65" Sony Bravia 4K Ultra HD TV Unboxing & Review (XBR-65X850A)

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This my Sony 4K Unboxing. This video features the latest 65 inch 4K Ultra HD TV (Sony's 4K tv's come in three sizes 55", 65" & 84"). 4K resolution reaches far beyond the standard 1080p for an effective resolution of 3840x2160. The Xbox one and PS4 are suppose to Output 4k as well.

• HDMI® 2.0 support for next 4K video formats (Free upgrade)
• 4K Ultra HD, HD enhanced to 4K Ultra HD quality
• Brilliant color with TRILUMINOS
• Dynamic Edge LED backlight
• Built-in Wi-Fi
• Feature films in true 4K resolution only from Sony
• 1-year of Netflix® and Hulu Plus™

Product Pricing - XBR-65X850A

Media Server - $699.99 Save $200 when purchased with tv

• XBR-55X900A - $3999.98
• XBR-55X850A - $3499.98
• XBR-65X900A - $5499.98
• XBR-65X850A - $4999.98
• XBR-84X900 - $25,000.98

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    Popular Comments:

George Blisson . 2018-10-28
The cunt of a thing only plays 4k PICTURES, NOT TV OR 4K MOVEIS OR 4K YOUTUBE, fuck Sony, cunts.
121 2 . Reply
Johnny .Bravo . 2018-10-15
That messy room is driving me crazy. Clean it and color coordinate it.
121 2 . Reply
Terry Levergood . 2018-07-23
Congrats you guys! I have quickly watched at least 5 different videos on unboxing a TV and you guys are the ONLY ones so far I have seen do it correctly by removing the clips @ the bottom and lifting the box.
121 2 . Reply
NEMESIS INVIDIA . 2017-10-16
Open the top first to pick-up the remote control etc..
121 2 . Reply
King Diamond . 2017-08-10
Good smart choice, sony, i have too but now, sony 55" but next i going to buy, 85" and definitely, sony or panasonic!
121 2 . Reply
Mahum F . 2017-07-08
i have this tv
121 2 . Reply
RIBHAV KULKARNI !!! . 2017-05-18
I don't have that much money, love that TV, can u give me that
121 2 . Reply
lobogris1977b . 2017-04-22
Que ganas de comprarme uno asi y ver ahi una pelicula en blurai o jugar un video juego.
Y un buen equipo 5.1
Algun dia.
Que manera de alucinar con esas cosas .
121 2 . Reply
Barbiə Swallöws . 2017-01-09
your so hot. i wish i were there blowing u right after the set up
121 2 . Reply
Texas USA . 2016-11-20
Does this TV have 4k HDR?
121 2 . Reply
ea al . 2016-08-02
121 2 . Reply
Eldad Aflalo . 2016-06-12
what is the different please from XBR65X850a to XBR65X850b to XBR65X850c ??
121 2 . Reply
Gorillaz Warfare . 2016-03-09
Did you clone yourself just to set up the tv? Lmao
121 2 . Reply
ばぁーんGAMES . 2015-12-24
121 2 . Reply
micdoses1 . 2015-12-01
hey do the xbr65x850c comes with free movies?
121 2 . Reply
Jaden22x . 2015-08-11
my one is better it has speaker's and sub woofer :)
121 2 . Reply
Jaden22x . 2015-08-11
my one is better it has speaker's and sub woofer :)
121 2 . Reply
Patel Vidhu . 2015-07-28
I have seen many tvs. Sound quality in sony is ultimate. You may get almost same picture quality in other tvs but never get sound quality.
121 2 . Reply
Mike Nicholson . 2015-07-05
tv sucks.. very dissappointed. had this tv for over a year. paid 5K for it and still cant watch a 4K movie unless I buy a 500$+ media player. but the new 65 sony 4k can streak 4K from netflix. this is a crock of shit
121 2 . Reply
urbanspy2008 . 2015-05-30
OMG i'm seeing double here! :D ....Nice tv and good unboxing!
121 2 . Reply
Czr S . 2015-05-13
Did you guys not get a I.r balster with it ? And this may be a dumb question. Can you make a video on how to set up a I.r blaster ?

