Brad Bird Says Studios Afraid Of Original Films Since Audiences Don’t Support Them

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John answers viewers questions about director Brad Birds comments surrounding original films.

Samir Amari writes, Brad Bird did an interview where he said he thought Edge of Tomorrow would have done better at the box office if it had been a sequel or a franchise film and that audiences don’t go out to support original films. He was saying that’s why a lot of studios are afraid to do a lot of original (or non-franchise) movies. Do you agree or disagree with him?

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Henry Stanley . 2019-04-09
Where are you now, Austin Small?
121 2 . Reply
Dan DeVivo . 2018-09-13
There was this little original movie called Avatar
121 2 . Reply
DoubleO88 . 2018-09-06
If going to the cinema didn't cost an entire weeks lunch budget I'm sure more audiences would go see more original films but they save their money for the blockbusters.
121 2 . Reply
Jack Burton . 2018-09-05
This is so true, after watching Antman and almost falling asleep am not turning up anymore like a zombie because it's Marvel.
121 2 . Reply
Iron Wookiee . 2018-09-05
I respect Brad Bird but there's a lot of problems with that comment, not the least of which is that there are literally hundreds of original films being made every year compared to a much smaller number of franchise/sequels/remakes/reboots. Doesn't seem like studios are "afraid" of original films, unless the definition is that they won't greenlight every project simply because of it being original.

And it's because there are hundreds that they aren't all being supported. How many normal people go to see more than maybe 10-15 movies a year? At the absolute limit?

Additionally, most of these original films tend to have MUCH smaller budgets, so trying to say that they've failed because they aren't making tentpole money on 1/50th (or less) of the budget isn't accurate, either.

Finally, people in Hollywood want the general public to spend more money at the theater and get more of these obscure projects made... maybe get the hell off their soapboxes and stop making everything about some perceived social "injustice" or more backhanded, poorly conceived political commentary. Those of us out here that actually work for living want our entertainment to be, strangely enough, entertaining, not another outlet for some vapid, out-of-touch denizen of Hollyweird to preach their ignorance at us.
121 2 . Reply
John Evans . 2018-09-05
Brad Bird is missing one important point: you have to establish the franchise. Unless you are talking about the film version of an existing IP, there is no difference between a stand-alone original movie and the first film in a franchise, until the sequels show up. The Incredibles is only a franchise because the first movie was great.
121 2 . Reply
Stephen Schioppo . 2018-09-04
You can make orignal films in some genres and have them be successful. Baby driver, crazy rich asians, la la land, get out. You can't make an orignal event film and have it be successful. The budgets are too high and the audience for those types of film want marvel, DC, Star wars etc. Edge of Tomorrow is almost five years old now.A lifetime in Hollywood. Maybe if someone tried again it would be successful I don't know. I guess that's what skyscraper was. Bad film though.
121 2 . Reply
728 Autos . 2018-09-04
You can't be shocked and surprised when people don't respond to original content when it's poorly marketed and no one even knows what your movie is about or that it even exists.
121 2 . Reply
Yagyah Rabin . 2018-09-04
Its simple to understand, If I am going to the Cinema I am going to watch the movie I know due to the price of Tickets...

If in South Africa, so when I go to the movies its cost me R200 (Me and my Wife) for tickets and extra how much for Drinks and Popcorn..

