3 books for electronics to start from in 2019

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3 books for electronics to start from in 2019 and beyond 2020
Back to school in electronics is a continuation of videos about basics electronics understanding the concepts and then put them in practical day to day useful diy electronics projects.
We will have a look at some electronics book to start from and some basic wiring system in a complete diy electronics manual,and hopefully, if all goes well according to the plan we will start learning electronics for inventors more advanced stuff like home automation,Alexa integrated function,wifi controllers,Arduino based projects and many more so stay tuned to this new electronic adventure DIY ELECTRONICS RULLES!!
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جمعه عوض الرفادي . 2018-08-20
of course books remained the main and permanent source of information for many centuries(and still so) more over to read from books is more interesting than websites..
Thanks alot ..
121 2 . Reply
movies online . 2018-08-19
Why you don't stick on one series by the way electronic challenge was waste because u were teaching about electronic first hope u understand
121 2 . Reply
Tech Reboot . 2018-08-17
Sir i need it.
121 2 . Reply
NoSkillsRequired . 2018-08-17
Back to school in electronics
121 2 . Reply