Japanese Permanent Hair Straightening

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The salon is NALU Hair Salon in Omotesando and yes, they have employees who speak English!

I did Japanese permanent hair straightening, aka thermal reconditioning, in mid-September. How it works is:

Your hair shaft has two types of bonds that contribute to its shape. Hydrogen bonds, and disulphide bonds. Hydrogen bonds change your hair shape temporarily and can be affected by moisture and heat, hence frizzy hair on humid days and curling or straightening with flat irons. Disulphide bonds are very strong and maintain a permanent shape, unless you break them apart with chemicals.

Japanese permanent hair straightening uses a chemical to break apart those bonds. The stylist then straightens the hair with an iron, setting the shape you what your hair to maintain, and then reseals the bonds with another chemical, permanently locking your hair into that new shape.

This salon in particular also adds a treatment to the hair before resealing it to keep it as moisturized, soft, and silky as possible.

You're not supposed to do it if your hair has been dyed a lot since it can damage the hair, so not everyone is able to get this type of straight perm. Before this I had only ever done one salon treatment, never colored my hair, and very rarely even straightened or blow dried it. But my frizz was crazy! I've had exactly zero issues with frizz in the two months since getting the straight perm.

You can also choose levels of how straight you want your hair to be. Since I have bangs I wanted those to look more natural rather than be perfectly straight, so they didn't apply the full strength treatment there.

I am still able to do some temporary hair curling (via those hydrogen bonds), although it really doesn't stay for any significant length of time at all. If I let me hair dry in a braid it will still come out a bit wavy, but not as wavy as before, and it doesn't last as long. And since I do tuck my hair behind my ears almost all the time, the little wispy hair there now retains that behind-the-ear curl shape.

If you're curious about the chemistry behind how this works, here are some links explaining it more in depth!

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Rachel and Jun . 2016-11-25
Japanese permanent straightening (aka rebonding) vs Brazilian keratin treatments vs relaxers

There are a crazy number of comments and quite a bit of confusion about the different methods of hair straightening, so I did a bunch of research to compare the main methods people are mentioning! Hopefully this should answer like 90% of the questions here!! haha

Japanese permanent straightening aka rebonding aka thermal reconditioning
-Created in Japan by Yuko Yamashita, patented in 1995
-Permanent (new growth is not affected)
-Uses chemicals to break disulphide bonds in hair, a flat iron to straight the hair (setting it into place), and then chemicals again to re-set the bonds
-New hair that grows out will be natural, so if you don't get that treated as well you can have a strange divide between straight and curly hair
-Can't generally be used on already treated hair (hair that has been dyed a lot, etc)

Brazilian keratin treatment aka Brazilian blowout
-Created in Brazil by Mauricio Ribeiro, brought to US in 2007
-Said to last 3 months on average (eventually washes out)
-Coats hair strands in keratin treatment to reduce frizz, not generally strong enough to perfectly straighten curly hair
-This is the treatment that uses formaldehyde (some types don't, but those supposedly wear off much quicker since the formaldehyde is what's used to bond the keratin to the hair)
-Can be used on dyed hair

-Created in USA, 1905 by Garrett Morgan
-Said to last 6 - 8 weeks (oops! I was informed this timeframe is for the time you can last before needing to touch up new hair growth, and that the actual relaxer is permanent)
-There are several types, but they use chemicals of a higher pH than Japanese straightening to break down the disulphide bonds, relaxing tight curls. The bonds are not rebonded afterward like they are in Japanese straightening.
-Some types have strong chemicals that can burn the scalp

Brazilian blowout


121 2 . Reply
Joanna . 2019-05-23
I did this when i was 13-15 bc i was not confident with my own hair. Honestly its really bad for your hair in the long run bc u have to do the treatment every 6 months. But it sure do looks really good.
121 2 . Reply
aoife Duffy . 2019-05-23
They’re just perming her hair but straight instead of around rods for curls
121 2 . Reply
abyss below . 2019-05-22
Where i came from, you can get this treatment at any salon. Short hair usually just cost $20 at highest.
121 2 . Reply
Sonia Konopada . 2019-05-22
It’s not Japanese, you can get this done everywhere
121 2 . Reply
The Curious Girl . 2019-05-22
That is amazing
121 2 . Reply
Nonespecial . 2019-05-22
So.....a relaxer😂
121 2 . Reply
Tala B . 2019-05-22
My hair is naturally strait as a ruler but it’s gets really frizzy and annoying cause I’m really weak to humidity. Would it still work?
121 2 . Reply
Giulia B . 2019-05-22
I think the problem is that you wash your hair too much (as well as the humidity of course)
121 2 . Reply
Tiffany Rodriguez . 2019-05-22
i want to try this !
121 2 . Reply
Amaris smith . 2019-05-21
If you are black you would know this is nonthing but a relaxer😂😂😂 you can go to any hair salon and they will do this.or even go to the store and buy a relaxer you can get it from Walmart
121 2 . Reply
Vannessa Anne Williams . 2019-05-21
121 2 . Reply
McKenna Hendrickson . 2019-05-21
Ooh girl you’re GORGEOUS and your beautiful, long red hair just made me genuinely miss my long hair for the first time. Go redheads!