I know I can get those movies on Netflix or other streaming app later
121 2 . Reply
conner kilmer . 2018-09-03
Lol....no one choose Solo over anything... wasn't that like 80 million under budget? Remakes don't seem to do that well.... Ghostbusters and Ghost in the Shell, pooped out in theaters. I saw RoboCop but it was an empty theater. Most of these remakes seem to make garbage money...so, why do studios keep making them? I mean they are really dedicated to fishing cash down the drain and I can't recall 1 that was a Hit movie.
121 2 . Reply
conner kilmer . 2018-09-03
I went to see Valarian. Loved it....they prolly could have made a bit more if they loosely toed it in with 5th element. It had enough visual similarity...just throw in a few of the races and maybe those crazy guns Zorg was selling. That would've been enough for another 5 to 10 million.
121 2 . Reply
Sammykid 2 . 2018-09-03
What are original films?
121 2 . Reply
Bruce Wayne . 2018-09-03
I wish I had unlimited money and time to see every movie I was interested in.
121 2 . Reply
林子倫 . 2018-09-03
While true. Keep in mind Star Wars, Alien, Terminator, Matrix, E.T. were all original.
121 2 . Reply
Andre West . 2018-09-03
Bird's right. Studios do make these films (Annihilation, The Nice Guys) and then people don't see them unless Chris Nolan makes them. Baby Driver is an outlier. People whine about Michael Bay, but he has his finger on the pulse of what they really want, no matter what they say.
121 2 . Reply
No ambitions sci-fi has ever made loads of money - Arrival, Her, Edge of Tomorrow, Ex-machina, Annihilation, these are drops in the ocean compared to avengers and its ilk. Yeah, yeah, Avengers was a good movie, but it's not even in the same league as Her.
121 2 . Reply
marcovi2806 . 2018-09-02
Edge of Tomorrow was freakin awesome
121 2 . Reply
Hackman . 2018-09-02
Non-franchise movies did do well this year... The Meg, Crazy Rich Asians, A Quiet Place, Ready Player One. Mostly First Man and Star Is Born will do well too. Not bad!
121 2 . Reply
Andre Cluff . 2018-09-02
People have varying idea’s on what’s good content and what’s not good content. I do like both original and franchise content. But not all original films are of course that good and its the same thing for franchise’s as well. The plot has to interest the audience as well as they have to market well. If they don’t do any of that it honestly wouldn’t be put on my radar. Upgrade was a good example of that and good movie but It was not advertised a lot.
121 2 . Reply
redbellpeppers . 2018-09-02
Edge of Tomorrow was not that entertaining. Transformers might not be high quality but they are entertaining.
121 2 . Reply
Tarm345 . 2018-09-02
Wish Nice Guys made more. That movie deserves a sequel
121 2 . Reply
psinno . 2018-09-01
Strange that a quiet place isn't on that list.
121 2 . Reply
Tommy Mårtensson . 2018-09-01
Question: Would audiences support more original movies if the original movies got marketed as big and wide as the franchise movies?

I mean most smaller movies doesnt get a marketing budget anything near the big franchise movies.

Do you believe that marketing plays a role in it?
121 2 . Reply
redshift912 . 2018-09-01
marketing for edge of tomorrow was horrible.
121 2 . Reply
Michael Tunnicliffe . 2018-08-31
I can't speak for other countries but in the UK, cinema prices have shot up and up and up. I saw Ant-Man and the Wasp this month. Great film but it set me back £15 for just the cinema ticket. I am sceptical going into any Marvel or DC film, where I know what to expect, let alone an original film which has the a much higher chance of disappointing. I would love to see more original films but when prices keep going up, it becomes less and less justifiable.
121 2 . Reply
Gottagotomoes . 2018-08-31
Facts and Upgrade was Amazing
121 2 . Reply
Alex Williamson's blind adventures . 2018-08-31
The sad truth is he’s right.
121 2 . Reply
bombus467 . 2018-08-31
I love all types of movies. I watch pretty much everything, from every genre, at home. But when it comes to going out to the movies, I’m steered towards action/adventure or horror movies, and for me, that is because these are the ‘exciting’, ‘event films’ that make watching them in a theatre, with a fun crowd of people, all the more enjoyable. My main reason for going to the theatre is for the atmosphere- hearing audiences react to a scary or exciting or funny moment in a movie. A movie like Tully, or Black Klansman or other “critically-acclaimed Oscar films”, I can watch at home, on Netflix, Amazon or whatever, because these are not movies I’m necessarily interested in sharing with an audience. Spielberg and Lucas may have been right- we may be reaching a time where with all of the competition for the ‘individual’s attention’ in the world today, and with so much right at our fingertips at home, the only thing people may be willing to leave the house and shell out their hard earned cash for are “events”, and that’s where the blockbuster, the sequel, or the franchise/cinematic universe comes in. Could be completely wrong, but that’s my thought on it. Would love to hear other ideas.
121 2 . Reply
swetank sahai . 2018-08-31
Thats true. But there have been films that are original that have appealed to a larger audience. Who better than Chris Nolan who started his career with such a small film like Following.

Inception and Interstellar were 2 wholly original movies that were big hits. I understand its difficult to match that. But audience does appreciate challenges as Chris Nolan has often suggested. Edge of Tomorrow is brilliant let down only by its poor marketting.
121 2 . Reply
Al's Variety . 2018-08-30
I'm of two minds on this subject.

While it's sad that most original films (i.e. Upgrade) don't do great financially, people who are complaining about TOO MANY sequels or reboots or remakes or franchise films are mostly hypocrites.
121 2 . Reply
mythdusterds . 2018-08-30
A lot of the films you mentioned were either films in the genre not interested in or advertised very well.
121 2 . Reply
rizka arifiandi . 2018-08-30
Edge of Tomorrow is not that original tho lolz

other than that, yeah, Brad and John are right, except Chris Nolan the studios nowadays are affraid to support totally on original idea movie
121 2 . Reply
Matt Nice . 2018-08-30
People are total hypocrites who don’t know what’s actually good for them, it’s the same reason they constantly vote against their own best self interest. For being the smartest creatures on the planet, we’re pretty dumb.
121 2 . Reply
Xitlalic Faraday . 2018-08-30
Original films would do well if they were placed in as many theaters as blockbusters movies.

