RHOBH: Erika Girardi Tells PK to GTFOH (Season 7, Episode 20) | Bravo

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And just when Andy Cohen was trying to smooth things over...
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New ladies join the glamorous group of women as "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" returns for a seventh season. Returning housewives Erika Girardi, Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Lisa Rinna, and Eileen Davidson welcome new housewife Dorit Kemsley and friend Eden Sassoon. The wife of a wealthy English businessman and talent manager, Dorit Kemsley manages her husband's company while looking after her two young kids. Eden Sassoon, the daughter of legendary stylist Vidal Sassoon, is eager to develop her own business enterprises while carrying on her late father's legacy. The new ladies become entangled in dramatic conflicts with the recurring housewives in a season full of outrageous accusations, lavish trips and endless excitement.

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RHOBH: Erika Girardi Tells PK to GTFOH (Season 7, Episode 20) | Bravo

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    Popular Comments:

BeZerka Viking . 2019-03-20
Dorit may be the best looking woman in the world
121 2 . Reply
Brooklyn Ryan . 2019-03-10
They started this pantygate mess now they wanna play victim. Doritos and her husband are annoying
121 2 . Reply
Kendra Elliot-Sobral . 2019-03-05
“What am I supposed to say? Close your legs darling, I don’t like the view? I didn’t mind the few!” -PK. If my husband said that about another woman, I’d be like, “that is exactly what you say. That would’ve been the polite thing to do. And the only view you should be fond of is me and your children. Enjoy the couch.” 🤗🤮 how does she sleep next to that man? Disgusting. Cringe worthy.
121 2 . Reply
Kathy Lucas . 2019-03-05
PK is a total jerk! Please take him off the show!
121 2 . Reply
Alexis Garcia . 2019-02-25
erika is extra and dragged it on
121 2 . Reply
Leighan Swanya . 2019-02-17
Lisa's lips here look real bad
121 2 . Reply
Crystal Ion . 2019-02-05
Look how far LVP is leaning away from PK - he's clearly creepy
121 2 . Reply
Purple Reign . 2019-01-24
bring back Brandi and lose Dorit
121 2 . Reply
Christopher Brunson . 2019-01-17
My ALL TIME FAV!!! The Pretty Mess 🤩🤩🤩🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽👑 🧠 +💅🏽= Erika G❣️❣️❣️❣️
121 2 . Reply
Anthony Portolesi . 2019-01-09
PK reminds me of Porky Pig 🐷
121 2 . Reply
Hj U . 2019-01-03
Erica is the best
121 2 . Reply
Sunny Migel . 2019-01-02
Reuter. Ride
121 2 . Reply
ciel b. . 2018-12-29
all the women agree what pk said was disgusting (except his wife🙄)....he’s a pig and he’s lucky Erika is so much more mature than he is. What he did was disgusting and Erika is allowed to be upset about it! Especially given how thoughtlessly dorit responded ie pantygate🙄‼️
121 2 . Reply
J Parker . 2018-12-25
PeeKAY. What you tolking bout peeKAY! YEAH get the fuck out !!
121 2 . Reply
Jonelle85 . 2018-12-17
I never really noticed how pretty Eileen is.
121 2 . Reply
Jonathon M . 2018-12-06
The only thing cold is Dorit's hairdresser
121 2 . Reply
Annie Langridge . 2018-12-06
Dorit & PK are absolutely a perfect match as they are an extremely phenomenally vile duo who thinks it's their God given right to treat others the way they do & get away with it I'm pleased that they've met their match as the amazing Erica's is the one person to put them well & truly in their place & won't take any BS from that pair of nobodies. You Go Erica Your An Awesome Lady. From Annie Langridge in the U.K. 🇬🇧💂👸💂🇬🇧
121 2 . Reply
Todd Beaton . 2018-12-01
erika jayne is so amazing
121 2 . Reply
Lorenzo Potrich . 2018-11-27
PK and Doritos are G.R.O.S.S
121 2 . Reply
yellow meallow . 2018-11-23
They should have gotten on rena for saying they did drugs in there house
121 2 . Reply
yellow meallow . 2018-11-23
Pk really wanted a peek of that vag
121 2 . Reply
jailbird61 . 2018-11-12
Dorit & PK are sooooooo pretentious! 🤮
121 2 . Reply
bloodrunforus . 2018-11-10
Dorit needs to go
121 2 . Reply
David F. . 2018-10-16
Pk you are a embarrassment
121 2 . Reply
Janie Jukebox . 2018-10-12
Erika is a queen. PK is a disgustinh sleazeball and Dorit is a moron.
121 2 . Reply
Prashalan Jamenson . 2018-10-09
I love Eileen
121 2 . Reply
Jacob Davies . 2018-09-30
