Game of Thrones & Endgame Won the Weekend

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James Corden recaps the latest news, including both Game of Thrones and Avengers: Endgame absolutely dominating the weekend, and a new feature on Bumble that should help reduce unwanted photos of eggplants.

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    Popular Comments:

Sam Thu . 2019-05-30
GOT lost.. Endgame Won.. period. Those of you haven’t watch Endgame, go watch
121 2 . Reply
Sam Thu . 2019-05-30
GOT lost.. Endgame Won.. period
121 2 . Reply
Madison Waycaster . 2019-05-07
What a missed limbo opportunity
121 2 . Reply
SHIRLEY Shine . 2019-05-06
James Corden
121 2 . Reply
Little Gremlin . 2019-05-06
Why is this fat, ugly, talentless arsehole on american TV? Any explanation yet after all these years?
121 2 . Reply
Tobias Hørsted . 2019-05-05
Epic is not a word I would use ...
121 2 . Reply
julie . 2019-05-05
when you are only on season 5....
121 2 . Reply
inte swedi . 2019-05-04
Winter is gone
121 2 . Reply
Dennis Schohan . 2019-05-04
"Let's get right into it" is how James Corden does foreplay
121 2 . Reply
21st Century Girl . 2019-05-04
Since no one's gonna talk about this, I will: Both Starks (Tony and Arya) saved the world this weekend and you should all know that Stark is German and means strong
121 2 . Reply
DunkNDonut . 2019-05-04
Am I the only one who haven’t watch game of thrones
And just have come here for the endgame
121 2 . Reply
Mr Robot . 2019-05-04
Came for game of thrones and endgame not trump
121 2 . Reply
anoja31 . 2019-05-04
Watched both the same night. Still recovering :'(
121 2 . Reply
Linda Thalman . 2019-05-03
Couldn't give a flying petunia about G of T, Avengers, etc. Billions spent on films on nothing for people in need? Get a life folks.
121 2 . Reply
Noogey Roadrocks . 2019-05-02
but which one is more epic? endgame or eps 3? I choose eps 3
121 2 . Reply
Else Marie Strangesen . 2019-05-02
121 2 . Reply
_M.E.L_ . 2019-05-02
I love this....

121 2 . Reply
almir delic . 2019-05-02
It was tweeted about for all the bad reasons
121 2 . Reply
FMW . 2019-05-02
Weekend of the decade
121 2 . Reply
celine1229 . 2019-05-02
it really bothers me seeing that guy in white in front of the big ben... with his bleeding nipples. Guys! Get nipple tape when you run a marathon!
121 2 . Reply
jake pascual . 2019-05-02
Game of thrones s8e3 was garbage
121 2 . Reply
James Brown . 2019-05-02
Well all before you bashing my president with lies it was good. Stick to your main job and entertain and keep your political thoughts out of it and you may have more fans.
121 2 . Reply
Jason Christofilos . 2019-05-02
Winter isn’t coming,
Winter is here. 😉
121 2 . Reply
EireNero . 2019-05-02
but... it wasn't Big Ben...
121 2 . Reply
Luke Keogh . 2019-05-02
121 2 . Reply
Usko Karvanen . 2019-05-02
Absolutely hilarious ....Superbowl Weekend for virgins....😆🤣😂....
121 2 . Reply
linanryz . 2019-05-01
Jorah dying was the worst possible thing that could happen. I dont want to watch anymore episodes because ill just get reminded of the devastation
121 2 . Reply
potatoheadbecca . 2019-05-01
I feel like I watched a different Endgame to everyone else, cos I thought it could have been better and it was kinda meh for me and it really upset me..

damn, at least GOT never disappoints..

