How I Installed a Salon Shampoo Bowl Sink

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I made this cause I couldn't find a tutorial online for this. So here's to helping someone else out.

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    Popular Comments:

Ashish Dangol . 2018-07-19
thx for this video.I really need that detail
121 2 . Reply
GetNailedTT . 2018-06-15
i can hear my cosmetology teacher yelling, hold the damn hose when you all opening the pipe
121 2 . Reply
Gifted Talent . 2018-04-11
Where did you get the t thing? btw I love the video
121 2 . Reply
horsesass . 2018-02-28
I’m new to the plumbing world, but you should have a locking nut and washer under the faucet part. But if it didn’t come with the setup, then caulking should do the trick.
121 2 . Reply
chairs chairs . 2018-02-06
Installin adjestable sink this link show you...only video no time pass

121 2 . Reply
Ringo Gingo . 2017-10-04
121 2 . Reply
Shandon Bell . 2017-09-04
On bottom of lever there is a brass nut, loosen it and a spacer/washer will slide out. Put hoses through top and slide spacer back in place and tighten brass nut.
121 2 . Reply
Beth Nielsen . 2017-03-11
do you by chance know how high from the floor to the top of the sink is?
121 2 . Reply
Brett Labine . 2017-02-16
You'll need to add a vent or else the water will create a vacume in the drainage pipe sucking the water out of your p-trap which will then lead to sewer gases (H2S) realesed in your house. For the potable water, those little black nipples you have to connect the flex hoses together will eventually rust and contaminate your potable water. This is why you don't hire some Joe blow for $20 an hour to install your plumbing. Sewer gases are deadly and drinking or washing yourself with rusty water isn't really an ideal thing either.
121 2 . Reply
Brian DeRosa . 2017-02-05
Wow this is why u call a plumber man. Never ever put a black steel nipple on your domestic man.... good god. And your drain has no vent. Call a pro dude
121 2 . Reply
Ashley Oberg . 2017-01-28
This is a stupid question. But I don't know really anything about this stuff. I would probably need a plumber to install the actually water source hey?
121 2 . Reply
Daryl Specter . 2016-12-17
I see you have the drain going down thru the P-trap, which is good.Then you head into the wall and down the drain pipe to where?One thing that you are missing is something called a vent pipe.The way you currently have it connected, the only way for water to drain down the pipe is through the bottom of the sink.You need to have what is called a vent pipe inside the wall and a Tee (or Y) so that there is a piece of pipe going upward inside the wall that will allow air into the drain pipe so that the water will completely drain.Google plumbing and vent pipe for some examples.
121 2 . Reply
TyRhonda Goodman . 2016-12-15
look like a half moon washer
121 2 . Reply
TyRhonda Goodman . 2016-12-15
it's a silver piece that hold the nozzle down
121 2 . Reply
YO SOY UNIVERSAL . 2016-11-16
hi man , for the faucet tailpiece it actually have a type of washer kinda looks like and it goes on the bottom of the bowl that's why it's loose ..
121 2 . Reply
Sherrie McCann . 2016-10-03
Ok it shows many ways to install a shampoo bowl but I need to remove mine. I turned off the water to unscrew the hoses and its started leaking. Do I need to put some kind of cap over where I removed the hoses?
121 2 . Reply
Waleed Malik . 2016-08-01
Hi. If you havent connected the water valve yet. So, if you pull it out you should see a "ring" under it. A giant metal ring kinda looks like a clover. Underneath it should be a washer. Loosen it up and pull the ring out. Now put the ring from under the sink and tighten it back with the washer. That should hold it in its place and dont really need to caulk it either then. I just installed one today. Let me know please and good luck. Thanks :)
121 2 . Reply
Wavy Max . 2016-07-14
are you able to till the bowl up and down?
121 2 . Reply
It’s Dutchess . 2016-03-05
121 2 . Reply
DaLena Carroll . 2016-03-02
Yea most people just secure that down with a seal like cauck or watev but great job.
121 2 . Reply
nicole nesmith . 2015-12-12
Thanks for this video!
121 2 . Reply
Jo Jordan . 2015-11-05
I don't know anything about plumbing but is it possible to hook up water lines near a water heater? Am I correct in assuming that there is a water source nearby?
121 2 . Reply
The Dro . 2015-10-10
thank you so much for posting this video. i had the t installed upside down so i thought that we were going to need a cabinet to help hold it up. you just saved me another $100. you fucking rock! we just opened up a salon near denver called seven sins salon and we got a sink just like yours so I'm installing it now for my girl.
121 2 . Reply
Val Falcon . 2015-08-30
did this stick
121 2 . Reply
Nick DiGi . 2015-07-02
Under the small round piece of plastic below the front of the handle there is a set screw behind. Pry out the plastic bit, and remove the set screw and the handle. Feed the faucet up from below, reinstall the handle, set screw, and plastic bit.
121 2 . Reply
Terry Losee . 2015-03-10
Your black ABS drain pipe is at too great a slope, Codes require no more than 1/4 inch per foot, the water in the drain can easily pull the water out of the P trap and allow sewer gases to enter the house.
121 2 . Reply
Nechie Hart . 2015-01-27
The T thing lol....kool video
121 2 . Reply
Gerald Collick . 2015-01-08
Hey Lucas what were those measurements after you installed the shampoo bowels? for the floor..i just need a general idea.. thanks
121 2 . Reply
Gerald Collick . 2014-12-25
How many inches from the floor are the Shampoo Bowl Settings on the wall?
121 2 . Reply
Gerald Collick . 2014-12-25
How many inches from the floor are the Shampoo Bowl Settings?
121 2 . Reply
Jon Fletcher . 2014-11-12
Im trying to do this for my wife as well... im gonna try and replicate your work thanks!
121 2 . Reply
tasmania105 . 2014-09-16
Did you ever fix the connector? 
121 2 . Reply
Amber Sherill . 2014-07-22
Is there a way to hook the shampoo bowl up to the washer connections in an apartment?
121 2 . Reply
droenttrilla . 2014-05-22
im a plumber to never installed one how much did you charge ?
121 2 . Reply
Anna Lakin . 2014-02-09
How is the support? I just installed one and it flexes with any weight applied to the sink.
121 2 . Reply
Ryan Grewal . 2013-12-03
Also wondering where you got the "T thing" from. Is it just square PVC ?
121 2 . Reply
Andrea Benjamin . 2013-11-17
Hello. I want to know where you go the T mount from and what is it called?
121 2 . Reply
The McGrawReels . 2013-09-28
Let me see if I understand your questions: You're wondering why the gray piece from the sink doesn't have threading? If that is your question then here is my Answer: It doesn't need it the Ring on the P-trap comes off and has rubber around the sides and it seals anything from leaking out. You have to take it off of the p-trap, put the ring around the grey part and put the grey part in the p-trap and screw it on. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need anything else. Subscribe if you'd like.
121 2 . Reply
visionizm . 2013-09-28
Hello, the 4" drain pipe that's connected to the sink on the bottom didn't come with threads to further connect it to the P shaped pipe that u bought. How did u connect that? I c air screws together but how when the piece that came with the sink didn't have threading. Thanks in advance for ur answer
121 2 . Reply