Why Watch 'Carnal Knowledge': Jason Blum

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Jason Blum shares his love for the pivotal film 'Carnal Knowledge.'

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    Popular Comments:

ArnoldFTW97 . 2019-01-06
I want to suck those tits.

Jack Nicholson is a fantastic actor too yeah.
121 2 . Reply
中華民國陸海空三軍總司令五星特級上將馬英九大元帥 . 2019-01-05
For the tits
121 2 . Reply
Marco Anonymous . 2019-01-05
Of all men in the world, he picked Garfunkel. Downvoted.
121 2 . Reply
old school hawking . 2019-01-05
When I was 12 years old, my buddies and I snuck into the movie theater and watch this movie. When Jack Nicholson had Ann Margaret against the wall and lifted up her top and those giant tits fell out, I think I blew a load in my shorts. My lord that was hot. 😱
121 2 . Reply
Brutus Buckeye . 2019-01-05
why watch carnal knowledge? simple. ann-margret's tits. hands down she is my all-time fantasy girl!
121 2 . Reply
Chris Greene . 2019-01-02
Anne Margret is so hot!!
121 2 . Reply
Mark Richards . 2018-12-26
I find it hard to believe that ANY man could scorn Ann margeret, I know it’s a good movie but geez regular shlubs like myself would put up with soooooo much BS just to be able to bang that
121 2 . Reply
Art vandaley . 2018-10-24
2 big reasons
121 2 . Reply
keefo jonson . 2018-07-09
I still want to make it with Ann Margaret.
121 2 . Reply
Jake Spur . 2018-03-16
Fabulous performance by Ann-Margret
121 2 . Reply
NEWMOON54 Cannone . 2017-12-24
Bullshit!!! Jason the "chewy jew" Blum is full o' shit as well!!! I saw this in the theater, nothing but a sex film. And films went to shit right at this period!!! Sex is the worst thing you can feature in a movie. The reason is,,, that you can't use nudity and sex to create with!!! Any moment BEFORE,, or,, AFTER a romantic moment, on film,, sure,, you can be as artistic, as evocative as you want!!! As we used to say,,,,, ""LEAVE IT TO YOUR IMAGINATION"" and you can have as many images in your mind as you possibly can!!!
121 2 . Reply
NostalgiNorden . 2017-06-13
Here's Bobby!
121 2 . Reply