I take that back after this final season, what a mockery
121 2 . Reply
Endless River . 2019-05-01
so winter is coming for like 8 years just ended in 20 minutes
121 2 . Reply
Alex E . 2019-05-01
That's what the show has come to a Normie show
121 2 . Reply
Alex Mccormack . 2019-05-01
Is it just me or does Thor’s belly in endgame look like James cordons
121 2 . Reply
Ndhd kssx . 2019-05-01
Sorry James ,but winter isn't comming Winter is here❄❄
imagening GoT soundrack
Da daa da da da daaaaa.....
121 2 . Reply
STeVe . 2019-05-01
Why do I feel like all the women screaming in the background know nothing about GoT and Avengers in general?
121 2 . Reply
Khalid3373 . 2019-05-01
man i hate this pretentious creature
121 2 . Reply
Skeleton Flower . 2019-05-01
5:31 : is that a guy bleeding from his nipple?!?!😱😱

Sorry...I just had to notice that...😂😂
121 2 . Reply
Maissa Star . 2019-05-01
I'm still an emotional wreck after Endgame, I blame Marvel
121 2 . Reply
Nico A. . 2019-05-01
Endgame was heartbreaking for me but GoT was straight up BS. Arya coming from thin air With nobody realising it.(they could detect you by blood dropping on the Floor. Snow is pointless this whole built up for nothing. Bran did nothing fcking useless. 7 years build up for NK and He Just dies without fighting once. The Battle tactic? There was No tactic noone would send Out all the horses just straight to death(What were they hoping would happen),it was so dark Sometimes i Just saw nothing(i get it its night but it was at some points way too hard to see anything. Some Main Charakters should have died they got tackled by them but nope still alive. The NK after 7 years was just a side villain who accomplished nothing
121 2 . Reply
Biomuzik TV . 2019-05-01
The classic nerds are Virgins joke, well done james. U OUTDID UR SELF. pretty creative stuff.
121 2 . Reply
easily offended . 2019-05-01
Arya Stark and Tony Stark both made the bad guys disappear with one hand.
121 2 . Reply
Mr. Q . 2019-05-01
When you realized House Stark both defeated Thanos and the Night King =))))
121 2 . Reply
NrX GmnG . 2019-05-01
Im happy that im a great fan of both movies
121 2 . Reply
Jvggernaut Music . 2019-05-01
Why Americans are so weird and retarded is beyond me. Who runs in a clock costume.
121 2 . Reply
utaker 33 . 2019-05-01
That Brain freeze 🥶 got me dead 💀!!!
121 2 . Reply
Masked Singer . 2019-05-01
It felt like Rian Johnson wrote this season of GoT. Spoiler warning:

1) Abruptly kill off a main antagonist before exploring his background and motives? Check. (Snoke and Night King)
2) Have a male protagonist turn inept and be a side show? Check. (Luke and Jon Snow)
3) Go out of the story's way to make sure female characters get their achievements and blaze of glory? Check.
4) Use illogical battle tactics to cover plot holes? Check. (Have Dothraki all die in a meaningless charge, to kill them off so the fight against Cersei won't be too easy?)
121 2 . Reply
Jen Tuesday . 2019-05-01
Thanks for all the endgame spoilers in the comments, assholes.
121 2 . Reply
The Mower Co. . 2019-05-01
As if the Washington Post had any credibility
121 2 . Reply
Nathaniel Khan . 2019-05-01
I love how the Washington Post is treated as a reliable source, lol. Don't at me.
121 2 . Reply
AJ Terry . 2019-05-01
I know it’s a joke, but let’s be real... the audiences for these things has expanded to a crazy level, almost everyone watched😂 better than super bowl weekend for everyone not just virgins lol
121 2 . Reply
Richard Roopnarine . 2019-05-01
Lord Commander Dolores Edd deserved a better death than that; and Theon fought well but just ran at the Night King like he lost his damn mind. But how about Lyanna Mormont going out like a badass killing a giant.
121 2 . Reply
Perhaps . 2019-05-01
Literally trending is just game of thrones and Endgame. But I haven’t watched Endgame and I don’t have HBO to see season 8 GODDAMMIT
121 2 . Reply