Elite Dangerous PVP | FAS vs FDL

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elite dangerous pvp

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Pasha Defragzor . 2019-03-07
This is cool can't wait to test it, I think on a new pc
121 2 . Reply
Emrah Gürbüz . 2018-07-24
Senin shield kaç?
121 2 . Reply
Einseitig . 2018-07-24
This was one of the more interesting PVP fights I have ever witnessed as it was based on a criticality; had your enemy had a shield cell bank you would have lost.

Additionally for a ship without shields up against a ship with very good shields you could have made use of ‘silent running’ to break his ability to lock on to you.
However this would have meant your needing energy efficient weapons and the ability to target his hull by-passing those shields.

You have great piloting skills, with flight assist off, that shows off Elite at its best as a PvP tool especially factoring in engineering.


121 2 . Reply
Etienne Orio . 2018-07-19
That was very near to you, good and very interesting fight. When he lose shields I thought he was dead but also his hull was hard. When he was 75% and you was ~30% I thought that maybe he can win and at the end... no... You won, I changed three times opinion :)
Uhm... Did you like his bounty ? Only 2 millions.

For me only missiles can win against your build or someone with full plasma accelerator or fragments cannon but all use other weapons...

But if you are stronger in the short distance why I never found someone that understood it and that tryed to stay far from you and shot you at the long range ? It isn't difficult, when boosting turn off FA and turn the ship keeping the speed to stay far.
121 2 . Reply