Joe Rogan - Conor McGregor Has A Bad Attitude?

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Joe Rogan and Robin Black talk about Conor McGregor's controversial attitude and actions outside of the UFC octagon. From The JRE MMA Show #27. Full podcast - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoYLwjHSQAo

Joe Rogan - Does Conor McGregor Have A Bad Attitude?

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    Popular Comments:

Snowman_Fred . 2018-06-20
I guess there are people who want to beat others at their best, and there are people who want to win the easiest fight.
121 2 . Reply
maddog . 2018-06-17
hes an immature prick! cant handle fame or fortune! the real conor shines through! hes a fraud! a punk! a terrorist! if you like conor your a piece of shit!
121 2 . Reply
Paul Gaugan . 2018-06-14
Conor McGregor made the UFC a big thing. Before him it wasn't. So let's give a young man some slack. And why isn't the Khabib posse being criticised for what they did to provoke this whole saga? Walking around like a gang of ISIS cut throats trying to intimidate guys walking alone in a hotel corridor?
121 2 . Reply
heavy meddle . 2018-06-14
Groundskeeper Willie O'Conor
121 2 . Reply
Neal Francis . 2018-06-12
Wonder if joe would say it to his face ?
121 2 . Reply
Gary Sanders . 2018-06-12
This guy sounds like he's trying to sell me something.. I don't trust anything he said straight up.
121 2 . Reply
Bryan B. . 2018-06-11
Looking chunky Joe
121 2 . Reply
Luther Campbell . 2018-06-09
Joe i like cock in and around my mouth rogan
121 2 . Reply
Will Pruitt . 2018-06-08
I dont agree with everything BLACK says but I love listening to him talk and I love the way he thinks. CMc!!!
121 2 . Reply
bruceleedisciple . 2018-06-07
I love you Joe but candy for bad behavior is a stupid fucking name for a band.
121 2 . Reply
BEERA GONE WHERE . 2018-06-06
i clicked on this shit y y y if u like this shit u need a life
121 2 . Reply
Alain D,mystic . 2018-06-05
121 2 . Reply
Alain D,mystic . 2018-06-05
Can't throw a blah at a bus. Joe not on ball today. S lied a bit much like medelf, Irish slang. Dana set that bus shit up, he has the judge,s of situation, was WWE, Connor ain't doing it again, honestly seen it more will2
121 2 . Reply
Alain D,mystic . 2018-06-05
I'm Irish,sooo,,,,! Eddie Alvarez, Irish love him, got into the other lads head, defo, mystic Mac did what he said, bullying not on Connor bad press in good press it seems!๐Ÿ˜Ž
121 2 . Reply
Brian Padilla . 2018-06-03
No worries micheal venom page will soon fix this pest In the UFC
121 2 . Reply
Max Kemball . 2018-06-03
Did anyone else get the Chris Hadfield Master Class ad? That's some good target marketing right there...
121 2 . Reply
David Elder . 2018-06-02
Robin is totally clued up ๐Ÿ‘
121 2 . Reply
Tim Johnson . 2018-05-31
come on.. don't naive, robin! chartri has a shady business background.
121 2 . Reply
nate . 2018-05-30
This guests is so gay I can't even hear what he's saying
121 2 . Reply
stitcha123 . 2018-05-29
Remember when Mcgregor KOโ€™d Mayweather in the first round
121 2 . Reply
jack greenway . 2018-05-29
Eddie got absolutely destroyed, there are zero excuses to be made in MMA, you go into fight and thats that.
121 2 . Reply
Its Time!!! . 2018-05-29
Conor has never done the rogan show because he noes itโ€™s complete bollox
121 2 . Reply
Tim Boersma . 2018-05-29
121 2 . Reply
Myopic Crowd . 2018-05-28
Black you slandered McG after the bus incident, don't think he didn't notice, flip-flopper
121 2 . Reply
WarlordRising . 2018-05-28
Conor flew all the way to NYC to defend a friend who was bullied by Khabib and his entourage in a hotel hallway. It's not like Conor is trying to defend a man who beats on women, injects steroids, and runs over pregnant women. Relax with your rage, people.
121 2 . Reply
Giant Dwarf . 2018-05-28
The fact he got away with that bus stunt just shows how fucking spineless the UFC are.... if any other MMA fighter did what he did, they would of been fired on the spot and banned
121 2 . Reply
Tell Ya Story Wandering . 2018-05-28
im off the connor train. kabib by ko
121 2 . Reply
Please Clap . 2018-05-28
This guy annoys the shit out of me
121 2 . Reply
Tazmanian Ninja . 2018-05-27
I lost pretty much all respect for Conor when he did that stunt.
121 2 . Reply
joggers footwoorklack . 2018-05-26
irish arse gsp can kick is arse everyday of the week watch khabib humiliate him bad! and gsp will kick khabib after!
121 2 . Reply
Bill Addison . 2018-05-26
No need for the question mark. We know already.
121 2 . Reply
Roos Bolton . 2018-05-25
Anyone else sick to fking death of podcasts ??

