How To: Play Pokemon GO on BlueStacks on PC(All Errors/Crash Fix) [100% Working]

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How to install and play Pokemon GO in PC using Bluestacks. Not only that, we shall fix location not found error, GPS not found error and Failed to detect location and also Game Crashing when catching a pokemon. The process needs a couple of softwares and applications, follow the link below and download all of them. Don't worry they are completely safe and malware free.
The rest of the process is in the video as well as below.

Direct Download Apps from: http://bit.ly/2a4J9aL
Download DEVELOPER TOOLS apk: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-wi0plr4kDnaU9rQjdRMFJsdDg

Written Post: ( credits: apkreal.com)
Step 1. Install Bluestacks
(Disable camera by going into REGEDIT on your computer and going to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BlueStacks\Guests\Android\Config — Hit camera and change the ‘1’ to a ‘0’ exit out of that.
Step 2. Add/Install Kingroot on bluestacks (using the APK button on left side)
Step 3. Run Kingroot and scroll to bottom and hit Try it. Wait til it gets to 100% and hit optimize.
Step 4. Restart android (right click cog wheel and restart plugin android)
Step 5. Download Lucky patcher and Add/Install Lucky Patcher (using the APK button on left side)
Step 6. Open Lucky Patcher
Step 7. Hit Grant permission
Step 8. Click Rebuild/Install on bottom
Step 9. Download and Install Fake GPS Apk in Bluestacks.
Step 10. Install Fake GPS as SYSTEM App using Lucky Patcher: Long press Fake GPS and hit move to/system
Step 11. Hit NO when it asks you to reboot.
Step 12. Close all the tabs
Step 13. Restart Bluestacks by clicking the cog wheel and hit Restart Android Plugin
Step 14. Add Pokemon GO to Bluestacks (using the APK button on left side)
Step 15. Launch Lucky Patcher
Step 16. Hit Search on Bottom
Step 17. Hit Filter top right and sort as SYSTEM Apps
Step 18. You should see Fake GPS, click that and launch.
Step 19. In Fake GPS on the top right, go into settings and make sure EXPERT mode is checked.
Step 20. Find a place on map you want to start spoofing from.. ex., central park
Step 21. Hit the Play button or whatever on bottom right when you find a place
Step 22. The maps should close, that’s fine. Open Pokemon GO, and enjoy.


*“Failed to detect location.” (if this doesn’t work, then do the teleportation fix)
Change the GPS to High Accuracy, move your location on GPS Spoofer and restart Pokémon GO.

*“Pokéstops not working/Pokémon fleeing after 1 Pokéball?”
You probably traveled too fast and got soft-banned, don’t worry, it lasts an hour.

*“My player keeps teleporting between locations.”
Install an app from the Play Store called “DisableService” and allow root (obviously), search for the service “Fused Location” under System tab and disable that service. Then reboot. Doing this trick will disable your real GPS and then no teleporting will be happening. If you want your real GPS back, just enable “Fused Location” again and reboot.

*“When I try to disable AR, everything freezes/crashes.”
Disable camera by going into REGEDIT on your computer and going to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\BlueStacks\Guests\Android\Config”. Press camera and change the ‘1’ to a ‘0’, save and you’re done.

*““When I start Pokémon Go Mod Apk, I get a gray screen.”
Either close Bluestacks entirely and relaunch Bluestacks or uninstall Bluestacks and redo the tutorial with Bluestacks for Windows 7/8.

*“When I throw a Pokéball, the game crashes.”
Delete your Google account from settings and restart Pokémon GO.

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Hiromatsu Kento . 2018-07-17
i cant check expert mode
121 2 . Reply
Clash With Pityu . 2017-07-09
"gps no signal" pls help!
121 2 . Reply
Clash With Pityu . 2017-07-09
Thank you!!
121 2 . Reply
clay pellow . 2017-06-01
followed all of the steps got the OUR SERVERS are humbled message and gps not working. game wont start tried all fixes. reinstalled blue stacks and tried everything again. no luck
121 2 . Reply
Ishika sharma . 2017-01-29
gps not their in lucky patcher
121 2 . Reply
Aryan Beniwal . 2016-10-14
king root is not working..root stratergy is not avalabe showing..
121 2 . Reply
Ronald Yudo Adityo . 2016-10-08
do I need to root my device? and can i use my existing pokemon login instead of trainer club
121 2 . Reply
James Wappler . 2016-09-09
i just cant get kingroot to open in bluestacks to save mylife

I have uninstalled king root and tried downloading multiple versions of it, and it never opens

