Blue devil head gasket sealant Works!

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Just letting everyone know the outcome of the Blue Devil sealant test

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Blue Devil head gasket gm motors

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peter prunty . 2019-04-29
Reminds me of what car dealers do, then sell the car to some innocent person. Never put this shi_ in any car you care about. Fix the car properly or make a decision to use this then run it into the ground.
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Dylan WRX . 2019-03-15
Just something to point out if you read the bottle it specifically tells you to only use half the bottle if your cooling system is 3 gallons it goes by coolant capacity
121 2 . Reply
bgood pokemon go . 2019-03-05
Didn't work replacing water pump that is less then a year old
121 2 . Reply
James Comer . 2018-07-31
121 2 . Reply
Ghost Runner . 2018-05-18
Where do I buy this product
121 2 . Reply
aa jj . 2018-04-22
You are talking way toooooo much
121 2 . Reply
Carnivore Bear . 2018-04-21
Didn't do a compression test, therefore didn't properly diagnose a head gasket leak. Fail. I'm guessing there was a leak in the intake manifold causing coolant to enter the engine through the intake, which is a problem easily fixed by these sealants.
121 2 . Reply
Earmuff Hugger . 2018-02-13
Completely follow directions.
Flushing, disconnect heater core, slowly adding sealant and running at high RPM per DIRECTIONS.
121 2 . Reply
michael lockings . 2018-02-10
Tried Blue Devil,didnt work,Bar Blown Head Gasket fix worked
121 2 . Reply
Bill Wilson . 2017-11-01
Why do they call it Blue(gives you the blues) Devil(not a trustworthy character, evil) if it works???  And why does it cost so much ($55 at WalMart) is the Devil greedy? I don't trust the devil blue or red in my engine.
121 2 . Reply
Ricky . 2017-10-13
I have use blue devil 5 times and it worked 4 times and the only tume dint work was becase it was to big of a leak , a comon mostake than people make is than mixit whit the coolan you need to flush the hole systen whit water and remuve the thermosta if yoy mixed whit regular coolant dont work
121 2 . Reply
XVG 105 . 2017-06-30
It worked for me..
Read instructions carefully..
Amazed with results..
Thank You
121 2 . Reply
fm1224 . 2017-06-18
If people really knew what chemical is in the bottle they would understand why it works most the time! Do exactly what the directions says, what the heck you got to loose your car is shot the way it is. Spending 1,500 or 50 bucks, no brainer. Too many good reviews for it to be crap!
121 2 . Reply
Trevor Hadlington . 2017-03-27
Are yoiu seolling it or going to use it !!
121 2 . Reply
Dean M . 2017-03-18
"How to hide a blown head gasket in enough time to sell the car"
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IRON MAN . 2017-03-10
Steel Seal for Cadillac Nothstar engines is $250 the other Steel Seal is $89.99 Just Google it and go to the site. I been seeing and hearing about that BLUE DEVIL here on YouTube and to each as own.... it's just something how something in a bottle that cost $10-60 sitting on a shelf can fix a major and costly repair in less than an hr.(wow) Using any of the miracle wonders in a bottle is like playing Russian Rulet...Powwww You go to jump in your car one day and that shit don't start cause the motor done locked up on that ass and the crazy part is it didn't give no signs that it was about to happen and your ass far as hell from home looking stupid needing a tow truck to get the fuc home or somebody to come get you. Lmmfao
121 2 . Reply
David Burgess . 2017-03-05
Talks a lot....................says very little!!!
121 2 . Reply
Carla Farrell . 2017-02-03
Will the Blue Devil still work if my heater core is out on my car?
121 2 . Reply
Freddy Rivera . 2017-01-30
my 97 gmc sonoma 4.3L V6 vortec is getting milky oil....car turned off now won't run over I just replaced the battery and changed the oil and it's mixing with water.....I'm not sure what to do will k and w nanotechnology work? or blue devil I need help I have to go to work can't afford another vehicle at the moment
121 2 . Reply
The App Channel . 2016-12-01
I bought this last week for my 2004 Hyundai Sonota. It worked like a charm. It smoked for about 10 minutes then it totally stopped. Engine Compression went from 30 to 120psi. I was totally impressed.
121 2 . Reply
LeoLove77 . 2016-11-26
+Donnie Ryder that sucks. my friend tried steel seal on his 96 marquis and it worked great. does your car have the Northstar engine😨
121 2 . Reply
Donnie Ryder . 2016-11-26
It worked on my 97 seville for about 3 weeks until i stomped it i guess it blew the crap out of the hole.dont punch your engine you might be okay :{ im gonna try k&w block seal.mine isnt even bad the car runs great no missing just uses a little bit of water every few days.i have a 20 pound radiator cap on it cause it was leaking out my overflow hose which means it was building up more pressure than my 16 pound radiator cap could handle
121 2 . Reply
jackie cleveland . 2016-11-15
BEWARE! I took my car in to be diagnosis for a SMALL water leak found under the car after it had been sitting for two days....my Mechanic pressure tested and concluded that it was leaking from the back middle of the head gasket, he put in Blue devil stop leak and my car overheated on the 4 mile drive home!? It had NEVER overheated until that drive home from the mechanics shop. What could cause that? I asked him if he thought it was the stop leak clogging the thermostat and he said NO. Sorry and hung up the phone! I ended up having my radiator blow open on me and after having it replaced by another mechanic (who said it did not have a leaking head gasket,) the car still over heated and we had to put a rebuilt engine in it. Because the stop leak had clogged the engine ports. I would not recommend anyone put this in their car!!
121 2 . Reply
henry wong . 2016-10-08
does the blue devil still work after 3 years?
121 2 . Reply
Slave Owner . 2016-09-17
gallon of gas is only $2-3. set it on fire and call the insurance company
121 2 . Reply
realtaur . 2016-07-24
This stuff clogged the whole car up instead of the head gasket. Radiator, Catalytic Convertor, Heater Core Etc. Thay should be sued!
121 2 . Reply
Mykel Pines . 2016-06-29
I love this blue devil so much
121 2 . Reply
Gladys Rheams . 2016-06-10
if. my heat dont. work. what i. do. then. beacuse. my. heat core leaking all over my. floor theyhad to. take off
121 2 . Reply
Christopher Madison . 2016-06-10
I have a 97 Deville and I think I have head gasket problem but no smoke. Also the gaskets on the water pump outlet housing need changing.
121 2 . Reply
GOLD BACK . 2016-06-08
so you mean i can start buying up all those cadys with those north star engines at the junk yards
121 2 . Reply
VBeeto . 2016-05-30
I feel bad for the people who watched this video, went out and bought a
miracle head gasket fix, and their car is now in the junkyard lol
121 2 . Reply
Tanya Castro . 2016-05-27
I just bought on Amazon and I want to try this. I got 2004 Honda Accord I JUST changed brand new water pump. So you say I should remove the thermostat b4 pouring in?
121 2 . Reply
Buckeye Nation . 2016-05-23
so I have worn head gasket on 01 catera i can see smoke from under hood so this is what I hould buy ?
121 2 . Reply
Randall Weaver . 2016-05-22
Bingo blue devil...block froze on jd backhoe,nothing worked until i spent 70$...nice to get what you pay 4...it works
121 2 . Reply
LeoLove77 . 2016-04-15
+Cito Skills No I don't recommend that
121 2 . Reply
CITO SKILLZ . 2016-04-15
hey I got a question can I put blue devil in a 1997 Acura cl even tho it don't have a head gasket leak to prevent
121 2 . Reply
Magda Vazquez . 2016-03-26
oh my God I fast forwardto almost the nd and still not doing anything just yada yada
121 2 . Reply
Jose Nambo . 2016-02-19
When they say "top it off with water" do they mean the radiator should only have water (not coolant) and Blue Devil or coolant and Blue Devil. I have a new radiator and fresh coolant so I'm curious
121 2 . Reply
Link Spider . 2016-02-18