Rogan seems like a good guy, and the other guy might be to, but I can't express how little I give a fk about 98% of what they're talking about . .

Why did I click on it ? Habit !! :)
121 2 . Reply
ritchski1 . 2018-05-25
McGregor acted like a pathetic school kid, a bully with all his mates. there no defence for it, he would at least have to apologise for being way out of line. the man is pathetic in my eyes, I dont care that he could kick my ass a hundred times over. defending the man is even more pathetic, until he admits acting like a punk.
121 2 . Reply
17amedeo . 2018-05-25
God, how I hate Robin Black. This guy is full of shit
121 2 . Reply
Sheeraad Hosaneea . 2018-05-25
Connor macgaygor aka macfaggot
Will never fight again. get used to it dick riders
121 2 . Reply
Beej J . 2018-05-25
A totally stupid rationale from Black there. Conor was AGAIN out of control (and likely sniffed - up!) That's why he looked to smash windows on the bus with a metal dolly and endanger people! You do NOT do that if you're planning a bit of 'push and fucking shoving'. #muppet
121 2 . Reply
Power Sports . 2018-05-25
He will mature as a person as he gets older, he is only 27 or something like that.
121 2 . Reply
BartelDoo . 2018-05-25
Joe "Ford Tacoma" Rogan
121 2 . Reply
Kamisky Guilherme . 2018-05-25
People don't realize how problematic this is. Those attitudes are just good for him, not for the sport. He gets all the money and that's all. First: He did not defend his tittle, which makes the category's flow run slowly and ends up being redicule for the sport. Second: He proves to be an asshole not just by words, as he usually does, but that bus incident should be enough to prove how rotten he is. His success reflects the huge cancer in the MMA and public itself that targets just how ''badass'' and Trash talker a fighter can be rather than performance. Certainly he has his merits for his victories and is a talented fighter, however so far from being one of the best. Lots of talking and performance which should be important.... long time no see!
121 2 . Reply
Tom Watson . 2018-05-24
1 word: Pikey
121 2 . Reply
ITS YANNY . 2018-05-24
No, he does what he likes and y'all hate him for it
121 2 . Reply
Senorgusanos . 2018-05-24
Robin Black is the fuckin man...love that dude
121 2 . Reply
Javan . 2018-05-24
"Conor is Conor" - Joe 'Yoel' Rogan
121 2 . Reply
MrGnastygnate . 2018-05-24
Wow Joe you came up with this all by yourself????
121 2 . Reply
RIP LA 504 Nola . 2018-05-24
People are so dumb they don't get Conor hasn't fought in a while to stir people up and hype his next fight
121 2 . Reply
zaccyo . 2018-05-24
Robin is a laughing stock. Joe smoked himself retarded. Without the amazing guests he wouldn't have a show at this point.
121 2 . Reply
Don Dada . 2018-05-24
Connor is just like 50 cent.He living his"in the club"moment out and will be exposed as a weak artist soon
121 2 . Reply
John Smith . 2018-05-24
Joe 'I'm Joe rogan' rogan
121 2 . Reply
closinginonclosure . 2018-05-24
Yoe Hogan
121 2 . Reply
lenin Vega . 2018-05-24
2:29 Joe's bullshit cough timed right.
121 2 . Reply