Do you want to extend your life? Learn how to stimulate your vagus nerve!

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I teach you how to stimulate your vagus nerve which will allow you to decrease stress, remain calm and improve your health! Learn more:

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Anett Barbara Botos . 2019-06-13
thank you!!!!!
121 2 . Reply
Cindy Mulvey . 2019-03-15
I hope it helps me to speak better and helping me to turn off my"stinking thinking.
121 2 . Reply
MsOzimeli . 2019-03-03
God bless you ✨🙏🏻
Subscribed 🌹
121 2 . Reply
ronswife . 2018-12-30
Our bodies know to do this like when we’re upset we take deep breaths to calm down or when we get mad at a person irritating us most of us hum instinctively 🤔🙏🏽🖤
121 2 . Reply
Great News . 2018-10-02
Hi Beth, my ND is having me use an audio breath pacer, which is similar to a chronometer as a method to activate my sympathetic system. Is this basically the same way to stimulate my Vagal Nerve? Thanks, really nice video!
121 2 . Reply
Great News . 2018-10-02
Hi Beth, my ND is having me use an audio breath pacer, which is similar to a chronometer as a method to activate my sympathetic system. Is this basically the same way to stimulate my Vagal Nerve? Thanks, really nice video!
121 2 . Reply
Robert Kerr . 2018-07-29
Dont do this if you have Tinitis
121 2 . Reply
Marcos Azevedo . 2018-07-18
Hello. How can we breathing 24/7 by the diaphgram??? There is a technique???
121 2 . Reply
Orlando . 2018-06-28
Such a wonderful and informative video. Thanks 👍
121 2 . Reply
JayeBird . 2018-04-27
Thanks, I’m working on it. Great information.
121 2 . Reply
milena deltorto . 2018-04-22
I heard that it's when one deep breathes, the diaphram touches the Vegas nerve.. and thereby assists our
121 2 . Reply
realview101 . 2018-04-21
It seems like a very nice technique is to breath in deeply then to hum the exhale.
121 2 . Reply
realview101 . 2018-04-21
Very nice, clear and simple instructions. - Thanks
121 2 . Reply
papalouie . 2018-04-18
Beth, do you have information on how HRV effects the nervous system?
121 2 . Reply
bobmcandrew . 2018-04-11
Great video, very simply, yet clearly stated! Thank you, Beth!
121 2 . Reply
Luyz Qint . 2018-04-06
Thank you for sharing this. However, can you please tell me how many times and for how long one has to be humming?.✌️
121 2 . Reply
David Coomber . 2018-03-20
So if you want to live longer hum and keep breathing mmmmm
121 2 . Reply
Jay Atkinson . 2018-03-06
Brilliant, Beth. Thank you so much for such a simple and effective video. xxx
121 2 . Reply
Nigel Boon . 2018-03-03
This is incredibly interesting, I'm starting a beginners course on Tai Chi which has tapping in a section of the course. This could be one of the main 'keys' to..well life itself. I can identify with what Beth is saying here. As we get older we need to find ways to ....well keep young. So a big thank you for this inspirational video Beth..
121 2 . Reply
Heather Schwartz . 2018-02-07
So helpful. Thank you!
121 2 . Reply
Nelly's Magical World . 2018-01-16
Thank you so much for this helpful video! Bless your heart, Beth!
121 2 . Reply
Sharon Gonzales . 2017-12-06
Very helpful.  Thank you.  Great job presenting this material too!!
121 2 . Reply
guloguloguy . 2017-11-28
....Have you heard of, or seen the many interviews with the Dutchman, named Wim Hof?! He's quite well known for his feats of self control, and utilization of the many powers of the "autonomic nervous system". He does a lot of "Power Breathing" exercises, and has trained many amateurs how to do what he has learned. He can tolerate LONG sessions, being exposed to sub zero temperatures, and cold water submersion, etc. I would guess that you have, because you are saying basically the same things. [ BTW: You're are a very beautiful, and very nice person, to share this important info with everyone! THANKS!!!
121 2 . Reply
Monika . 2017-11-15
Would that help to reduce my skipped beats , heart flutters palpitations or whatever they're called or will that make them worse? Sometimes when I take a deep breath my heart will skip a beat so I'm reluctant to do it...
121 2 . Reply
daniel barucha . 2017-11-02
enough to say: meditiation and pranayam! the strongest and safest way.
121 2 . Reply
Monika B. . 2017-10-08
Thank you for sharing this information! Is there a minimum amount of time recommended to practice this to experience effects? For example, breathing and humming for at least 5 minutes a day (each)? I imagine the longer and more frequently the better of course, but the minimum would help to put it in perspective. Thank you again!
