Vertigo: How to fix it and get rid of dizziness naturally

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Here is a simple and quick step by step exercise to get rid of vertigo.
You can do this sitting down.

It's more than just feeling dizziness.
It can last for a few seconds or sometimes for hours.

Along with the dizziness, people may also experience nausea or vomiting, headaches, double vision or a racing heartbeat.

If you have severe vertigo it can last for many days or even months.

The most common causes of vertigo are inner ear infections or diseases, when calcium builds up in canals of the inner ear, causing brief dizziness that lasts from twenty seconds to one minute.

Once you done the program, sit or lye down for twenty minutes before you get up.

Do this program two times a day. Morning and evening for two weeks.

You will start to feel that your issue will be reduced by 25% after two weeks.

If you make it past the two weeks point, and continue for another 2 weeks you should feel a 25% reduction.

If you feel that it had been reduced to fifty percent, you are halfway there.

Carry on doing the program until you completely get rid of the Vertigo feels like you or everything around you is spinning and affect your balance.

If you want to eliminate the problem, honestly, it will take another three months.

Once you feel it’s completely gone then carry on with the program two times a week for the next six months.

After six months you should do it once a week just to maintain it.

In the meantime, let me know how you progressing.

If it’s did not help you.

After two weeks of doing the program and the result is still the same, you might have a deeper issue.

I will give the guarantee that I will work with you for free to help you to fix your issue.

Visit our website:

Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know how you get on.

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Austin Goh . 2018-04-24
Do you have a health issue? Visit our website: http://www.thenaturalmethods.com/free-health-consultation/ I will help you personally for free to fix it
121 2 . Reply
Assunta Sarno . 2019-01-20
No soffro di stitichezza 😞😞
121 2 . Reply
Assunta Sarno . 2019-01-20
Soffro di mal pancia che esercizi posso fare??πŸ‘
121 2 . Reply
Em_xoxo . 2018-12-30
Ah, I have it rn I’ll try this!
121 2 . Reply
reshmi kutty . 2018-12-17
I can't able to study properly nor can't pass the exam due to this vertigo problem..I consulted 2 doctors and they ended up saying that I am lying and I have got no problem😒😒😒😟
121 2 . Reply
reshmi kutty . 2018-12-17
Will this help fix my vertigo problem permanently? I have severe vertigo problem for 5 years...at evening what time should I do this exercise?
121 2 . Reply
Henry Seo . 2018-12-07
Thank you Austin, I have been doing this exercise for 2 weeks and I felt my health is improving
121 2 . Reply
Russell Spaur . 2018-12-02
I started this yesterday. I will check back for a follow up.
121 2 . Reply
Maria Santos . 2018-11-23
I will start to do that exercise of vertigo
121 2 . Reply
linda hendrick . 2018-11-03
I suffer from vertigo. had many operations on my middle ear and ended up with a shunt. that worked pretty well for years. but a month ago I woke up with vertigo and ive been off balance for a full month now. I hope to God these exercises work
121 2 . Reply
jemima haiqa . 2018-10-23
I can do this for 3x/day?or like you said 2x/day only?
121 2 . Reply
Manoj Saroj . 2018-10-19
Ok sir fine! Keep guiding us!! Thanks a lot!! God bless u sir!!
121 2 . Reply
Manoj Saroj . 2018-10-19
Can it be done on chair?
121 2 . Reply
Mek Meknasrr . 2018-10-09
Bonjour traduire en français merci
121 2 . Reply
Mala Anand . 2018-10-06
Any exercise to cure cataract? Thanks
121 2 . Reply
sunand Emmanuel . 2018-09-30
I am sincerely doing your exercises. I hope I will recover from my cervical/lumbar spondylitis along with Vertigo! I have been suffering from cervical and lumbar spondylitis since 2003 due to computer work. But I got Vertigo first time in January 2018. Since January 2018, my life has become miserable. I hope your Vertigo exercises will cure me soon! Thank you sir!
121 2 . Reply
Shefaali - . 2018-09-28
Thanks a ton ...like your technique for blood circulation this helped me a lot..pls advise can I do 4-5 techniques together( for digestion, blood circulation, vertigo and eyes)...thanks and regards Shefali (India)
121 2 . Reply
Maxim Petrov . 2018-09-26
Nice Video clip! Apologies for chiming in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you considered - Schallingora Automatically Update Scheme (just google it)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for getting rid of virtigo without the headache without the headache. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my mate after many years got great success with it.
121 2 . Reply
cal456 . 2018-09-24
Thank you.
121 2 . Reply
Harraz Azzura . 2018-09-05
I am vertigo and tinnitus
121 2 . Reply
Harraz Azzura . 2018-09-04
Thx for shating
I am going to do
121 2 . Reply
Vertigo . 2018-08-30
vertigo is one of the worst things i have ever experienced it is horrible
121 2 . Reply
Bob Dobbs . 2018-08-29
Thank you Austin! This really works for me. Amazing!! Thank you for sharing this info
121 2 . Reply
astha choudhary . 2018-07-14
Very helpful
121 2 . Reply
Tljap427 . 2018-07-09
This helps me so much with my vertigo. I would love help with my nasal polyps that completely block my nasal passage. I have no air passage or sense of smell due to polyps.
121 2 . Reply
Pur wanto . 2018-07-03
Thank you!
121 2 . Reply
JamesEcho . 2018-06-26
+Austin Goh Can you please help.

