Michael Moore’s FAHRENHEIT 11/9 : OFFICIAL TRAILER - In Theaters 9/21

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Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 11/9" is a provocative and comedic look at the times in which we live. It will explore the two most important questions of the Trump Era: How the f**k did we get here, and how the f**k do we get out? It's the film to see before it's too late.

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    Popular Comments:

Stefan . 2018-08-19
Michael Moore is a lovesick crybaby who need go grow up. The statement that Trump will be the last president (unless they overthrow him) is obvious clickbait and I doubt he even belive that himself. If he said, Trump COULD be the last president id take him a bit more seriously, just a tiny bit.
121 2 . Reply
Damien Slash . 2018-08-19
For Gods sake.
121 2 . Reply
Lejonet . 2018-08-19
Even I as a foreigner living in Sweden can clearly see that this is propaganda.
121 2 . Reply
ashley styles . 2018-08-19
I'm British. The soundbite ""cos we can whip your ass"" made me laugh out loud. When has America EVER whipped anyone's ass? Seriously though.... we are in awe of Trump. Amazing president.
121 2 . Reply
Jens Johansson . 2018-08-19
Watch Michael Moore's old movies today and realize what a piece of bullshit lier he is.
121 2 . Reply
Daniel EngstrΓΆm . 2018-08-19
You're the criminal!
121 2 . Reply
Robert Hulzebos . 2018-08-19
What a bullshit movie!!!!!Trump was put there by the J.ws!!!!Because they want to go to war with Iran.Its all a dog and pony show.But thank God that Hillary did not get elected euuhh selected i meanπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
121 2 . Reply
sd xa . 2018-08-19
great comdy
121 2 . Reply
D P . 2018-08-19
In November, Americans will extend an even bigger middle finger to Washington DC and Hollywood.
121 2 . Reply
Luca Meneghini . 2018-08-19
fat retarded fuck the movie
121 2 . Reply
Like Clockwork64 . 2018-08-19
Yet we are still here and things are going on as normal? Overreacting a bit don't you think? We have a debt that will sink this country and it more than doubled under Obama. The liberal plan was what again to deal with it? I still haven't heard one.
121 2 . Reply
Al J . 2018-08-19
Hollywood and the disgusting fake left wing media are constantly pushing fear and hatred . Trump ain't oppressing any body, there is no army of white supremacists, nothing has changed in most normal people's lives than when Obama was in office. The media says it's the end of the world and the gullible idiots lap it up.
121 2 . Reply
Bud Brewsky . 2018-08-19
Hey fat cunt, Maybe you should re-read FAHRENHEIT 451, cause it's you leftist mother fuckers that wanna burn the books and suppress free speech. You fat fuck
121 2 . Reply
David Wilton . 2018-08-19
121 2 . Reply
pkeod . 2018-08-19
121 2 . Reply
Trent Vitri . 2018-08-19
Yet when Obama started more wars than Bush, MMFlint was nowhere to be found. Really makes you think.
121 2 . Reply
Nimble_Navigator62 . 2018-08-19
Trump Derangement Syndrome: The Movie
121 2 . Reply
papatruz 1776 . 2018-08-19
What the fuck is this trash? Michael Moore sucking his own dick? Yes he is sucking his own dick πŸ˜‚ fucking David Hogg
121 2 . Reply
J U S T W H Y . 2018-08-19
121 2 . Reply
Mark Adams . 2018-08-19
Michael Moore is a big fat leftist idiot. The god-damned planet is on fire. Trump is a decadent right wing idiot, fortunately he will quickly prove himself to be so quickly.
121 2 . Reply
Nathan Gilbert . 2018-08-19
When Trump Derangement Syndrome becomes a movie
121 2 . Reply
Nicholas . 2018-08-19
oh wow, another documentary by this angry, lunatic, geriatric, lesbian. can't wait to see what he's angry about this time. edit i forgot to say "fat". he's also fat.
121 2 . Reply
Floofy-Wolfe . 2018-08-19
In an alternate timeline.
121 2 . Reply
B055H0GG . 2018-08-19
America needs a divorce from the elite class that has ran this country into the ground. I REFUSE to let these people take back power in any way, including lawfully. Laws were made for people to have freedom. The elite class use them as virtues, to further enslave us.
Hail Victory!
121 2 . Reply
James Farthing . 2018-08-19
What a joke. You're too stupid to matter, bubba Moore.
121 2 . Reply
shew239 . 2018-08-19
How? Liberals protest with clichΓ© signs while wearing pink pussy hats. The rest of us vote.
121 2 . Reply
dargall1 . 2018-08-19
History proves Moore was right about the Bush/Cheney Iraq invasion/occupation with his Fahrenheit 9/11 and history will prove he is right about Fahrenheit 11/9. Back then they said it was all just Bush derangement syndrome. Now the cry is Trump derangement syndrome. The Republican base will scream loudly their hatred for Moore for exposing the truth now just as they did then.
121 2 . Reply
Ruben O. . 2018-08-19
How did this happen?
1) We are tired of people calling conservative values "Nazi Values".
2) We want less taxes and less regulations.
3) We don't like people telling us what to say and what not to say.
4) We don't want "free stuff" Because it isn't fair AKA stealing and it hurts the economy.
5) Hillary dropped the ball with racist comments, laughing at her husband's rape victims, and the thousands of emails she deleted with government secrets.
6) We are tired of fake news.
7) We are tired of the Left being cry babies who need safe spaces, want to silence speech they disagree with, and want to force us to live their way.
8) We think children should NOT take any chemicals because the child thinks he or she is "transgender" ... Because they are kids. Kid's brain are not developed enough to drive, have a bank account, take loans, have sex so why should they decide a permanent sexual alteration at that age?
9) We are tired of the racism and sexism the left uses. "White male" this "White Male" that is a generalization (mostly negative) of a whole race and sex..... Ironic.
10) We are tired of the false facts. Wage gap (Proven wrong), 1 in 4 or 1 in 3 women are raped (Proven wrong), Whites keep all races down since whites make more than blacks and no it's not culture (Proven wrong since Asians are the top earners in the USA and it's 100% thanks to their culture not race)....ect.
11) The left will use tragedy to push policy and label those he also want to prevent tragedy but disagree with their policy names like "racist" "sexist" "You want children to die!" "You are ok with murder"
In other words if you are pro-gun you don't care if children die when we are pro-gun for self defense against others and our government in case they want to control us... and is it not ironic the left calls Trump "Hitler" And "the last President" and act like he will become a dictator but are also against guns? Let's assume Trump will become a dictator and will use the Governement against the people.... How will we defeat him without guns? The government has guns and if the people have no guns there is very little chance to defeat a dictator.... hope you understand why we are pro-gun.