121 2 . Reply
Huan Tsai . 2017-07-11
Thank you so much for the video. I am trying my best to stimulate my vagus nerve to heal a complicated illness. But I do have question, why vagus or parasympathetic nerve system is more activated during exhalation? Hope to hear from you thanks.
121 2 . Reply
Zen Davis . 2017-06-26
Will drinking caffeine be counter productive?
121 2 . Reply
Guitar T . 2017-06-18
why do people nowadays start off by saying hi "guys" instead of hi everybody, or hi everyone
121 2 . Reply
FlourishingLight . 2017-06-11
Thank you. Very helpful!
121 2 . Reply
mienon . 2017-06-08
thanks for the wonderful info much lover
121 2 . Reply
Scarlet Peoni . 2017-04-14
Who knew it was that simple!... I've been looking at accupuncture.
 I've been reading about the link between vagus nerve and ibs/anxiety etc ... had bowel surgery nearly 12 years ago and im pretty sure something happened between the bowel and the brain that resulted in me waking up in intense fear and struggling since then to remain relaxed. I then had a horse riding fall which unknowingly at the time most likely resulted in spinal nerve compression. I'm hoping working on the vagus nerve will improve things.
How long should it take to expect results? and is once daily enough or is it best to do it more often if your symptoms are quite severe?
If it affects BP and yours is often very very low upon waking is it a bad idea to do it? I have not tested mine for a while but I think it was around 19 upon waking and walking around a year or so ago, I was dizzy often.
121 2 . Reply
Bruce Thomson . 2017-04-02
- Thanks, Beth. I'm exploring the vagus nerve, and you confirmed some thoughts I'd had. I will try the total-exhale you suggest.
- By the way, you might like to know that after decades of occasional migraines, I finally found how to pre-empt them by (I think) reducing gastrointestinal pressure on the vagus nerve that seems to have been the cause. That is, by achieving deep burping. That's done either by bearing down on the abdomen (as if expecting a punch, or at toilet), or by any very vigorous exercise, especially running (which may also jog-out the burping).
- I already had done a vid joyously telling people that I'd discovered I could quell the pain of migraines by chilling the trigeminal nerve (located at the left and right temple of the head, where the middle of the arms of glasses is). Viewers confirmed it worked, so did people who phoned me. See my channel if interested. But that was just quelling the pain symptom of an unhappy vagus nerve. The big, better discovery was that deep burping evaded the arrival of the migraine completely.
- The vagus nerve is a new 'promised land' I'm not exploring. Not just for relief of pain or stress, but probably it's the foundation of the meditation benefits I've enjoyed since commencing in about 1982.
- I would be particularly interested if you could comment on all this with respect to Alzheimer's, if you have anything significant beyond your comment about stem cell generation. Recently some Australian scientists proved they could use ultrasound to cause micro bubbles (cavitation) in the brain to force open microscopic holes in the blood-brain barrier to enable the blood's immune system particles to leak into the brain, where they apparently gobbled up the plaques suspected of causing dementia, and it caused very obvious successful improvement in the memory function of mice.
121 2 . Reply
A LANE-BRAIN . 2017-03-16
121 2 . Reply
Irene Martin . 2017-02-11
Thank you Beth, for taking the time to make this very helpful video. Have only learned about the vagus nerve a few weeks, and I'm already finding the breathing exercises a Godsend for calming my stress symptoms. Look forward to your next video😉
121 2 . Reply
beba nox . 2017-02-05
thank you very much for your info in 14 days Iam going to have a VNS implanted to controled my epilepsy and a tip like this it is going to help.
121 2 . Reply
Peter . 2016-12-08
Thanks Beth! Would love to see more on the vagus nerve in the future. Are there any books or websites you would recommend regarding the vagus nerve and developing calmness?
121 2 . Reply
Peter . 2016-12-07
Hi Beth, excellent video! Would love to hear more on the vagus nerve and how to apply it's power in daily life. Question....can you explain why the longer exhale stimulates the vagus nerve. So many breathing methods say same length on the inhale and exhale. Thanks!
121 2 . Reply
honda4004 . 2016-11-17
Hi thank you for spending the time to offer this knowledge I use the rayocomp ps 1000 bio resonance and your body humming part makes me believe we have a natural body resonce frequency device already we just need to know how to use it Funny I find if you use the spooky2 frequencies on YouTube and close your eyes at the start when you open them later in the video the amplification goes up showing I believe how the brain takes in light and energises Very strange but true Pass that on if you can also your urine appears to soak in to damaged tissues and cuts and heals extra quick like burns urine bandage no blisters Mel in uk
121 2 . Reply