18
I've heard from a reliable source that Michael Moore is a sack of shit.
121 2 . Reply
The Flaming Maniac . 2018-10-18
Wow how deluded are you? Try to impeach him there will be so much violence? oh yeah like the violence all your liberal senators and congress people are encouraging like waters? You all are mentally ill I feel bad for you all who believe this
121 2 . Reply
SpyDetector1984 . 2018-10-17
I had to travel very far to see this doc because it isn't in my local theatre. This doc should be in ALL THEATRES ALL OVER THE COUNTRY, AND ALL OVER THE WORLD. It should be on Netflix. It should be on all media platforms so everyone sees/hears it. People need to wake up to this reality. This doc backs up what I've been saying about how horrible this country is, and how it is NOT A DEMOCRACY, NOR EVER HAS BEEN. FACT.
121 2 . Reply
Tylor Harris . 2018-10-16
Fahrenheit 99
121 2 . Reply
Upper Echelons . 2018-10-16
Michael you inspired me to make a video of my own after I saw you on Bill Maher saying we must all do our part. I've been a songwriter all my life, so that's what I did, wrote a song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjF59oZ9VgQ
121 2 . Reply
Papin 360 . 2018-10-16
Bon c'est W BUSH qui a tout plané ..... voila la réponse est clair !!!
121 2 . Reply
Dr. Sin . 2018-10-16
Looks like we have ourselves another Ghostbusters 2016.
121 2 . Reply
Robert Wissenbach . 2018-10-16
This Trash is propaganda to incite more division, instigate a civil war and I am astonished to see David Hogg the Child Actor made famous by yet another False Flag to attack the 2nd Amendment. Michael Moore is a puppet of the illuminati, satanic elite that own Hellywood.
121 2 . Reply
Isaac Alsop . 2018-10-15
This looks so retarded
121 2 . Reply
Spectre . 2018-10-15
Sorry my US American brothers and sisters but it is still hilarious to me that this guy Donald tiny hands Trump is president of the USA A fucking Reality TV Star xD. The so called "Leader of the free World". In the end youre the best country in the world because of freedom. Freedom to choose between Donald tiny hands Trump and Killary Clinton. PaHahahaha I mean are these the best 2 US Americans for this job that you found ? Oh Lord Jesus you are lost!
121 2 . Reply
Lorenzo Valetti . 2018-10-15
How did you get to this point? Well for starters your Nation doesn't actually have a democracy. So there's that...
121 2 . Reply
Veronica Sosa . 2018-10-15
Everything Trump is doin will come back to get him
121 2 . Reply
Neil Slade . 2018-10-15
Make it FREE Michael, so everyone will see it.
121 2 . Reply
Ian Buchanan . 2018-10-14
121 2 . Reply
Former Ebayer . 2018-10-14
121 2 . Reply
Terry Sarjoo . 2018-10-14
America is still excellent at the white mouth.
121 2 . Reply
Alex Zeilstra . 2018-10-13
Anyone know the song at 0:06??
121 2 . Reply
alrighty then . 2018-10-13
how did this happen? because of you.
121 2 . Reply
High Tek . 2018-10-13
I don't understand why everyone labels someone "lefty" or "righty" just because of an idea. If you honestly believe the left or the right is going to benefit the masses you're wrong. they play the game and in the end they benefit the globalists . they don't give a rat's ass about the population. The elite sit back and watch the show and laugh as ordinary citizens fight against each other . they buy all the news companies, spread news about racism, terror, lefty and righty crap, etc. this is all done so we give up our tax money so they can build weapons and sell them to foreign countries for profit. Invade foreign countries steal their resources so they become richer and to control everyone. This is why they don't want free healthcare or free college (would put OUR TAX MONEY to use for US and take away from THE ELITE) this is why they want population control and facebook and the NSA to spy on you. They want to know everything about every individual so they can control you through social media and your own devices. Maybe America will wake up some day, then it will be great again. I'm not Lefty or Righty or whatever name you call me. I'm an American.
121 2 . Reply
Lord Summerisle . 2018-10-12
moore has alienated his viewers with this movie no doubt... many of whom voted for trump (probably most lol)

do you think he misunderstood who watches his documentarys? clue: its not the trans community, or the #metoo people, its people who watch with an open mind!
121 2 . Reply
Oli Singenberger . 2018-10-12
And they told us: George W. Bush is the Evil and what happend now? The Americans elected Trump. Good Luck poor americans!!!