Love Lisa... why is she on pk’s side...
121 2 . Reply
Lorenzo Potrich . 2018-09-08
PK and Doritos are GROSS!
121 2 . Reply
TARA RASHID . 2018-08-20
Erika @ 0:57
121 2 . Reply
TARA RASHID . 2018-08-20
Kyle @ 0:52
121 2 . Reply
Devan Howard . 2018-08-07
Erika is so annoying !! she is inherently cold.
121 2 . Reply
Lori miss . 2018-07-15
If pk was a gentleman he wouldn't have said a word.
121 2 . Reply
Sonya Desai . 2018-06-24
PK is a loser
121 2 . Reply
Maria E. Smith . 2018-06-18
At the table in Mexico a conversation was being had regarding Rinna's behavior and Dorit all of a sudden brings up the Xanax and smoothies get together they had mid convo. If she felt Rinna's behaviour was conventional what was the purpose of bringing it up? especially with details including the bag of pills in her purse deal?.....Like come on if Rinna's behavior is topic of discussion wouldn't common sense hit you and say is Dorit implying or alluding that the Xanax incident may have something to do with Rinna's behavior?? Dorit is acting like Erika is slow and doesn't have good understanding. She's not a child you don't have to literally say something exact to get the whole general concept of someone's intention/mindset. Dorit is strategic. She does the whole act like she's making light of situations by "joking" when she's actually upset or bothered. She's not keeping it truthful like she "tries" to portray. She spinned that whole panty situation on Erika when the problem was Pk! He was repulsively staring at Erika inappropriately and it simply pissed her off about it. But instead of taking the issue up with her husband she flipped it so her husband wouldn't look bad. Can no one see Dorit's game?? Smh
121 2 . Reply
SWSimpson . 2018-06-02
PK was so out of line that season.... He sounds like a whiny little girl talking about his widdle emotions like this. And, sorry, but Dorit is mentally unbalanced and delusional, and her accent is bullshit fake. The Brits do not pronounce the letter "d" as though it were a "t", Dorit. Just stop it already and see a psychiatrist.... you need meds lady.
121 2 . Reply
Johanna Wigg . 2018-05-30
Yaas Erika!! I want that Erika back, where's she been this last season?!
121 2 . Reply
Nona Nona . 2018-05-12
This is late, but, PK, if you didn't have money, Dorit wouldn't say hello to you!! You're old, fat, and ugly!
121 2 . Reply
GothicaBeauty. . 2018-04-27
PK looks a right scruff.
121 2 . Reply
tracy Lee . 2018-04-26
GTFOH 😂😂😂😂😉
121 2 . Reply
Becky Sharper . 2018-04-07
Erika is real life version of Beverley Goldberg in a bad mood.
121 2 . Reply
Matthewicy Sauce . 2018-04-04
Pk is the problem
121 2 . Reply
Anna Laurent . 2018-04-01
I love the BH storylines. They find one insignificant thing to drag out all season, because lets be honest, these women are so rich they don't have any REAL problems. LMAO
121 2 . Reply
Reibecca Stringer . 2018-03-25
Her husband should not get into woman arguments
121 2 . Reply
Caroline Harden . 2018-03-21
PK needs to leave, seriously dislike that man
121 2 . Reply
CHIC CONCEPTS . 2018-03-18
Erika love how you put ppl in their place. Especially, bc other's are too chump to do it!
121 2 . Reply
Olav Langli . 2018-03-13
Weird how women can imply or say the most outrageous things but when a man does he needs to be crucified.. if I ever become a hostage taker I will send the men out and keep the women and children.. just to make a point
121 2 . Reply
TheImagine91 . 2018-03-09
It's kind of crazy how ppl love Erika until she stands up for herself then it's shut up and look pretty basically. People are dumb. Lol
121 2 . Reply
Greatnews4me2 . 2018-03-02
Bye 👋🏻 bye 👋🏻 Dorit and pk 👎 you two sucks
121 2 . Reply
donna discordia . 2018-03-01
Erika is my all time favorite tells it like it is
121 2 . Reply
Jenni Williams . 2018-02-25
PK wants to be one of the lady's on RHOB so bad, he's willing to get into a cat fight with another woman wit his bitch for a wife sitting next to him clearly can defend herself! PK was looking at Erikas vagina and it all got caught on camera! Dorit should be upset with her husband for studying another woman Vagina then commenting on how beautiful it was to his wife! Dorit didn't seem to be up set with her husband at all instead went and bought Erika underwear trying to be passive aggressive until Erika called Dorit on her shit!
121 2 . Reply
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