10 Kitchen Gadgets You Won't Believe Actually Exist

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Here's a list of 10 Kitchen Gadgets You Won't Believe Exist. We've already gone over the kitchen gadgets you need, now these are the 10 kitchen gadgets you didn't know exist.
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The culinary world is a very strange, very wonderful place. There are so many delicious and interesting foods out there to talk about, but in discussing all this wonderful food, we often neglect its preparation. A lot of work goes into making a meal, and many different gadgets have been invented to help the process along. Some of them are practical, but others are just downright outrageous. Here’s are just ten kitchen gadgets you won’t believe exist.

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0:28 Ham Dogger
1:54 Carrot Peeler and Sharpener
3:05 Open Sesame Bagel Slicer
4:13 Hotdog Slicers
5:21 Egg-Perfect Egg Timer
6:28 Farm Animal Pot Lid Lifts
7:42 Five Blade Herb Scissors
8:54 Pancake Pen
9:58 Silicone Stretch Lids
11:20 Spaghetti Twirling Fork

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- Every summer barbecue starts with the question: “hotdog or hamburger?” Sometimes, you just don’t want to have to choose. In times like those, this ten-dollar Amazon kitchen gadget will totally have your back.
- Having a tool on hand that allows you to peel carrots is important. Technically, you could probably opt to use some generic kitchen tool, like a potato peeler, but why take the boring way out?
- Magic? Bagel puns? Efficiency? This kitchen gadget has it all. Bagels are notoriously difficult to slice. Not only is cutting them a bit awkward due to their shape, but you also have to use a pretty sharp knife.
- Taking care of kids is hectic, especially when it comes to mealtimes. Due to this, you want all of your meal prep to be simple and efficient. Hotdogs are always a favorite among kids (and many adults too), and they’re super easy to prepare.
- Hardboiled eggs are supposed to be one of the easiest foods to prepare, but who here can honestly say that they’ve never cut into an egg only to find that they had over or undercooked it?
- It’s the oldest story in the cookbook. One minute, everything’s fine. The next, the pot containing whatever delicacy you were preparing has boiled over. It’s messy, and, if any guests happen to observe the mishap, slightly embarrassing.
- Adding herbs and spices is a quick and easy way to take a meal from good to great. However, anyone who has ever tried to cut fresh herbs themselves knows that it’s a tedious job.
- Some might consider this gadget to be absolutely unnecessary. Those people lack a sense of fun. Yet another Amazon find (and a ten dollar one at that) is the Pancake Pen, which will add an element of creativity to any breakfast.
- Gone are the days of single-use plastic bags and plastic wrap. The push to “go green” is stronger than ever, and these silicone lids are a great way to contribute to the movement.
- This item was so popular that it sold out and it’s currently unavailable on Amazon. The Spaghetti Twirling Fork is exactly what the name implies: a battery-powered fork that will twirl your spaghetti into the perfect bitesize serving.