121 2 . Reply
Moto21 d . 2018-10-12
Moore go neck
121 2 . Reply
turd fergurson . 2018-10-12
Makes trump look bad ass, Moore looks like an old lady with a hose
121 2 . Reply
Herr Vorragend . 2018-10-11
Only in this movie: 23102 reasons for Trump in 2020! Moore you pathetic rich as hell snowflake sjw, you´re fired!
121 2 . Reply
jason mcloughlin . 2018-10-11
This is how politicians and the elite use “ordinary folks like this” to convince you that they have your back. Moore is trump in sheep’s clothing. Eating at the same tables
121 2 . Reply
sjaak zwart . 2018-10-11
This self propelled stomach is fake opposition. This a-hole want your guns while he got armed guards. This a-hole wants socialism while he got millions. This a-hole created a red haring (Fahrenheit 9/11) to back up the false flag on 911. He is fake all the way and looks disgusting.
121 2 . Reply
Live Life . 2018-10-11
Worst trailer ever. 👎🏻
121 2 . Reply
dd b . 2018-10-11
Keep saying the system is fucked and we need to change is extremely anti democratic
121 2 . Reply
Matthew Angel . 2018-10-11
Michael Moore trying to keep his fat, rich self relevant. The hilarious part is that he tries to make conservatives look crazy when, in actuality, it's the liberals who say and do crazy things.
121 2 . Reply
betoen . 2018-10-11
Haha, this film was a flop. Bombed hard.
Let me laugh again, but politely:
121 2 . Reply
The Deplorable Faggot . 2018-10-10
The last president of the United States oh please you survived W. You’ll survive Trump or any other presidents in the future
121 2 . Reply
DAL Eight . 2018-10-10
I think the last president was JFK. After that, we have a corporate position that is filled every 4 years - and NO, the people don't decide anymore who will fill that seat.
121 2 . Reply
sickpuppy4711 . 2018-10-10
This will go straight to Netflix, no one in their right mind is gonna pay directly to see this. Moore is a busted flush and finished as a filmaker
121 2 . Reply
Politic Artisan . 2018-10-10
TOTAL FLOP! 5 mil at the box office, with a huge anti-Trump media push from the mainstream globalist network. Dropped in 1719 theaters!...this movie is one of the biggest flops ever because REAL Americans have rejected democrats and liberals, and will continue to do so.

On a side note, Marsha Blackburn is leading HUGE after Taylor and her globalist prepared statement endorsing her opponent!
121 2 . Reply
john rambo . 2018-10-10
epic bomb ???
121 2 . Reply
Loudovic Baris . 2018-10-10
Love the background music
121 2 . Reply
Kath . 2018-10-10
Fat rediculous loser trump 2020🇺🇸
121 2 . Reply
what me worry . 2018-10-10
where was the documentary when Obama bailed out the same people that caused the GFC? where was he when Obama armed the rebels of Syria and Libya only to lose those weapons to ISIS and make them the power they are today? where was moore when Obama used drone strikes on innocent people in the middle east? where was moore when Obama took office?
121 2 . Reply
Lil' Suge . 2018-10-10
My what i can tell from this trailer, its a movie about a deranged and angry fat man and how crazy the left is.
121 2 . Reply
Matthew Guzman . 2018-10-10
121 2 . Reply
AARM-USRA . 2018-10-10
Seeing Hogg in this clip just lost my interest in watching further
121 2 . Reply
patrick miller . 2018-10-09
Who gives a shit? Damn people just live your life. Stop complaining and have some appreciation. Hate it or love it, this country is why you have a comfortable life where you can get on your laptop and watch this video. I don't know about you, but I'm just grateful that I don't have to walk 10 miles for water and have a roof over my head and I have the freedom to work hard to achieve my dreams.
121 2 . Reply
Hal Asimov . 2018-10-09
Ohh no he has a hose. He is really standing up for the people! 😂 Hey how come in F911 you never mentioned how norad was ordered to stand down? Or the war games? Or anything important that Americans would want to know about the event??? I Don't care if you support Blue Goldman or Red Goldman you are a true shill and if the DNC had a physical BUTT your entire face would be brown!
121 2 . Reply
Lita Gutierrez . 2018-10-09
I would not have posted trump as the last president of the U.S, he's not a president! Squatter, fascist, reality actor (can't even call him a star) traitor, but certainly not an American president. If this country isn't totally obliterated before he's out then Obama would have been the last American president.
121 2 . Reply
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