Love the permanent hair straightening on you, considering it now bc of your awesome, informative video!
121 2 . Reply
Genevieve Blanco . 2019-05-20
Amazing ! 🇯🇵 Pride
121 2 . Reply
sharon olsen . 2019-05-20
Does one need to go to Japan to do this ? ... or .. ??? Because I WANT THIS !! : D
121 2 . Reply
only angel . 2019-05-20
This is so bad for you hair!!! Don't do this if you don't want your hair to be dead!!!
121 2 . Reply
Valentina Coronel . 2019-05-20
She is so cute !!!Love the hair color!!
121 2 . Reply
Jayy nahla . 2019-05-20
So she got a perm lol
121 2 . Reply
I think I’m the only person that likes my hair
121 2 . Reply
Almighty Sagittarius . 2019-05-18
I bet they don't know how to do black peoples hair. One thing I just DO NOT understand is how you can be a hair stylist but dont know how to do different types of hair, how tf do you even get your hair liscense not knowing how to do different types of hair and that "low diversity" thing is just a excuse because there are definitely more minorities now and mixed people in the world.
121 2 . Reply
Wargirl11 . 2019-05-18
I need this😍😍
121 2 . Reply
Estelle . 2019-05-17
I done it ! I was in Japan in april, and I went to this saloon ! My hair are so straight and silky now ! ❤ The people was so nice ! And I say I come to this saloon because I see this video and they thanks me ! Like, THANK YOU to make my hair straight 😂
121 2 . Reply
I like donuts and bands . 2019-05-17
Omg i need this! My hair is wavy and curly and i can't brush it or else It becomes hella puffy;(
121 2 . Reply
knight night . 2019-05-17
Get your hair permanently straightened and they use a straightening iron I asked her words? Somehow I don't think the straightening actually works that. So stupid
121 2 . Reply
Princess Miah . 2019-05-17
Baby this just a relaxer 😂
121 2 . Reply
Rumeysa Nur Ercan . 2019-05-17
Yeah I've tried Brazilian keratin treatment and it didnt even last a day when I did it the last time cause it was summer and I sweat a lot. I learned how to take care of my curly hair and make it look perfect but it takes too much work lol. So I don't know, if I was in Japan probably I would do Japanese permanent straightening.
121 2 . Reply
kys kys . 2019-05-17
The perm can make your hair fall during a touch up which is scary thats why its not so popular anymore
121 2 . Reply
ßunßun ßunny . 2019-05-17
Nalu=Natsu×Lucy #FAIRYTAIL
121 2 . Reply
LunarIsLost . 2019-05-17
I have wavy hair but I want straight, people say that I’m lucky to have wavy hair.
121 2 . Reply
15알리나 . 2019-05-16
I'm so happy that I have really natural straight hair like she did this .So I don't even have to do it heheh
121 2 . Reply
Caroline Kessler . 2019-05-16
Ugh I want this so bad
121 2 . Reply
Tanya . 2019-05-16
I wish I could because I live in India 🇮🇳
121 2 . Reply
Idalmis Mendez . 2019-05-15
All my black curly girls went straight to the comments 😂😭❤️shout out to my curly babies who know this just relaxing ur hair lmao
121 2 . Reply
d shells . 2019-05-15
The treatment you had remained me of the yuko treatment I have a funny feeling it is it takes hours to do and I wouldn't have the patience to sit a a salon all day Id go mad and in the summer I go curly sod blowdrying your hair in summer x
121 2 . Reply
Yannah Lam . 2019-05-15
My first hair straightening perm was in Vietnam when I was 13 and I loved it!!!
121 2 . Reply
Patricia Anne Alcantara . 2019-05-15
While my hair can't even curl for more than 15 minutes even with hair spray :3
121 2 . Reply
mohammad huzaif . 2019-05-14
I want smooth hair
121 2 . Reply
FZ Mac . 2019-05-13
Ive undergone this treatment also and it is so satisfying to touch it
121 2 . Reply
Aine Eithne . 2019-05-13
If you buy online and do yourself it's about $150-200 USD. Realistically, it's nearly impossible and VERY dangerous to do yourself. I did it twice and it's a crap shoot to get it right and you MUST have good ventilation or do outside. It's VERY VERY DIFFICULT, dangerous and toxic.

Add an extra zero at the end for the price at the salon - between 800 and 1K (including tip) to have it done.

It takes over 8 hours to do and the smell is AWFUL during the process. I mean BAD AND TOXIC SMELL... It's very toxic...

I wouldn't do it again... nope...
121 2 . Reply
watermelonxxx . 2019-05-12
Keratin straightening is popular in poland :)
121 2 . Reply
Autumn Summers . 2019-05-12
Every single black hair salon in Jamaica does this, I would even go as far and say every black salon, maybe new to you folks, but not to black people.
121 2 . Reply
its ur gurl gerty . 2019-05-12
i. need. this.
121 2 . Reply
KlueZ . 2019-05-12
Your videos just hit different idk why
121 2 . Reply
coastalmaine . 2019-05-12
I like your hair before and after. It’s the color that is so gorgeous.
121 2 . Reply
maddiemainer . 2019-05-12
My hair was naturally that straight and smooth until I started dying it. 🤦🏻‍♀️ totally regret following the crappy ombré trend in 2013-14
121 2 . Reply
Kulsoom Khaleeq . 2019-05-11
My hair are hella curly!
121 2 . Reply
mignonthon . 2019-05-11
I think you should stop the fring, doesn't fit with your face structure and body, you have a thin and long frame
121 2 . Reply
12345678910 . 2019-05-11
I get with frizzy hair, but tbh as a person with curly hair, I would get super bored of having straight hair. Curling straight hair doesn't last nearly as much as when you straighten curly hair, and curly hair usually takes the shape of whatever you want instead of going back to straight. It's harder to manage but it doesn't get boring imo.
121 2 . Reply
damiela Buckley . 2019-05-10
You should've left your hair the way it was and cut it that would look so pretty
121 2 . Reply
MiSsESs KiiSsEs . 2019-05-09
U should use a leave in conditoner
121 2 . Reply