While they do not make the same amount of money don’t confuse that with the audience’s enjoyment of the films, it is not correlated.

Producers assume the audience won’t like them and then to save on potential losses they place them in significantly fewer theaters, and then assume again that the small profit is due to a lack of engagement from audiences.

If the audience can’t see the film because it’s not in their local theater or is not aware of the movie because of an ineffective marketing campaign who’s fault is that? The movie? Or the people involved with distribution?

I see this mentality all over the place. My career is in music, and the number of times I’ve heard “oh, we can’t play that, the audience won't understand anything that complicated” is mind-boggling. 1.) I don’t assume to know what the audience will or will not understand; I give them the benefit of the doubt. 2.) If they don’t understand, how do we expect them to learn?

Plus, there's evidence to suggest that original films would turn a similar if not even better profit because over the film’s theater run they make more money as time passed versus making most their money on opening weekend as a blockbuster does.
121 2 . Reply
ThePrattLP . 2018-08-30
Probably has something to do with brand recognition. People will be more willing to support something if they know and understand what they are getting into. Find better ways to market. New ways. Evolve or perish. Or just keep recycling, seems to be working.
121 2 . Reply
PG Werx . 2018-08-30
Just wait until the fall/winter movie season. I feel like that’s when all that original films that came out of Sundance and Cannes get released.
121 2 . Reply
southweststrangla420 . 2018-08-30
make an original movie and if its good enough, people will go see it. look at john wick, hangover, house of 1000 corpses, wreck it ralph, lego movies. all original films that did good because they are just good movies period. nobody wants to see a bore fest like mother or downsizing lol
121 2 . Reply
Alec Rodriguez . 2018-08-30
There are still original films being made. But they are not as widely marketed as franchise films. Those 6 films you mentioned, I think a saw a trailer for 2 of them.
121 2 . Reply
cbesmer7 . 2018-08-30
Annihilation is still my favorite film of the year.
121 2 . Reply
Sujith Kumar . 2018-08-30
Brad bird was right. Original movies aren't getting huge box office like the franchise films even if the original movies are great. Edge of tomorrow should have grossed atleast close to a billion dollars
121 2 . Reply
Jack Drees . 2018-08-30
Actually, Valerian is not original. It's based on a comic series.
121 2 . Reply
Christopher Shew . 2018-08-30
Simply put, I would like to see some of the movies represented here, but none of them aren't anything I can't wait and see on the home market. Right or Wrong that's how I absorb movies these days; I don't want to pay theater prices to see a drama and I'm also not interested in a movie pass. Fair point to make though, I don't disagree with Brad or John I think they are correct in their statements, I'm just not going to see them because they're different if I am not excited about them. BTW I am looking forward to BlackkKlansman, Hereditary, and Upgrade when I get a chance.
121 2 . Reply
Christopher Nuzzi . 2018-08-30
It has to do with publicity. They don't publicize non-franchise films. Upgrade? saw a few online ads. Death of Stalin? I literally did not know this movie existed until you mentioned it!
121 2 . Reply
Christopher Nuzzi . 2018-08-30
Unfortunately, if they had called it "All you Need is Kill" it would have been blamed for the next school shooting.
121 2 . Reply
Solomon Allen . 2018-08-30
Jon campea you know what the problem is??....super heroes have changed the cinema landscape that is the source of this MESS
121 2 . Reply
MegaSilverBlood . 2018-08-30
guilty as charged
121 2 . Reply
Thomas Street . 2018-08-30
Isn't Edge of Tomorrow based on a manga? And isn't a sequel coming out?
121 2 . Reply
Nikunj Dixit . 2018-08-30
I think big budget original films become a problem. I think a fair amount of smaller budget original films are successful when they are good but the problem with big budget movies is that they require a large amount of default audience for it to make minimum recovery. That default audience usually comes with brand recognition. So a film like Transformers will get a certain amount of audience every time because those audience members know what they are going to get, no matter what the quality is. There are a few film makers, like Nolan, who have brand value on their name alone so they can make big budget original films and have a default section of audience go and watch the film.
121 2 . Reply
l marcteam l . 2018-08-30
The people who complain are (again) a minority, the mayority of audiences just care about good time, fun, recognisible IP, numbers dont lie, normal folks whish could be the 89% of what a movie makes they just are not that interested in that sorts of things.
121 2 . Reply
Max77 . 2018-08-30
Movies like Looper and Edge of Tomorrow all made money I don't know what people are talking about, they were cool original science fiction action films that we went to go see.
121 2 . Reply