Maybe i need to reinstall bluestacks?
121 2 . Reply
nemanja gusljesevic . 2016-08-28
Thank You :D
121 2 . Reply
Sphinx_x YT . 2016-08-15
i dont have windows 10 and this confuses me
121 2 . Reply
Sadlife Bruh . 2016-08-14
Hey bro why my bios dont have advance settings on it? Pls someone help
121 2 . Reply
Muhamed Hassan . 2016-08-11
Man i want play pokemon go on bluestacks without hack and without errors ... when i open it it says that failed to detect location or something like that i need help please.. ?!
121 2 . Reply
Việt Phạm . 2016-08-10
I can't move by use A,S,W,D key right now. How to fix it?
121 2 . Reply
Rannie Rodriguez . 2016-08-09
gps pro apk man
where could i get it
121 2 . Reply
Feddddddddddddddddd . 2016-08-09
Pokemon Go keeps crashing every time I finish capturing a pokemon
121 2 . Reply
CLAYTON DAVIS . 2016-08-08
dislike because you didnt show us how to download a damn fake gps or how to work it you show it already downloaded and shit smfh.
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Real Steal . 2016-08-06
not getting anything from pokey stop, not be able to catch pokeymon as well. HELP
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Como faz? . 2016-08-02
My Keyboard not working
121 2 . Reply
ohMY03 . 2016-08-01
121 2 . Reply
Bloody Shaorma . 2016-08-01
BlueStacks isn't working for me ... I downloaded and installed it but when I'm trying to open BS is will just not load or if it load it crashes! HELP!
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Sam Danger within . 2016-08-01
I have the new version , will it still work?
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Susan Saunders . 2016-07-31
WSAD  is NOT working to move. I installed fakegps as described, since the new patch. I cannot move with WSAD
121 2 . Reply
Mohammed Awez . 2016-07-31
i tried rebooting it nt working
121 2 . Reply
Savage Days . 2016-07-31
yeah i realised what my problem was . i was just telling u what the fake gps was telling me . but i sorted it out . thanks tho . love your videos super helpfull. keep doing them stuff with pokemon go please .
121 2 . Reply
Koba . 2016-07-30
WASD Isn't working.. Do you have a fix ?
121 2 . Reply
Timothy Mathes II . 2016-07-30
I am notable to select expert mode in the Fake GPS settings menu. Is that a rooting issue? How would I go about fixing that? If you do not mind helping.
121 2 . Reply
DirtyMight Music . 2016-07-30
Hey one question. I can connect and set the gps but there are no pokestops and no pokemon. i know that this is an issue if there is no internet connection but there is and the ball in the top left is also not there. any idea?
121 2 . Reply
Mohammed Awez . 2016-07-30
i cant find any pokestops near me .....n it always shows fake gprs stopped
121 2 . Reply
Mohammed Awez . 2016-07-30
how to turn off AR button?? plz..help
121 2 . Reply
Savage Days . 2016-07-30
why when i used it once and close program completely and when i come back into app i can't use my fakegps unless mock locations and developer settings has to be on
121 2 . Reply
SETTAN - . 2016-07-30
Ninad, my blue stacks and everything else was working perfectly for the past week, somehow now its not showing any pokestops or pokemons inanywhere on the map (when playing pokemon go), hwo do i fix it
121 2 . Reply
Kick Ass . 2016-07-28
do you have link to fake gps pro apk?
121 2 . Reply
Priyen Desai . 2016-07-28
pokemon go isnt starting shows balck screen with the background
121 2 . Reply
SnackyMan . 2016-07-27
does it only work with android or can it work this ios
121 2 . Reply
russel fernandes . 2016-07-27
bro i wanna turn my AR off, but i m not able to select the YES option can u plz help??
121 2 . Reply
huang antonio . 2016-07-26
why i can't press the expert mode in the fake GPS?
121 2 . Reply
Mikesnl . 2016-07-24
I am keep getting and i did all the thing in the discription you said to solve the issue
121 2 . Reply
DeltaDead . 2016-07-24
I have one problem-If i try to move with W A S D it does nothing
121 2 . Reply
Tudor Dacian . 2016-07-24
Ar mode Camera how to turn off? i get freeze when i turn it off
121 2 . Reply
Sergio Alberto Villagrana Hinojosa . 2016-07-23
All works excellent just one problem when i install the GPS fake and close the blueStacks and reopen the program disappears from luky patcher??? how fix it
121 2 . Reply
KiNgXPh0eNiX . 2016-07-23
Dev tools just shows an ad no settings
121 2 . Reply
SETTAN - . 2016-07-23
Ninad, im using windows, since the kingroot link you gave isnt working, should I just download for windows version from kingroot.net ?? however the version is different, mine isv3.2 while in your video is v4.95, will that cause a problem?
121 2 . Reply
I got it working but I can't move help me plz
121 2 . Reply
ste7nboy . 2016-07-22
Every time I try to catch a pokemon the Pokemon app turns off. I can turn it on again but i can't catch any pokemon because of that. What should i do?
121 2 . Reply
Bige's Gaming . 2016-07-22
Kingroot download isn't working
121 2 . Reply
Michael Horsfield . 2016-07-22
Hey, the kingroot link is broken 404 not found!!
121 2 . Reply
fabio rego . 2016-07-22
do i take the risk of getting banned by using this?
121 2 . Reply
Notjamesw . 2016-07-22
I thought you get banned for doing this
121 2 . Reply
Joe bro . 2016-07-21
Can you get a virus from downloading any of these things?
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Jorge Garcia Mejia . 2016-07-21
works on ios?
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