Approximately 2 days ago, (started June 25th, 2018), I was on my phone, it was about 9:30, about to go to bed, suddenly, I got dizzy and thought it would go away when I would sleep. I slept comfortably but still feeling the dizzy feeling. When I woke up all was fine, until a couple of minutes later when I got the same dizzy feeling again. I thought it might go away in a week, which I hope is because I hope you reply within this week. All day I was dizzy, including most of today. When I did this presentation, it stopped ASAP, but instantly came back after 1-3 minutes. Please help, I don’t want to go to the doctor.

Thanks! Please help!
121 2 . Reply
Michelle Anne . 2018-05-30
Love this guy.xx
121 2 . Reply
azddin indjaran . 2018-04-30
Thanks ms austin so match your vidΓ©o im in morroco
121 2 . Reply
Seti Bey . 2018-04-26
I can't thank you enough, I waited until my vertigo came back, I did the exercises and most of the dizziness stop asap, I think I need to do again in 20 mins bouts to rid completely, then I'll start my 3 times a day for two months I think you said. Thanks!!!
121 2 . Reply
Zayn . 2018-04-14
Tommorow is the eye floaters video?
121 2 . Reply
No Lungs . 2018-04-14
i tried your unblocking excercises and it doesnt work, i have had blocked nose for 2 years now
121 2 . Reply
Jade Keal . 2018-04-13
yes dizziness and weakness. than nervous to fear and than panikattacks is interesting how to heal too. i got the feeling that i can not hear clearly and have like a dull feeling with my ears i love your videos, your helping hand. gave you for sure a like. you have my support :)
121 2 . Reply
Radhouane Cherif . 2018-04-10
please Austin help me about the Lumps behind ear
121 2 . Reply
Lyra Nara Inc. . 2018-04-10
Very good tips, however some of them are to difficult for people with different impairments, such for ex. the proposed Knee and shoulder exercises. I can do them, but elderly people for sure will have lots of problems to make the movements. May be you think to offer 2 categories of exercises, for younger patients and for elderly
121 2 . Reply
Pritikana Paul . 2018-04-09
Can I do these while in sitting position as I am unable to stand and do due to severe spell of vertigo....
121 2 . Reply
MAGDA CAD . 2018-04-09
Thanks Austin, 😘 i'm going to do these excesises , tks a Lot
121 2 . Reply
Nicole Arbelo . 2018-04-08
Oh how happy I am to see this one Austin:) Thank you so so much!! You're the best!!
121 2 . Reply
John Reinhard . 2018-04-08
Thank you very much. A lot of people have this problem
121 2 . Reply
Zayn . 2018-04-08
When is the eye floaters video :(
121 2 . Reply
Code . 2018-04-08
Anyone knows how to get rid of tonsils pain?
121 2 . Reply
johnny smash em . 2018-04-08
Thanks alot for these new moves
121 2 . Reply
Seti Bey . 2018-04-08
121 2 . Reply
Jonuz Rrema . 2018-04-08
Thank sensei
121 2 . Reply
Yawn . 2018-04-08
121 2 . Reply