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BabbleTop . 2019-05-25
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121 2 . Reply
LORD STONE . 2019-06-08
that hamburgerhotdog is called čevapi and is bosnian food
121 2 . Reply
Sarfaraz Khan . 2019-06-07
I will never waste my money on these useless things.
121 2 . Reply
mesiroy1234 . 2019-06-01
The hamdoger is cool but
Why not just buy kebe
121 2 . Reply
rpcraig1 . 2019-05-28
Nobody has hands? And the only time I made hamdogs. I had hotdog buns and hamburger. Actually my then 5 yr old liked them.
121 2 . Reply
Pulsy . 2019-05-27
That first one is just big kebab
121 2 . Reply
Ryan Brandes . 2019-05-27
Looks like someone on the staff at Babbletop is a power rangers fan and was just waiting for the perfect place to use a clip
121 2 . Reply
CooCoo 4CocoPuffs . 2019-05-27
I want that hamdogger!
121 2 . Reply
T C Y . 2019-05-26
This channel is so skeevy & deceptive. Not even the links in their products pmping are legit. Try the "Open Sesame" bagel slicer link for example. They lead to two DIFFERENT slicers that look NOTHING like that shown. Totally bait & switch clickbaiter channel.
121 2 . Reply
gyqz . 2019-05-26
Cutting your kid's hotdogs takes up time you simply don't have? Really?
I suggest selling your kids and go live on the streets...then you'll have all the time you ( don't) need.
121 2 . Reply
Sandy Degener . 2019-05-26
"Chickens, Pigs and Sheep"? Ah...NPC pot lid lifts!
121 2 . Reply
Genie Last . 2019-05-26
I'm actually considering the bagel slicer, pot lid lifts, silicone lids.
121 2 . Reply
Abe Coulter . 2019-05-26
I wish Americans would learn how to say Herbs properly. Not urbs
121 2 . Reply
Anabelle’s World . 2019-05-26
I have those scissors!!!! I love them my mom got them from amazon too!!
121 2 . Reply
Dylan Gaming_YT . 2019-05-26
121 2 . Reply
PrinceChris93 . 2019-05-26
Useless products
121 2 . Reply
Vincent Day . 2019-05-26
Late nigh home shoppers welcome, these gadgets are horror here for you.
121 2 . Reply
Grizz C . 2019-05-26
Ham dogger was pretty cool
121 2 . Reply
Dnekar . 2019-05-26
Ham dogger looks like logs of shit.
121 2 . Reply
Rockin Russ . 2019-05-26
Why buy buns?It's called magical wonder bread!It's a hotdog and hamburger bun.Makes garlic bread and pizza dough.You can also just make a sandwich.Or, breadcrumbs,cinnamon toast or french toast.ect
121 2 . Reply
jarednil69 . 2019-05-26
10 kitchen gadgets that end up in the landfills.
121 2 . Reply
lone wolf . 2019-05-26
Always use knife to open bagels no accident happened xD
121 2 . Reply
Ardentabacist X . 2019-05-26
"HOT DOGGER" Hm, yeah, it actually starts "TO SOUND LIKE A . . . KABAB!
sheeesh! . . .
sheeesh kabob!!!!!
121 2 . Reply
Em Radford . 2019-05-26
Why is the ‘h’ not said in ‘herb’ where you’re from?... so weird to hear!
121 2 . Reply
bob steadman . 2019-05-26
Jesus, a seen on TV shill video.
121 2 . Reply
Joseph Maldonado . 2019-05-25
If you are trying to boil eggs that's your first problem don't start the eggs in boiling water start in cold water
121 2 . Reply
Josh McIver . 2019-05-25
now I wanna try burger dogs... I'll make them by hand, but it sounds good!
121 2 . Reply
Darth Raider . 2019-05-25
Taras Kul called, he wants his kitchen gadjicks back.
121 2 . Reply
Howard Johnson . 2019-05-25
To HELL with the green movement
121 2 . Reply
Pink Banana . 2019-05-25
So that you know, particularly meticulous people could make use of that 5:20 screenshot.
121 2 . Reply
lowkey . 2019-05-25
121 2 . Reply
Goutez . 2019-05-25
121 2 . Reply
Undank Memer . 2019-05-25
Why not just shape the hamburger meat to the shape of a hotdog
121 2 . Reply
austin riley . 2019-05-25
What’s with the damn movie clips every 10 seconds I want to see gadgets in the kitchen not clips of movies
121 2 . Reply
come and see . 2019-05-25
Burger dog
121 2 . Reply
ducks are cool . 2019-05-25
You guys missed out the silicone lids and £9.49 for 12 of them
121 2 . Reply
GhostInATopHat . 2019-05-25
babbletop can you free me from this basement
121 2 . Reply
smokeyson . 2019-05-25
Love this channel!
121 2 . Reply
s0ulgamez _ . 2019-05-25
Nice vid
121 2 . Reply
David Urban . 2019-05-25
@ 5:22 get one of these so you won't end up having egg on your face. Oh I'm sorry the yokes on you LOL this is such an eggciting idea. Ok I'm done have a great holiday weekend everyone
121 2 . Reply
Victor Aguilar . 2019-05-25
Where can I find it and buy it?
121 2 . Reply
MKJ23_Productions . 2019-05-25
Well, no one can say these gadgets aren't creative! Some of them can be useful, like that stretching lid. Anyway, this is another pretty entertaining video! 👍
121 2 . Reply
deelix . 2019-05-25
Burgershaped hot dog: We have had that in Norway for at least 15 years. It was called rollerburger back then, also saw it the other day at a gas station.
121 2 . Reply
Sonique Cat . 2019-05-25
10 products to waste money on and clutter your kitchen with.
121 2 . Reply
mr chicken nuggetbutt . 2019-05-25
Guess what

Chicken butt press like button jk u don't have too
121 2 . Reply
BRUCE ASKEW . 2019-05-25
Silicone covers are brilliant,, im definitely finna order me some
121 2 . Reply
Fuffles Softpaws . 2019-05-25
I can see an use for the carrot sharpener, the pretty pattern you get from sharpening it could be used perfectly for a carrot cake decoration
121 2 . Reply
Jamire Johnson . 2019-05-25
These are cool
121 2 . Reply
RaNdOm ThInGs :3 . 2019-05-25
But I can't afford that ._0
121 2 . Reply
RaNdOm ThInGs :3 . 2019-05-25
121 2 . Reply