Thanks guys
121 2 . Reply
moesnuts . 2015-04-09
I recently got a bravia X800b 65inch. I love it expect when i'm watching a show or movie It gets darker during dark scenes then back to normal. Almost like it dims the darker scenes. it's kind of annoying. i called Sony support and they told me to turn off all the ECO settings. I turned it all off but it's still doing it. It dims on dark scenes... Do all 4K tvs do this or did I just get a defective TV?
121 2 . Reply
Travis G . 2015-03-05
Are there instructions on how to beat Ninja in a 1v1? Cause, those might come in handy. eh sudd?
121 2 . Reply
Dre Ray . 2015-02-26
Hate when you get the box, And its huge, hen when you open and find the tv...Its not as big...-_-

I just got the LG 79UB9800, After quite awhile of saving, Love it, But the boxes tvs come in are a bit false.
121 2 . Reply
Shumoku Hikari . 2015-02-16
Pretty cool~
121 2 . Reply
Colm . 2015-01-28
What do you think of the 3d Quality . thanks
121 2 . Reply
Beasty Fan . 2014-12-28
There's only one 4K TV that Sony has that I don't like
Is the one model style that has the built in front speakers on each side of the TV
I don't want to criticize on Sony's 4K TV's but that's the only 4K TV that I don't like
Sometimes I don't understand why a 4K TV has to look like that
121 2 . Reply
RKGSD . 2014-11-23
Looks like you already had a nice flat screen in the background. These 4k sets cost a fortune...especially for a Sony. You must have spend a few months worth of income on it. I'd rather wait about 5 years until I see more 4k content/channels. By then the prices will be half what they are now. But to each his own.
121 2 . Reply
MrTanker10a . 2014-11-23
I have just taken delivery on the 70" version of this TV. Is this TV unbelievable or what? Watching Bundesliga in 3D is quite an experience….
121 2 . Reply
Tv's that big are only good for playing nba 2k or madden cause i cant imagine the input lag on that thing for first person shooters
121 2 . Reply
Riley Banks . 2014-09-21
Dude your at home, ur not supossed to wear your job's outfit at home and upload it, they can be a pain in the ass for that
121 2 . Reply
trinhk . 2014-09-13
Any idea whether it has CNET app?  Can't seem to find it on the W950B.  I also find that I can't seem to connect to my network PC even though it is on the media server list.
121 2 . Reply
Rowan W . 2014-08-13
121 2 . Reply
Muhammad Baqrain . 2014-08-08
You Are So Lucky Man ;)
121 2 . Reply
Nam3l3ssOn3 . 2014-07-30
how big is that stand?  looks rather small
121 2 . Reply
Nam3l3ssOn3 . 2014-07-30
i feel bad for that tv.  look at the place it's in.  clean that sh up!
121 2 . Reply
Nam3l3ssOn3 . 2014-07-30
he's seriously doing an unboxing video at someone's home while in uniform?  lmao!
121 2 . Reply
turkdiziler burada . 2014-07-20
how is 3d on this tv its have crosstalk or
121 2 . Reply
Mox_au . 2014-07-08
Please tell me you're not gonna use it in that tiny room sitting 5 feet from your couch lol....that will look fucking ridiculous, a 42" would have done just fine.
121 2 . Reply
Andrew Saminathan . 2014-07-03
The site for the products don't work
121 2 . Reply
koori court judge . 2014-07-01
am I the only person here who recognises you from Halo?
121 2 . Reply
Dwayne Smith . 2014-06-23
I don't have a 4k tv but I did recently bought a new TV last year and it was the first TV to get the clear motion rate but im sure in the future I will buy a 4K TV once the prices go down or if I win the lottery but it's a fat chance for me to get a 4k tv
121 2 . Reply
Edwin Palacios . 2014-06-22
hey guys i also work at best buy maybe u can answer some of my questions! i bought this model here XBR70X850B and its not AS BRIGHT as the 55" display we have in the store and also it looks no were near as nice ... even with the 4k content im getting from Netflix!! Is my Model a step down from the one in this video?? i really hope not cuz i payed 7k for tv and 5 yrs of GSP!! thanks guys
121 2 . Reply
RyanPlays . 2014-05-26
i was gonna get this tv then i went nahhh ill get the 60in w850 sony tv MUCH better for my needs 
121 2 . Reply
awakenosiris . 2014-05-25
Does this TV have local dimming ?
121 2 . Reply
afrrique . 2014-05-18
what tool did u use to tighten the mount to the tv?
121 2 . Reply
RICHARDFLORES2100 . 2014-05-14
U must be in a lot of credit card debt.
121 2 . Reply
FROZEZONE . 2014-05-07
How did you get the free movies. I have the same tv and I only got elysium free for having the media player that came with
121 2 . Reply
FROZEZONE . 2014-05-07
How did you get the free movies. I have the same tv and I only got elysium free for having the media player that came with
121 2 . Reply
Ethan Robertson . 2014-04-18
What settings do you use for 1080i plain tv? Not 4K. And yes ik I said 1080i because there's not that many 1080p channels
121 2 . Reply