How to install a vacuum breaker on a shampoo bowl

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This is a complete walk through on how to install our complete vacuum breaker kit onto your shampoo bowl. the kit is available at CompleteSalonSupply.com, here: http://www.completesalonsupply.com/servlet/the-157/Vacuum-breaker-salon-shampoo/Detail

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how to install vacuum breaker on salon shampoo bowl

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CompleteSalonSupply.com . 2018-10-01
121 2 . Reply
Ashlyn Nolt . 2017-01-20
I think most have problems with the hoses connecting to your preexisting valves? trying to figure out what's needed to buy
121 2 . Reply
Steve H . 2015-05-04
The two brass fittings leak on this model, regardless of using teflon tape or cranking them down with channel locks...

Also, the current base plate does not have the plastic stand-offs as in the video, making tightening of the locking nuts a royal pain on the longer brass fitting.
121 2 . Reply
Joseph Cuozzo . 2014-10-13
Thanks for this it was very helpful. Question, I have a vacuum breaker thats leaking from the top. I was told to take of the cover plate and push down on it? Is that something that would help? 
121 2 . Reply
Daniel D . 2014-07-31
Instructions were not clear enough i got my dick stuck in the brass nipples
121 2 . Reply
droenttrilla . 2014-05-22
amazing this video helped me so much im a plumber in training how much would a plumber charge to install one
121 2 . Reply
CompleteSalonSupply.com . 2014-03-31
If my video helps you please click like to let me know. Thanks!!
121 2 . Reply
gene G . 2013-11-07
Thank you!!! My valve didn't come with instructions. looked at sink and decided to google. after watching your vidio all the dots connected. I appreciate your help today :)
121 2 . Reply
Jason MacKinnon . 2013-09-24
Thank you for this, My wife will be happy , I always add teflon tape to any connection, I guess I hate leaks lol Thanks Again
121 2 . Reply
kcox669live . 2012-06-26
Yea, I saw you hesitate, lol, poop happens. I did not order from you, maybe I should have. My cross over hose needed to be 1/2" X 1/4", faucet side being the 1/2" side. All fixed up now though. Thanx for all your help.
121 2 . Reply
kcox669live . 2012-06-24
I knew it! They sent me the wrong cross over hose. Oh well, off to home depot I am. Btw, the tape you put on the second nipple was in the wrong direction. Other than that it was a great vid. Thanx for the upload.
121 2 . Reply