We know when the right goes too far. The "Alt right" meaning racist are wrong. The religious right who want to force others to live their way according to their religion AKA anti-gay marriage and anti-drugs are wrong.

So I'm against racism from the right/left and I'm ok with gay marriage and drugs being legal since its your life... you do what you want as long as you dont hurt others.

HOWEVER, when can the left go too far? Let us agree when the left goes too far even if you disagree with my politics. When the left forces speech to be "nice" or bans speech as "Hate speech" for being "offensive" is wrong. When the left forces bakers or pastors to participate in events they find immoral is wrong. When the left blames "White males" is wrong since we are individuals so let's judge the character of individuals not the collective. When the left blocks streets for working people and uses violence in the name of "stopping a Nazi". When the left insults instead of debating meaning if we agree on the outcome BUT we have different means to that end don't insult, debate instead.

I'm a conservative who loves freedom. Meaning I'm ok with gay marriage or any kind of gay rights, I'm not sure about abortion yet, and I don't care who uses drugs. I'm against racism since racism comes from judging the collective and I see individuals not a collective. I think you can do anything to your body but a child cant... since a child is unable of making decisions that important to their identity and well being.

Saying Trump is "Hitler" and "The last President" is watering down the actions of Hitler and the power of dictators. The left uses words like "racist" "sexist" "Nazi" "Hitler" "Dictator" too lightly not realizing their hyperbole damages their credibility. Just like the boy who cried wolf.
121 2 . Reply
Gristle McThornebody . 2018-08-19
Muh Russians, Muh (fake) Revolution - THE MOVIE
121 2 . Reply
eric strickland . 2018-08-19
more horseshit propaganda from zionist yid pig Moore.
121 2 . Reply
Bip Bap . 2018-08-19
Very low testosterone
121 2 . Reply
Frank Bowman . 2018-08-19
Are we absolutely certain that he's going to step down when his term is up?
121 2 . Reply
Janrex Panlilio . 2018-08-19
121 2 . Reply
tnskyhawk . 2018-08-19
Never Stop Resisting
121 2 . Reply
InterstellarCat . 2018-08-19
121 2 . Reply
Dragon Energy . 2018-08-19
Because some people wanted to make America great and we won
121 2 . Reply
Carlos Gonzalez . 2018-08-19
So is it just me? Or do I have to constantly put a thumbs down on this video everytime I visit this page? Damn youtube, can give criticism, but cant handle it. Classic liberal behaviour
121 2 . Reply
Dandy 30 . 2018-08-19
I can't wait to hear what this fat rich lesbian has to say to the average American.
121 2 . Reply
TheGamingShadow12345 . 2018-08-19
For all you saying Trump is racist how come he had more Hispanics working for him than whites? How come black unemployment is so low? How come he busted out 3 basketball players who were arrested and also black I can go on and on and on
121 2 . Reply
MY NIGGA CHARC IS BLACK Very_Rare . 2018-08-19
Can anyone please explain 1:28 cuz....
121 2 . Reply
100 subs no videos . 2018-08-19
This should be interesting
121 2 . Reply
Caston Adams . 2018-08-18
It's funny that this is called Fahrenheit 11/9 because Fahrenheit 9/11 was the movie that marked Michael Moore ceasing to be relevant anymore.
121 2 . Reply
Danny Soule . 2018-08-18
This is actual dog shit I’m gonna pirate this just to laugh at this

I ain’t spending money on this shit
121 2 . Reply
Coldest of All Cold Monsters . 2018-08-18
phony is the greatest epidemic of this era.
121 2 . Reply
Dutch Jungle Juice vendor . 2018-08-18
Style over substance, manipulative and insidious.
121 2 . Reply
debunkingdebunkers . 2018-08-18
The Russians are on on this thread heavy,
121 2 . Reply
Ian . 2018-08-18
Okay, this is epic
121 2 . Reply
Heyyoutroll . 2018-08-18
Trump 2020! #MAGA
121 2 . Reply
thedemonpit . 2018-08-18
This is probably the largest propaganda peice I have ever seen in my life.
121 2 . Reply
Amy no . 2018-08-18
Ah, another badass from my home state, Michigan! ❀️ ya bro!
121 2 . Reply