TOP 10 Teen Grooming Mistakes | Young Men's Grooming DISASTERS

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We talk a lot about grooming - mostly old dude problems! Young men grooming needs have been neglected. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro talks about young men's grooming mistakes.

Young Dude Grooming Mistakes

1. Thinking you don't need to shower at least once a day - take at least one shower a day and soap / scrub your body. Don't shower longer than 10-minutes so your skin won't dry out.

2. Wearing too much cheap cologne and body spray - don't overdo it!

3. Not properly washing your face twice a day - you need to properly wash your face 2xs a day to remove dirt, oil, sebum, and gunk. You can prevent breakouts and blemishes. Being young is tough, but being young with acne is tougher. Alpha gets more emails from young guys about how they have breakouts that are killing their confidence. Invest in a good scrubbing brush-- like the Vitagoods | 70% off Spin for Perfect Skin Brush which Alpha recommends. It is just as good as the $200 version! Use it in the shower with cleanser to remove the grime.

4. Not using a facial moisturizer daily - if you clean your face, you need to moisturize! Plus, if Alpha knew then what he knows now, he would have started moisturizing earlier. Want to look better than all of your classmates at your 25 year high school reunion? Moisturize!

5. Teenstache - the slightly dark peach fuzz needs to be shaved off until it comes in robust. As you shave, it's stimulated to grow darker and thicker.

6. Poor oral hygiene - take care of your teeth. Brush, floss, mouthwash. If you have braces, make sure to get food out of them. Also don't use colored bands with your braces.

7. Using too much hair product - use less product so your hair is not weighted-down & looking greasy. Also be sure to emulsify the product. Pete and Pedro Putty is recommended for matte product with high hold. It can be used wet or dry.

8. Dirty nails are scuzzy! - keep your nails and hands looking good and clean

9. Over plucked, tweezed, or waxed eyebrows - let them grow but clean them up

10. Stinky feet! - scrub your feet with soap or scrub, use powder in your shoes, and stick shoes in the freezer to kill the bacteria growing in your shoes (place in plastic bag before putting in freezer)

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Marc Berube . 2018-06-19
I have braces and thare colored and I've been called cute
121 2 . Reply
Marc Berube . 2018-06-19
I have braces and thare colored and I've been called cute
121 2 . Reply
thanks slick.
121 2 . Reply
Manny Mua . 2018-06-10
what is “alone time”
121 2 . Reply
Robert Farkas . 2018-06-08
2 ads in one video! Sheesh
121 2 . Reply
Jefferson Ochoa . 2018-06-06
Alpha looks like Klopp in 2014 (Thumbnail)⚽🇩🇪
121 2 . Reply
Ali Ajan . 2018-05-30
Now seriously... who's Bryan !!
121 2 . Reply
Rohnny Rockstar . 2018-05-27
I have braces... I got all the girls. No I have very low confidence I'm happy with this
121 2 . Reply
Deep Patel . 2018-05-27
What if I only scrub my face with hands
121 2 . Reply
Deep Patel . 2018-05-27
I'm 12 but have a body like a man (hairy)
121 2 . Reply
Cozy Coupe TV . 2018-05-25
1:30 What I think about Axe cologne
121 2 . Reply
B34ST . 2018-05-21
shit, gotta shave then
121 2 . Reply
ChrisCan . 2018-05-19
You look like Adam Levine
121 2 . Reply
Jyotir Aditya Maloo . 2018-05-16
Its been 4 days since a shower... 😆
121 2 . Reply
Stevoshky . 2018-05-14
Just don’t get caught in the shower by grandad (bad hearing) or Mum infront of the old desktop computer with your dressing gown... “don’t come in I’m getting dressed!!”
121 2 . Reply
Joey H. . 2018-05-13
Nah nah nah. Colored braces are fine
121 2 . Reply
Jack Ross . 2018-05-13
121 2 . Reply
Gabby Cullen . 2018-05-11
The good thing is I don't know watcha talking about this grooming stuff in men, I'm well hygienic growing up

