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We hire out fairy floss machines across Sydney. These fun machines create fairy floss, also know as cotton candy. The DIY package includes the machine, sugar and stick to make your very own fairy floss.

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Milena Aleksic . 2019-05-19
Pozdrav iz srbije. I posto je to koliko $?
121 2 . Reply
rajesh Kumar . 2019-03-04
Hame machine chahiea please call 9661379642
121 2 . Reply
Vasant rathod Vasant rathod . 2019-02-01
इस मशिन बारे मे जानकारी भेजे.9021603401.call now
121 2 . Reply
sarojpanda, panda . 2018-06-08
I want this masin plz price???
121 2 . Reply
ابو رضا المالكي . 2018-02-10
كم سعر هذه الماكينه عندكم لطفا
121 2 . Reply
bentleyr00d . 2018-01-25
When "cotton candy" was first invented and sold in the US, it was called fairy floss. It was a huge hit, but the machine they used tended to overheat and break down. Eventually someone invented a more reliable machine but when he patented it, he couldn't use the already trademarked name "fairy floss" so he called it a cotton candy machine. Aussies and Kiwis are the only people to still use the original name.
121 2 . Reply
min yoongles . 2017-12-31
Can you only hire it?
121 2 . Reply
min yoongles . 2017-12-26
How do you clean it?
121 2 . Reply
Iveta Cirule . 2017-11-29
How many cotton candy servings can one scoop of sugar make?
And if I want to make for example 10 portions in a row do I just add sugar wile it is spinning?
121 2 . Reply
D Hansel . 2017-11-23
Is it 110 VAC or 220 VAC? I live in Houston
121 2 . Reply
Lau Carrie . 2017-03-07
hello friend how are you
121 2 . Reply