Used Blue Devil seal good for differentials

I had a damp spot on my middle rear differential seal decided to use this crap as preventative care; 8 days later it ate itself through the right hand left hand and middle seals fluid everywhere; took to a rear end specialist had to replace all seals the mechanics had never seen anything like it my entire rear seals had been softened up to the point they did not exist. $1000 in damage paid
121 2 . Reply
Jyse & Chas Hooper . 2016-01-20
I had rather spend 40 bucks than 300 for just the gasket set then you have to pay for labor and all kinds if shit. The reason it don't work ppl wait til its on its last mile then want to fix it
121 2 . Reply
Marcio Coello . 2016-01-07
I have a 98 ford f150 it never ran hot I took it to a shop to change my fuel pump I went to pick it up and he tells me there is water in my oil I pulled the dipstick out and it was white all the way to the top it was running when I tow it to him I took the cap off the plastic bottle to see and it was filled to the top with a milky thick oily what should I do
121 2 . Reply
RMCUSTOM . 2015-12-13
This is a JOKE ! Anyone who believes any kind of "liquid" fix will "FIX" their mechanical problems is high as a kite ! And is soooo full O'shit !
121 2 . Reply
abdlrhman algbeery . 2015-10-07
الصراحة شغل مضبوط وتكلفه بسيطه
121 2 . Reply
Carissa Morse . 2015-08-30
do you believe it to be PERMANENT?????
121 2 . Reply
whileu slept . 2015-07-31
saved me 1200 bucks, worked like a charm in my sunfire
121 2 . Reply
nathaniel quarles . 2015-07-13
Did your car run hot while idling
121 2 . Reply
RyanHustle B . 2015-06-10
YES! the Blue Devil stuff does work, as long as you follow the directions.Subaru Outback worked been running great two years later!
121 2 . Reply
Joe Logger . 2015-04-06
The modern cars are not like the used to be. Taking the thermostat out was a routing thing, easy to get to. On my Dodge Intrepid they have the thermostat hid away behind the alternator. You have to take the alternator out to get to the thermostat and taking the alternator out is a major job. I used K&W Nanotechnology. Taking the alternator out is recommended, if you can. It worked pretty good with the thermostat in but I ain't putting anti-freeze until I absolutely have to next winter because from previous experience and what I have heard these sealers start going bad again once you put antifreeze in.
121 2 . Reply
Jacqueline Fanning . 2015-04-06
Does this work on a Malibu that gasket is blown in the back near the starter?
121 2 . Reply
tri pham . 2015-04-01
if i have a 4 cyn, and i bought the 32oz instead of the 16oz. should I pour half a bottle or should i pour a whole bottle. (some said that for 4 cyn and 6 cyn use 16oz) what do you think in your opinion?
121 2 . Reply