Just kidding I'm just too guilty bout this, but not guilty on what yo said on not showering once a day.... I love cleaning ma self lol,

Thanks for the advice tho!
121 2 . Reply
UnderTow Gaming . 2018-05-10
3:27 thank you I finally have closure on my teen mustache
121 2 . Reply
Jake . 2018-05-08
Isn’t being in the shower for longer better for clearing your pores?
121 2 . Reply
andreas damen . 2018-05-07
Can i just use soap to clean my face?
121 2 . Reply
Russell Jackson . 2018-05-06
1:48 "You need to be properly washing your face, to remove all the dirt, oil, semen... "
121 2 . Reply
LuckyNoHappy . 2018-05-05
Best dad that's not your dad.
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Aristotelis Marinopoulos . 2018-05-03
1:00 got me weak 😂😂 he right 😂
121 2 . Reply
DATONE GAMER . 2018-05-02
Go to your local car wash and have a buddy blast you in the face with the power washer followed up by the 3 foot wide foam brush to the face... bye bye zits. 😬
121 2 . Reply
Esther Cheryl . 2018-04-29
Confidently fresh my ass😂😂😂😂😂
121 2 . Reply
Vexton . 2018-04-29
You can't complain about advertisements when he is literally giving you a product you want for the problem you are looking to solve. Like, everybody wins dog
121 2 . Reply
Lithuaniaball . 2018-04-25
Stuck shoes in the freezer. My mom found them and she was like wtf.
121 2 . Reply
Ulquiorra Cifer . 2018-04-24
I don't wank in the shower, it's hard to do while standing up, and you're getting pelted with water.
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Ndustries . 2018-04-23
1:01 😂🤣
121 2 . Reply
Damien Mulligan . 2018-04-22
And you actually shouldn’t shower more than every 2 days because it damages skin
121 2 . Reply
uzair irshad . 2018-04-22
Can teenager use showergel instead of soap
121 2 . Reply
TheMaddJack . 2018-04-21
Is it bad I read the title as a guide to grooming young teens? I may be a little messed up.
121 2 . Reply
James Hollis . 2018-04-17
bacteria don’t die in the freezer, they go dormant (asleep) and will just multiply again when your shoes defrost
121 2 . Reply
Perfect Editing Studio . 2018-04-13
Plucking eyebrows in the centre is good if you have big eyebrows
121 2 . Reply
Perfect Editing Studio . 2018-04-13
Dye hair for teenagers
121 2 . Reply
Asparagus Michy . 2018-04-10
Who else flinched when he sprayed the camera
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Captain Pie Fox . 2018-04-09
That shirt is just a bit too similar to the color of the one Shaggy wears
121 2 . Reply
Sunny Days . 2018-04-03
1 tip use Ivory or Dove bar soap for everything is a great face wash and body wash if you have dry skin use Dove if you have oily skin use ivory
121 2 . Reply
Stephen Nai . 2018-04-02
Alpha just saved my peach fuzz
121 2 . Reply
Aidan Cockerill . 2018-03-31
Im 13 i use cologne old spice'and deodorant old spice' and i take a shower everyday because i know i smell bad if i dont because i play football and the locker room smells like shit after 55 boys are in there
121 2 . Reply
Zheeph . 2018-03-30
Where was alpha when I was 15, damn.
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Adrian Bennett . 2018-03-30
Your earrings look worse than you say we look
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mr universal . 2018-03-26
Did you just call me a bastard?
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Rubberjohnny . 2018-03-25
Freezing bacteria doesn't kill it just stops it dividing, just saying
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l . 2018-03-25
1. Not buying Tiege Hanley
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big willy billy . 2018-03-24
Wow he has a rly small forehead
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Dylan Leong . 2018-03-19
Wtf im not gonna put my shoes with the rest of my food. Hahaha
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dndnckvkvkn . 2018-03-18
I wish alpha was my dad
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Mittens . 2018-03-17
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